Peach DVD pre-sale campaign started!

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Peach DVD (mockup)As for the previous Open Movie, we depend on your help to be able to realize this project! You can do that by purchasing the DVD edition of Peach in advance. Our target is to get at least 1000 DVDs sold before the start of the project, october 1st.


Everyone who orders and pays the DVD before october 1st will get a discount and his/her name credited in the movie credit roll!

On the Peach DVD (two disks) you will find:

  • The movie in best DVD quality widescreen format (versions in both NTSC and PAL)
  • The HD version of the movie (.avi and/or .mov)
  • Commentary tracks by the creators
  • All .blend files, models, textures, and so on… the material used to create the movie.
  • The original script, breakdown, storyboards
  • Documentation and video tutorials by the team members about all technical aspects the movie; like how to re-use assets, animate characters, or add new shots.

And all of that for just 29 EUR (35 USD)!

Based on feedback on the Elephants Dream DVD, I’ve also decided to not spend much time on a traditional Making Of Documentary, but instead focus much more on documenting the technical side, the creation process, and providing good(video) tutorials for artists.

Of course, consider this blog post as invitation to come with suggestions for valuable DVD extras.

Visit the Blender e-shop for ordering the DVD.


54 Responses

  1. thoro (Thorsten Schlüter) Writes:

    Great! I ordered my copy.

    1000 DVDs sold before October 1st? That should be no problem – the Elephants Dream DVDs are entertaining and very instructive and I think the Project Peach DVDs will be, too. It’s definitely worth the money.



  2. Christiaan "AniCator" Bakker Writes:

    I hope that the Peach project will get even more attention than ED.
    I hope there will be a Making Of video in which you explain the issues you had to solve. Buy the The Incredibles DVD, learn from the way Brad Bird makes his making ofs (I only saw these great making ofs on the DVD’s of the movies Brad made) .
    I wish you luck with everything. I hope I can make it to the next Blender Conference too.

    – AniCator

  3. Elubie (Andrea Weikert) Writes:

    Great stuff! Wish you all the best luck and great fun while making the movie!
    I’m really digging the concept art and the banner so far, so I’m really looking forward to keeping up with your progress in the coming months!

  4. Paul Lunneberg Writes:

    Just ordered mine! I’m really looking forward to this one! I’m wondering if Blue-Ray and HD-DVD versions would be possible? Just a thought… Looking forward to seeing more as this project moves on! Can’t wait to possibly meet some of the artists at Siggraph if they’ll be there too…

  5. JiriH Writes:

    Great news. I have already ordered mine. Very welcomed are short technique tutorials instead of general Making of.
    Good luch Peach team :-)

  6. Anton Gregorn Writes:

    Just done with the order. Good luck team!

    You can do it ;-)


  7. Jack Reinieren Writes:

    I ordered mine right away. I liked the ED DVD’s. But I found it rather fun the Making of. But that’s just my opinion. Have fun, creating a fun and furry movie :D

  8. Oxben Writes:

    I just pre-ordered my copy!
    Good luck for the project!

  9. madman Writes:


  10. ton Writes:

    A HD-DVD and Blue-ray DVD would be nice options. There’s a German company who did this for Orange, I will contact them to check for a deal… although it might be better to just leave it to them completely.

    Don’t forget it is open content what we make, it is free to be copied and distributed. Has a lot of benefits for everyone. :)

  11. nam Writes:

    I would like to see more behind the scenes and maybe some video footages of you guys working in ur little cubicles and a small interview with the artist. Nothing helps inspires like some words from the artists’ mouth.

  12. buergi Writes:

    i’ll order tomorrow, can’t wait to get it
    good luck for the project, have fun!

  13. kernond Writes:

    An idea for a minor DVD extra: a great recipe for a peach-based dish (peach cobbler, etc.)

    Each project could feature something similar and maybe the recipe could be used for the official dessert/treat at the movie premiere event.

  14. FastlaneMike Writes:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing the results of this project. I thoroughly enjoyed Elephants Dream and all of the extras on the DVD. I personally enjoyed the standard making-of video showing the group enjoying the time working on the project, but I agree that technical/tutorial videos would be a very welcome addition. Good luck to all on the project! I await the final outcome eagerly.

  15. RedBirdiii Writes:

    Just ordered mine!
    I’m really exited to see this movie!
    A brief ‘making of’ feature won’t hurt.. as it is very interesting to know how the designers and animators work on this in the newly adopted institute..

  16. Brian Writes:

    I think a good balance would be a small making of with some fun shots during the production. It would be awesome to see some of them modeling the characters at the start. Or watch a rig being built. Not necessarily even a tutorial, but just discussion similar to what took place during the BCon2006 in the Lighting and Shading session, where it was fun interaction between members of the group, etc.

  17. Sympodius Writes:

    Just ordered my copy and bought two t-shirts and a sweatshirt. I’m a little sad to see there are no blender hats left: I always rather wanted one but never seemed to have the funds at the time. Oh well. Good luck on the movie.

  18. Anton Gregorn Writes:

    I cannot find RSS link for the peach blog. Anyone can help?


  19. mikasaari Writes:

    Really great news. Also pre-ordered the DVD. Technical side documentation for extras sounds excellent. What I would like to see there are like from the beginning to the end of the implementation technical documentation. What Ton had to do before the whole project, planning (which applications were used for scripting, and for organizating the whole project), What kind of equipment was used for blender side, but also for audio side (If Jan could make some simple walkthrough of his music making process and his favourite hw/sw), about planning the creatures (clay carving video clip :), argh everything ;)

  20. Alex Fraser Writes:

    Sounds great!
    I’d love to see ogg theora files on there too, if there’s room.

