Pre-production updates

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More updates on the production:

  1. Development roadmap page added. This is not the final page, but based on the notes I’ve made during the workshop last week.
  2. Six month planning has been added. Oh yes, that does resemble last time! Note that horrible timing of the Siggraph festival deadline again…
  3. Arno Kroner, trainer at Disney Feature Animation, teaching at Woodbury University and showrunner of Siggraph ‘s FJORG agreed on coming to Amsterdam to organize our first week. He’s planning to do a full week workshop about all aspects of visual storytelling, storyboarding, layout, scene planning and acting. He’s also helping us now as script consultant.
  4. WilliamWilliam Reynish came over to Amsterdam yesterday to get the full briefing, and of course we had to check on him (and he on us!). This went all great, he’s a funny guy even! Welcome to the team dude!

29 Responses

  1. Gianmichele Writes:

    OK…read the roadmap. YOU’RE KIDDING RIGHT! Muaaaaa we’ll rule the woooorld!!!

  2. lloyd Writes:

    it doesn’t make any sense

  3. Gianmichele Writes:

    Harmonic Deformations !!! 4K capable compositor! Go ere for a detailed paper on harmonic deformations.

  4. bydesign Writes:

    I’ve been researching tree generation/plant for the past year and blender’s dupliframes are SO CLOSE to being most of the way there. If you could allow nested dupliframes, you could have a whole tree curve system that’s fully editable. At that point a script could fill in the blanks … email if you want more of the details I’ve thought through.

  5. Anon Writes:

    God, those features are sexy.

  6. dembel sow Writes:

    hello ton,this new particle systeme will support hypervoxel?

  7. ton Writes:

    Hypervoxel is a Lightwave thing right?
    We didn’t look at this… probably spending time on high quality smoke and fire is more for a next project. We didn’t intend to blow up the forest really. :)

  8. Cubedude04 Writes:

    Well i hope you blow something up. An explosion is mandatory for movies these days =P

  9. dembel Writes:

    hey ton!why are you stopping coding,you seem to be so busy,i hope that you will find someone other for organisation and retur to some blender coding…

  10. Jan de man Writes:

    What a weird replies..

    I think it’s very exciting to know that someone from Disney Feature Animation is going to do a workshop. That’s some pretty big news!

    Somehow I really do believe this short is going to be a lot better than Elephants Dream (in terms of animation and script, the visuals and technical side were great).

  11. Ben Writes:

    To the person(s) who fixes the crazy space editing with armatures and shape keys – I will seriously get them a medal. Big shiny one at that!

    (Other planned additions and fixes sound great too…)

  12. LoMac Writes:

    I’m looking forward to the hair grooming tools. That video looked pretty neat

  13. rogper Writes:

    Now that’s a Good Planning!
    Thanks for the pixar whitepapers site Gianmichele ^_~.
    Today I don’t know nothing about harmonic deformations but it seems Way Cool… so i’m gone study the thing and when blender integrats it I’ll be ready for it ^_^

  14. Sam Writes:

    Very cool!
    Out of curiousity, who’ll be doing the voices for the characters?

  15. Digimator Writes:

    Don’t worry! When 2.50 is released, it’s
    feature base is going to hotter than the sun!

  16. Carlos Writes:

    On «Model tool needed: the inverse of “rip”, a quick method to merge/snap vertices.», for a newbie like myself, it’s an obvious tool missing.I’d suggest someth’n like:select vert1 of mesh1,then vert1 of mesh2,then vert2 of mesh1,then vert2 of mesh2, vert3 of mesh1 mesh1, vert3 of mesh2, and and only then the merge menu!Like a zig-zag stitching, the order of selection is the secret. is it possible?

  17. JoOngle Writes:

    Mr. Kroner will surely be a welcome addition to this project, excellent!

  18. Matt Writes:

    congrats William, and good luck in the peach-squeezer!

  19. lloyd Writes:

    where are the updates
    is the project dead already i knew it :/

  20. Sago Writes:

    Yeah, where are those updates?
    Even though the actual production starts in october, I’m just waaay to impatient to wait till then!
    Perhaps soon we’ll see a blogpost about how the script development went. That would be nice.

  21. EnV Writes:

    Yeah, where are those updates?
    Even though the actual production starts in october, I’m just waaay to impatient to wait till th…
    Damn!! Sago, you beat me, gh!

  22. dems Writes:

    the peach blog is not really fun because there are no update,maybe some external person can be commited to update with information transmited by peach member

  23. Sam Writes:

    Dems is right. And even if nothing is happening, someone could post a joke or something. :P


    Seriously, though. It’s getting boring seeing nothing new here day after day.

  24. Richard Writes:

    I’ve gotta say, the sales so far are greatly beating Elephants Dream’s pre-orders.

    Looks like this deadline will be met.

  25. EnV Writes:

    Dems and Sam, you are right.
    What about this:
    2 tomatoes are walking across the street;
    the first tomatoe says to the other: “Ehi, watch out for the ca…” PROOOOT!
    “Ehi, which ca…” PROOOOT!

  26. Peachy Writes:

    Two balloons are walking across the desert.

    Suddenly, one says to the other: hey, watch out! A cactussssssss!

    (hahahah… cough)

  27. Sam Writes:

    Come on, guys! You can do better!

    Speaking of tomatoes, two tomatoes were taking a walk. One kept falling behind. Getting rather upset, the other tomato walked up to him and squished him.
    “Now,” he said, “Ketch Up!”

  28. Felix_Kütt Writes:

    what, updates, seeing the dvd sales rise is enough for me, for now.. :)

  29. just a guest Writes:


    Can anybody tell me in which program the “Six month planning” sheet was made? It looks a lot cooler than similar Gantt’s diagrams generated by other programs.

    Best regards,