Studio tour #2

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rt.jpg Since everyone here is too busy (read lame!) to write blog stories, here’s a quick view of the studio as how I found it this sunny afternoon. I used Campbells camera, which had battery power, unlike mine, but unfortunately had no sound and no memory left on the card just when I approached Campbell… the cool trees stuff on his screen is for next time.

Everyone in the studio said “hi” btw! And they all promised to post something here very soon. This week!


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  1. Sago Writes:

    “Everyone in the studio said “hi” btw!”

    No, we didn’t.

    “And they all promised to post something here very soon. This week!”

    No, we didn’t.

  2. ton Writes:

    Great, one person did now!

  3. basse Writes:




  4. Richard Writes:

    Who or what smashed the glass on the door to the main room?

  5. FuzzMaster Writes:

    make me proud

  6. Big Fan Writes:

    thanks for the fast tour Big Ton.
    I think you need a reporter/publicist there.
    We all get bored waiting for wonderful entertaining speeches and progress reports from dead ball artistes and go away..

  7. Gianmichele Writes:

    this blog is owning me completely…eheheh!
    WOW Enrico how many drawings are there ?
    BTW just saw a special on pixar shorts, and they started just like all of you…GREAT!

  8. Felix_Kütt Writes:

    bah! videos are better anyway! no need to waste your time typing too much, just grab a camera and film! :D

  9. Fury_jin Writes:

    It’s a nice view of the world of animation.
    Thanks Ton for this tour!

    I’m curious about the hardware you use.
    CPU/GPU/RAM/OS ect…

  10. Igor Writes:

    Coool!! I hope we will be able to see all those amazing sketches and storyboards on DVD too! Good luck guys!

  11. margreet Writes:

    Yeah I think that’s the idea!

  12. campbell barton Writes:

    Computers are about 3ghz, 4gig ram. nvidia 8800 gts,
    Using ubuntu gutsy with gnome except for cessen who uses xfce.

    I develop with gedit & kdevelop and eclipse on my laptop. brecht uses vim (a mans text editor)…

    Documented the setup here

  13. campbell barton Writes:

    PS, we have a mix of 2 and 4 cores, some new 8 core PC’s coming, we’ll try to make blender multithread better!

  14. Roksvamp Writes:

    Do you mostly use PCs or Macs? I saw an apple monitor in the last blog but I’m only seing PCs in the videos. =P

  15. samarthurallen Writes:

    FOCL @ cessen using Xfce (smart move) and thanks for the updates on the project!

  16. Alexander Ewering Writes:

    Hmmm, what’s the difference between “Random Fluff” and “Uncategorized”?

  17. Alexander Ewering Writes:

    BTW, it would be helpful if someone could add a .focus() to the captcha’s textfield :)

  18. Tweaking Knobs Writes:

    Men i cant wait to see some animation tests or something , i’ll buy the dvd when i get some money.

    Keep on blenging !

  19. shirokoff Writes:

    wish i could work there with you guys…

  20. Lasphere Writes:

    Hey thats great Ton! :D Looks like a promising movie :)

    btw, how to set up blender, so it works with 2 screens?

  21. Tobias Writes:

    Nice Video but next time please make the Video in an open Format like OGG/Theora.

  22. Alexes Writes:

    You use 64bit or 32bit Ubuntu?

  23. andy Writes:

    we currently use 64bit

  24. Alexes Writes:

    Thanks. You use home too Linux OS?

  25. Gianmichele Writes:

    Any particular note on using 64 bit ? is that a choice for the amount of geometry to be rendered ?

  26. campbell barton Writes:

    We chose 64bit for a few reasons, so we could overcome the 2gig limit per application that 32bit systems have. (each computer has 4gig of ram, some new PC’s will have 8gig I think)

    The other reason is to validate blender3d on 64bit systems, so other people can be sure blender will work well on their high end workstations. – and so we can find any 64bit bugs and fix them.

  27. Sanne Writes:

    Thanks for giving attention to 64bit! As a user of 64bit Kubuntu on an Amd 64 CPU I appreciate this very much.

  28. Felgar Writes:

    Why you use Ubuntu distribution, instead of another?

  29. cr4ckp0t Writes:

    looking verry nice any idea when u guys gonna finish it ??
    BTW ton kun je me mss wat tutorials doorsture die me van blender noob naar laat maar zeggen bijna even goed als jullie maakt ik vindt enkel engelse of franse de blendercourse basics heb ik al hellemaal gedaan

  30. battery Writes:

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