  21. Richard Writes:

    Is there any chance of a counter of DVD sales like Elephants Dream?

  22. Serge Gielkens Writes:

    I just ordered my copy. I noticed that the e-shop calculated EUR 36.77 but PayPal charged EUR 36.52. Not a big difference, but I hope that those 25 cents won’t prevent shipping…

  23. Joe Meier Writes:

    What I think would make this project even more useful to beginners would be to also include (and save) more of the intermediate design files for the characters. Elephants Dream just had the final model files, what would be great would be to get an idea of how each character was created via subsurf from just a square (or something like that). It would be greate to see a bunch of intermediate model files so those trying to learn how to model can learn from these files.

  24. Bmud Writes:

    Woot! …and THIS TIME i made SURE to check “yes please put my name in the credits”! :D

  25. Esa Oikari Writes:

    E-shop calculates taxes first and then adds postage (=36.41€). In bank transfer instructions postages are added first and taxes are calculated from price+postage (=36.77€). Latter sum is right, I think.

  26. Ton Writes:

    Esa: the shop software we use is a seven year old accumulated hack. I will try to fix this part, but we rather move to a new shop software install a.s.a.p.!

  27. Joel Writes:

    Just pre-ordered mine!

    I think that a time-lapse of one (or more) of the character models being modelled would be awesome!!

  28. horace Writes:

    including video tutorials is a great idea!

  29. encodi Writes:

    Awesome way to get contributions =D we get something in change of our help and something really cool it is. I will for sure get mine before october 1st.

    Just a question what license are u gonna use on the .blend files? are we gonna able to use any of the materials in our own work?

  30. Olyphant Writes:

    Isnt it an idea to include ED on the dvd?

    quote from
    “Release the movie and studio database freely licensed as Creative Commons.”
    I think thats no surprise.

  31. Richard Writes:

    Ordered mine. There’s already 25% percent of the goal done (that’s including the pending). Looks like it may sell better then Elephants Dream.

  32. Jakub Steiner Writes:

    Wow, what a dream team! Lots of talent. 2nd round is going to be even more sweet than last time :)

  33. Javier Ariza Writes:

    In which languages will be available? Voice / subs in spanish too ??

  34. Ville Writes:

    It would be great if you let people to add a subtitling of their language with the dvd-release. They could translate it from the script and send it to you. Think about it please.

  35. TiZeta Writes:

    Just oredered my copy.
    I really like Peach project, the concept sketch are wonderful.
    This time it will be ever better. Best luck!

  36. Graham Hall Writes:

    Just ordered my copy, don’t skimp too much on the “Making of” though…its useful for teaching Teamwork…I show MofED to prospective students!

  37. Javier Ariza Writes:

    something about if the movie will be in spanish? (voices or subs).

  38. Benedito Santos Writes:

    I ordered my copy.
    This project is very wonderful.

  39. John Drinkwater Writes:

    Ordered myself a copy already, I can’t wait to see the project develop as well Elephant’s Dream did.

  40. Fredster Writes:

    I would really like to see this on HD DVD!!

  41. Jerome Writes:

    I just can’t wait.. arrgg

  42. Mark Hannessen Writes:

    just preordered it! (where already half the way with the sales, keep ik up!!) I think the main focus of the second movie should be a bit more on the story line, the graphics where already quite good in the first one. anyway, you guys keep it up!

  43. Dworak_of_sky Writes:

    The header remembers me Scratch in Ice Age ;)

    I had missed Elephant Dream, but I won’t do the same mistake with Peach: I order it as soon as I’m back home today…

    I ‘d have a little request: in Elephant dream, as I discoverded it, it was in english and mine wasn’t good enough to allow me to understand everthing correctly :/.
    So, would it be possible to include a few additionnal languages to the “preorder-pack” ? :) (even if it seems there won’t be many dialogues in this movie ^^)

    and now, I’m going to do some advertising about this around me :)

  44. Ruddy Writes:

    payment done! long live the blender foundation!
    Thank you to everybody who gives his/her time for this wonderful piece of software!

  45. Dave Writes:

    This is looking amazing already! I can’t wait until the movie’s done. :)

  46. Dalai Writes:

    Hi, there is a possibility to make subtitles to extra-DVD? You know Ton’s english isn’t very clear :p (but serious, is hard for me as brazilian to understand everything)

    Good Luck

  47. Moein Writes:

    I prefer to have subtitles in DVDs as well :)

  48. Sean Writes:

    Digg this page, so more people will preorder the movie…

  49. Pluuske Writes:

    I ordered my copy yesterday.
    Can’t wait either… This is the first thing i’ve ordered from the Blender shop
    Hope it will be worth it, but it already does look great…
    I downloaded Blender for the first time last year, and it’s great!

  50. Sam Watterson Writes:

    Looking good, pre-ordering mine now, are there any blender logos we can use as links for promoting this?

  51. Mark Keller Writes:

    Just ordered my copy!
    And in addition to the HD version of the movie (.avi and/or .mov), it would be nice if there were a lower-res copy as well, for online distribution, etc.

  52. 3sie 3wiel Writes:

    Ordered my copy! I’d love to see plenty techical video tutorials included. Any fluids, rigid bodies etc. Love the work!!

  53. Felix_Kütt Writes:

    1000 mark made! :)

  54. Joe Chinn ([-_-]) Writes:

    I just hope this is as good as elephants dream. The work they did with that was very good. In my opinion the standard has been set.