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Hey there!

Blender Institute Stuffthings are quite busy here in the Blender Institute, even though Peach hasnt officially started yet. ton is doing an awesome job finding appartments for the peach team, organising the blender conference, managing the sponsors, getting studio equipment and doing millions of other things – all at once (right now i see him talking into two phones by the window)! and while i’m trying to assist him as much as a feeble mind can, i still need to finish my tutorial dvd. at the same time sacha is working on refining the script together with arno kroner (via e-mail), it looks really cool! anyway… i believe we are going to see a few more details posted here about these processes (soon-ish… but please bare in mind that we’re still in pre-production and nobody is actually committed / contracted / sold their soul to peach already), so for now i’m just going to post some fun trivia… be warned.

last week we finally ripped out the shabby blue carpet in the STFU corner (the relaxing refuge for tired artists) and bought a new cosy one. we also went on an epic shopping quest in IKEA to get kitchen tables, chairs, things to bind cables, lamps, lockers, closets, clocks, curtains, etc. we had a fun weekend painting the walls and installing the new carpet. out of the blue i decided to shoot timelapse videos with our crappy webcam. here they are (both are xvid .mov encoded with ffmpeg in blender under linux):

me painting the studio late at night while listening to weird music from my collection (14 megs)

ton and me installing the carpet the next day while listening to weird music from his collection (22 megs)



so now the STFU corner is almost finished and ready to be filled with weary burnt out artists. :) the colors are generally very light and easy on the eyes: the ideal place to relax during long office hours! still awaiting ton’s old sofa and a tv (hopefully equipped with wii and dvd player)

in a few weeks, the institute will be buzzing with people. this is going to be a great experience!


update 1: we added an evil red sofa from ton’s place to the STFU corner!


evil red sofa

update 2: 7 absolutely gigantic prints from the Elephants Dream Premiere arrived just yesterday. we used them to decorate the walls in the office.

ed prints!ed prints!

32 Responses

  1. Sago Writes:

    I don’t like wii….
    The STFU corner looks great now though. :)

  2. Sam Writes:

    Sounds like a lot of fun! Keep us posted.

    Carpet looks great!

  3. super wu Writes:

    ” so for now i’m just going to post some fun trivia”

    where is the trivia?….did i miss it….oh wait that was the trivia right? we had to find it? and there was none…so the answer to the trivia is, none! YES! what do i win?

  4. Fury_jin Writes:

    Hum that’s cool to be informed in real time about peach project, i like it ;)

    I think this is always a little messy when you start a project, hold on boys, the fun is just begin.

    At least you have a really great place to work!

  5. Peachy Writes:

    I like your Blender!

  6. lurker Writes:

    Re: the painting and carpeting. You guys are hard-core! It’s great to see your sweat dedication. Also that some blender artists have other useful skills and don’t just sit in front of computers getting soft (Wu).

  7. pablo Writes:

    is really nice to see working people! we are wating too to see some blender work! from tierra del fuego i send a big support!

  8. andy Writes:

    lurker: i bet wuman could have painted the walls much better than me! :)

  9. Sergeant Oreo Writes:

    Sago, you don’t like the Wii?!
    That’s a cool blender you have Andy. ^_^

  10. I said Writes:

    I see a two Pokemon figurines and a flower on that shelf. What are the others?

  11. thoro (Thorsten Schlüter) Writes:

    That’s a great fuzzy carpet – looks like your studio is really getting cosy. I hope these videos will find their way into the tutorial section of the Peach DVD :-).

  12. super wu Writes:

    “i bet wuman could have painted the walls much better than me! :)”

    of course?! you see andy, some of us were born with special skills. for instance you were born with the ability to create fair/good cg art. sacha was born with the ability to make bad/fair cartoon drawings…and so on..

    i was born with the ability to paint well, do cg well, pick up chicks with ease, i’m also a master mechanic, master welder, master bater, and so on and so forth….so you see….of course i could have painted that better then you….in less time….with one arm tied behind my back….upside down…..with ants in my pants….on fire….and so on and so forth….

    good day

  13. LoMac Writes:

    You should have used a roller pole. It would have made it a lot more easy on yourself.

  14. AniCator Writes:

    Hello Ton and Andy,

    It’s cool that you’re decorating the place by yourselves. I wish I was part of the Peach team. But I’m only 15 years old (almost 16!).

    Make sure the movie will be great. Otherwise these projects are wasted time.

    – AniCator

  15. andy Writes:

    AniCator: projects like this are never wasted time… as long as you’re having fun doing it. and we’re having heaps! :)


    ps: and of course this movie (and those to come) will be great!

  16. ddwagnz Writes:

    Whoo hoo! looks like i’ll be comfy for when i get there! :P its great to see you go to all this trouble for me :D :P
    lol j/k
    nice stuff guys!

  17. AniCator Writes:

    @ndy: Hopefully I’ll make it into the team in a few years.

  18. Big Fan Writes:

    good effort!
    hmmm white? carpet though…
    someone is going to drop food on it, yes? ;o)

  19. Big Fan Writes:

    btw I need a ‘Peach’ icon for my IE favourites list..

  20. GabySoft Writes:

    Hey guys, you have much lucky! I will wish work in something like this all my time ( at least much time ) You put much effort in this, I’m pretty sure this will be great movie, good luck!!

  21. AniCator Writes:

    Big Fan: Now you’ve mentioned it. Yeah! We want a Peach icon!

    – AniCator

  22. Olaf Writes:

    Laying carpets? Programming? Is there anything Ton can’t do?

  23. LoMac Writes:

    Those prints look awesome. Cost much?

  24. mfoxdogg Writes:

    Great work guys, keep it up

  25. Richard Sierra Writes:

    I hope some day Me Ton would meet and talk and have a few beer-German style!
    I wish you all the best.

  26. therebirthed Writes:

    That’s a very nice place and admosphere to creat a wonderfull movie ;) ! Congratulation Andy and Ton ! I don’t think it is common for a movie team to creat the studio by themself ^^.

  27. Fredster Writes:

    Just pre-ordered the DVD. Was wondering if it will be a “short movie” like Elephants Dream or have you any plans on making it longer? Just curious…:)

  28. andy Writes:

    Fredster: it’s still a short movie of course (you need muuuuch more time and people to make a feature film) hopefully we can keep it under 10 minutes; but with very high quality standards in both imagery and animation – this is much more fun to do than 30 minutes of crap ;). the quality of a movie shouldnt be defined by its duration.

    anyway, thanks a lot for your support! :)


  29. Big Fan Writes:

    very cool prints!
    is that on pvc? expensive to do? fade resistant?
    I dont think we can get those in this part of the world..

  30. hole Writes:

    are the posters to remind you what not to do? teehee…i are joking…

    sorry for my english face…

  31. Fredster Writes:

    Andy: Ok, that’s no prob, didn’t mean it to be a full length movie, but a 20 min would be nice, can’t get enough of Blender love you see!!:) Hopefully you guys can get this movie distributed to other stores too, mainly thinking about iTunes store. I’d definitely repurchase it there, as well as Elephants Dream, just to show the support.

    But i’m sure it’s MUUUCH more complicated than that, to get some material there, oh well, one can hope!:)

  32. ERM Writes:

    love the giant-sized prints from ED. I’m not 100% sure, but I think those could be sold in the Blender shop. I’d love to have one.