Peach Workshop FuzzCam

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For your entertainment we installed a small temporary webcam in the Blender Institute. We’re not currently working in front of the computers the whole time, there’re lots of discussions and meetings going on. But maybe if you look close you can see a few familiar faces popping up!


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  1. Felix_Kütt Writes:

    why, let me guess sago but the cam up for Supa-Wu-Mon to abuse, right? :D

  2. Richard Writes:

    How often is the image updated?

  3. andy Writes:

    Felix: What’s a Supa-Wu-Mon?

    Richard: about every 30th second… i’m sorry but for the time being you have to refresh your browser manually to see the updates.


  4. metalliandy Writes:

    Very cool.

    Couldn’t they have the webcam facing away from a window though? It burns my eyes. lol

  5. TheRebirthed Writes:

    The image is really updated every 30 seconds ? Because sometime it is not refresh during a hour… Is it disconnected sometime ?

  6. Drak Writes:


    just refresh the page don’t clean cash images.

    use Ctrl+F5, its work here.

  7. ton Writes:

    The webcam software had failure, showing same image for an hour. Now it is back.

  8. Bassam Writes:

    unfortunately it happens from time to time.. I’ll keep an eye on the computer and “kick” it whenever it fails.

  9. Cubedude04 Writes:

    Experts at work =D

    Wish i was there

  10. TheRebirthed Writes:

    @Dark : It is what I do… but the bug of the webcam soft explain that pb .

  11. super wu-tacular Writes:

    pretty cool, what time does the chicks show up….and do….stuff..

    haha, this is a great idea, i think i remember suggesting somthing like this last project…dang steal all my ideas, DANG!!!

    give a super hero credit for peach sake!

  12. super wu-tacular Writes:

    by the way, what is the goal of the workshop this week?

    are you doing concept modeling? or just going over the story and meeting each other?

  13. Felix_Kütt Writes:

    @andy: Supa-Wu-Mon is a pokemon that resembles Super Wu, you know as Wu’s so popular they had to stick sucha Pokemon into the series! :p

  14. mrunion Writes:

    We need some video of them drawing the character sketches on paper. That’d be cool!

  15. waleed Writes:

    use ustream or stickam for a video stream this is better than bictures.
    thanks for your efforts in the project.

  16. Durden Writes:

    I can see you .)))

  17. Hoehrer Writes:

    Oh I think this “images is not updated” business is all a ruse to cover the fact that the people currently shown in the image are chained to their seats and forced to work on Peach artwork non-stop.


    PS: I get the same image since yesterday (or it is only slightly different) ;)

  18. Dion Moult Writes:

    Haha! I’m seeing three guys staring at three computers. Gosh, I must really suck at this ;)

  19. Dion Moult Writes:

    OI! oi! Turn the camera back! Bad bicycle! Whose is it anyways? It looks seriously weird.

  20. EnV Writes:

    It’s Sago´s, gh!

  21. EggYolk Writes:

    ZOMB its a kangaroo/dinosaur chasing a mouse, and theres an alien in the corner of the image : O

  22. Sago Writes:

    It’s EnV’s, gh!

  23. joeedh Writes:

    Looks like like a tom and jerry scenerio, only tom is a big nasty dinorabbit :)


  24. Superkoop Writes:

    you guys, come on, its a wooly rabbit from the caveman days! chasing a sabertooth mouse of course.

  25. Moein Writes:

    It seems you just locked the webcam on a drawing :-P I want to see more :-s

  26. Mr. Spock Writes:

    Yeah, that’s all I’ve seen for a couple days.

  27. Sago Writes:

    Well, the workshopweek is over and most of us are back home. Not much to film. But perhaps you can get a glance of Andy’s sideburns of death. Gh!

  28. Sago Writes:

    Just to let y’all know: the drawing of the ‘dinorabbit’ we’re seeing now for more then 2 days already is just something EnV made for fun. For our actual movie we’re even going for something way cooler! Yeah, you heared me, gh!

  29. Noodlesgc Writes:

    Ok its been like a week with that dino rabbit. Does it ever change?

  30. EnV Writes:

    I’m afraid it’s not going to change untill the first of october…

  31. oblenob Writes:

    Could we have just a bit of variation, like have the paper moved and rotated a bit?

  32. WantPictures Writes:

    Ok — october, first — still the same picture

  33. oblenob Writes:

    hmm what bout the proog and emo pics in the backgroung? they would be nice to see

  34. Will Writes:

    I’m concerned that the only character mockup to date of the “furry” kind that is supposed to make this film different from Orange is pretty grotesque and not at all cuddly. I hope that this is a concern that will be soon put to rest because you guys do have to realise, as I often feel blenderheads do not, that something does not have to be gaunt and noir to be artistically accomplished – indeed it shows a skin-deep level of inspiration and only one of many approaches to technical accomplishment. Please prove me wrong!

  35. Noodlesgc Writes:

    October 8th, lets start a gambling table to bet on how long till the image changes.

  36. amoose136 Writes:

    It’s hard to say when it will change. It depends mostly on when someone feels like fixing it. However, I would like to see the camera up and running one of these days. Also, if it ever gets fixed, it would be nice if there was a link to it at the top of the web site.