Project Peach blog starts

Posted in Production by Ton

Hi everyone!

And here’s the start of the official portal for project Peach (Furry & Funny), where we will update everyone about our progress, discuss ideas, ask for feedback, and so on.
Information about how to cooperate online will be added here too, but probably not until after the pre-production workshop end of august.

Currently we’re mostly working on (and waiting for) the first incarnation of a script. This is a hidden process (to protect vulnerable creativity you know!), lead by a very inspired Sacha, and using the combined creative power of the Peach team.
We’ve also got offers in from many talented – but inexperienced like us – writers to help or to review scripts. Some of them we’ll contact later for a script review and feedback.

My plan is to seek at Siggraph an experienced 3d movie animator and director who’s available for script feedback, and for helping out with storyboards (or do a workshop here for it).

This time we’ll have a great & funny script before we start. Promised!


44 Responses

  1. Wim Writes:

    Good luck to all team members! I know you guys will do a superb supercool job, so the peach project will be fantastic!

    – Wim

  2. encodi Writes:

    Good looking website. Good luck on the project to everyone involved on it, i will try to help with whatever i can from my home when you tell us how we can contribute

  3. Luis Writes:

    Greetings from Mexico, we can’t wait to see the final result

  4. kernond Writes:

    Good Luck with the project! I look forward to another exciting ride while following the project from beginning to end!

  5. TOBIAS Writes:

    Excellent work! Greetings from Guatemala ;)

  6. Erik Möller Writes:

    Good luck! I can’t wait to see the result. If the graphics are going to be as good as the little teaser on top, I’m sure you will have no trouble raising donations for this project. :-)

  7. marco secchi Writes:

    Hey! greetings from Italy!

    Good luck with this wonderful project!

  8. Leonardi Writes:

    We hope and we are sure that you going to make a great job and all the blender communities around the world think like elephants dream, going to do a great job in blender and make a excellent movie,

    greetings from Dominican republic!!!

  9. Felix Kütt Writes:

    good luck and god speed! i know youll do well ;)

  10. Joel Writes:

    Fantastic website/blog/thing! It’s brilliant to see that Jan will be doing the music & sound again!!

    Hope everything goes well. I’m sure Sacha is capable of creating a brilliant & funny concept!

  11. Renato Perini Writes:

    Enrico Valenza RuleZ!!! Great team, great power. I hope all this effort will result in a tremendous Blender development this year (and a great movie, of course).

  12. thoro Writes:

    Getting some external feedback from an experienced animator/director sounds like a very good idea to me.

    Good luck with the project!


  13. Bitcool Writes:

    Greetings from Cali-Colombia!

    I wish you a really Good Luck with develoment and i hope this movie can be so good as elephant dreams!!!

    Ton go for it!!! ;-D

  14. Scorps Writes:

    Wish you all the best of luck on this journey. Looking forward to follow the progress and evolution of the project. I’m sure you’ll come up with a fantastic creation.
    Regards from another Colombian fan!

  15. JMW Writes:

    Rock on! Looking forward to following the project. I’m an artist learning blender in Lincoln, Nebraska, US.

  16. artistguy Writes:

    I hope this isn’t a take off of the squirrel from Ice Age trying to get the acorns… If it’s not, cool, can’t wait to see it. If it is, the writers should come up with something original and start over, it’s just that the picture of the animal reaching for the peach looks just like the squirrel reaching for an acorn.

  17. Lesa Writes:

    Good luck. This should be a brilliant film :)

  18. Spinnacre Writes:

    I hope you match, double or triple the success of Elephants dream!
    The 3D world magazine almost has Blender stuff every issue!

  19. ton Writes:

    Just for the sake of clarity: the header graphic is just for fun. Chances are close to zero we use this for the movie.

  20. Nimmo Writes:

    Good luck with the project guys :)
    Hope you have tons of fun while you are at it!


  21. Wagner Wilson Writes:

    Good lucky with the project.
    Greetings from Brazil.

  22. JiriH Writes:

    Good luck to all team members. Have good inspiration for the script. It is great that this blog has started. During Orange one it was very interesting to watch the progress and process.

