couple of crazy & cute characters in color

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Hi all,

here are some color tests of the main characters by Enrico (rabbit) and Andy (rodents).

rabbit rodents

Both Enrico and Andy painted over the 3D models, all modeled by Andy (based on the director’s designs).

Peach out,


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  1. Studio Stockwell Writes:

    Great work!!! What more can i say?
    I cant wait to see the end product \^_^/


  2. Sago Writes:

    @chad, everything will be open sourced WHEN the movie is finished. So you’re gonna have to wait just a tiny bit.

  3. k_grinder Writes:

    All of you are doing great work! These color concepts look great AND I agree (for what it’s worth) that pulling off that painterly style in final render would be fantastic. But I’m sure you are working out what will work best for your story. Good luck and keep it up!

  4. IamInnocent Writes:

    Please make the rabbit feet like rabbit feet unless something in the story justifies his being a hybrid of some sort. You’ll still have plenty of lattitude for wacky, fancy, funny, hilarious, expressive feet. Otherwise 50% and more of the discussions on BA, CGTalk and the rest will be about that strange decision, occluding the movie itself. Stupid Slashdot rant 90% about it.


  5. Sago Writes:

    People will not discuss the rabbit’s feet because they actually work. It’s a good and logical decision for the design. ‘Normal’ rabbit feet are the ones that look weird on the character. No person here has doubts about that.

  6. Big Fan (asking for a Big Ban) Writes:

    <p>just do as you are told sago and dont be difficult ;o)…artistes…</p>

  7. KMacJr Writes:

    The feet probably fit into the script, and that’s why Sacha is refusing to change them. Since he can’t talk about the film script, he can’t tell us if this is the case! ;) Okay, I think I get it now…