  23. mike pan Writes:

    This is great, I like the minimalistic look of the new site. One thing though: the site renders incorrectly in IE7. Safari/Firefox/Opera renders it fine.

    Anyways, hope the project goes well!

  24. Enriqolonius Writes:

    Thank god! I will be watching close to this one.

  25. JoOngle Writes:

    Very cool!
    I wish you all the best of luck and have a lot of fun with the project too!

    Personally I’m really looking forward to see the fruits of the developement of Hair/Fur tools in Blender, that will be welcomed by Cute-Bald-Critters everywhere.

    The trick would probably be *really* fast fur/particles so it can be used by single computers rather than relying on huge farms (which most people can’t afford anyway)…and make the particle engine support Duo/Quad-core’s for ultrafast operation.

    Anyway – best of luck, and have fun!

  26. Master Danix Writes:

    Nice project,i hope to the sucecess of the project,just like it’s antecessor,Oranje Project.

    Greetings from Lisbon,Portugal

  27. vilem novak Writes:

    i’d just like to say that I liked the openness of Elephants dream script, although it missed some of the conventions to make a thrilling/touchy story. I hope that something non-conventional and “more than PIXAR show” will also sneak in this project. :)

  28. Morris Writes:

    Great, ED seems like just yesterday…glad the header critter is not a final critter cuz the fur is disappointing. haha what am i thinking, this is gonna be GREAT super high quality stuff. Sacha…just that thought makes me smile, so its got to be good.

    Just please let the community know when we can help. even if you completely discard ALL we do for a particular need, but it could be a good brainstorm for you guys. best of luck

  29. Morris Writes:

    ok something’s weird with the comment system. after I typed in the confirmation letters it said “your coment has been approved” but it STAYED THERE. I had to type peach.blender.org to get back. IE7 xp

  30. Morris Writes:

    ok apparently it was a one time thing to have to type the code, but still, hope other first timers wont get stuck at the “approved” page. that would be…unprofesional. If it was just my silly computer, then sorry for all this.

  31. Lutojar Writes:

    Hi from Russia \m/ :)))
    It’s GREAT! I wasn’t able to take a some little part in craetion of Elephants Dream (and drop many ters about it :)) but at that time I’ll watching thw project

  32. Sajal Dutta Writes:

    It’s gonna be cool.. G’luck.. We are waiting for the result… :)

  33. Cuby Writes:

    Well, judging from the picture on the banner of this site, this movie looks absolutely wicked! Love the style, and think it’s great to be doing something funny and cute.

    Can’t wait to see your progress, and eventually the finished movie, because I get the feeling this will be even better than Elephants Dream.

    Nice site by the way.

    Good luck.

  34. Sis@ Writes:

    The first image looks great! I know you will do the best and do it your own original way!!! Good luck Ton and to your team. Greetings from Czech Republic.

  35. tom Writes:

    imagine that hairy animal that you can see in the header singing, dancing, joking… I am so sure that funny&furry fit´s perfect as some kind of subtitle!

    I am sure you all do very well! Good luck @Ton and the others… If I could pre-order a dvd I would do it immediately!

    Greetings from Munich, Germany!

  36. DiM Writes:

    I saw you don’t have cg animator, do you need some ?
    Good Luck ;)
    Greeting From Lille, France

  37. joeri Writes:

    Wauw, Thats a great team you’ve got there.
    I wish you all the best and may the creative spirits be gentle to you.


  38. megacat Writes:

    Very cool project!
    Good luck all team, and I wish you all the best.
    Greetings from Valencia- Spain

  39. kuru Writes:

    Good Luck with this project to all team .
    From Thailand

  40. Joachim Writes:

    Wish you all the best for this project

  41. peachy Writes:

    so like, how can we get involved? My core competency is animating cute creatures thats why i ask.
    from New York City

  42. Gerardo Garcia Writes:

    How can I submit my script for your consideration to be animated. I have written this long feature cumputer animated screenplay and I very much woud like to submit to you a sequence/excerpt for you guys to animate. Thank you.

  43. free movie downloads Writes:

    Rock on! Looking forward to following the project. I’m an artist learning blender in Lincoln, Nebraska, US.