Jan Morgenstern visiting Amsterdam

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Witness weekly (week 47)

In this weekly overview Jan Morgenstern is giving the studio a visit. Furthermore in this edition you can experience the latest weekly about environment design issues and the animatic and sound.

.ogg video file high quality (280 MB)

28 Responses

  1. Gianmichele Writes:

    nice! really nice!

  2. rogper Writes:

    I thought that Jan Morgenstern was allot more older, kind of someone with white hair :P
    Considering the sound of Elephants Dream, the Rabbits Revenge (working title) is in excellent hands.
    I like the rabbit hole tree; it has kind of a Tim Burton stile, very cool.
    One question, the vegetation (flowers, mushrooms, etc) seem to be very detailed, that will not raise the polygon count to something huge?

  3. oxben Writes:

    Uh, uh, very nice video.
    I like the trees.

    I have a question for the artists, what units do you use to model/scale the objects?
    Have you defined a blender units to metric system conversion?
    I mean, have you decided that 1 Blender unit equals 1 meter or something like that, to help you create all the objects separately and still have good proportions when you put them all in a scene?

  4. Mats Halldin Writes:

    I really which I was there with you – so much fun!

  5. Sago Writes:

    @oxben, you’ve got it right. 1 blender unit = 1 meter, which means tiny rodent models in 3D view….

  6. cd38 Writes:

    Fun stuff. I agree, those trees are impressive.

    But @ndy, what’s with the low camera angles? You don’t *look* short in other pictures, or do you stand on boxes?

  7. campbell Writes:

    rogper, this will be a problem for sure ;).
    tree’s with ~50’000 leaves each + a few characters each with millions of hairs + grass….. but we have some ideas as to how to work around this.

    Mixing level of detail – possibly a part of blender, but also with multiple versions of models and just setting up the scene so it doesn’t chew up too many resources.

    The other part of this would be to have level of detail for particles and subsurf, leaves render through the particle system with instancing of objects in the renderer, so once leaves are rendered in a tile, they are freed from memory.

  8. horace Writes:

    thanks for the video!

    i am curious about the event system refactoring. did ton start to work on it in november like he mentioned somewhere if i remember correctly?

  9. Micah Fitch Writes:

    week 47 ?


  10. LetterRip Writes:


    the event system refactor was delayed due to other things happening but it should start in early December.


  11. k_grinder Writes:

    Oh Please try to find actual voice talent. Surely, there would be VO people interested in the project and it’s easy to audition and perform from ANYWHERE. And no I’m not a VO actor, I just know a great story can become mediocre with bad voice acting.

  12. Eric Mesa Writes:

    Nice starship enterprise rock.

    Also, love the American accents game. Sounds ridiculous to me, is this what it sounds like to you when we Americans try to imitate your accents?

    Keep up the great work!

  13. Meneer de Peer Writes:

    Eric Mesa,

    yes, but Americans often have another issue that makes them sound ridiculous when they try to imitate the Dutch. Yes, read that carefully please.. the Dutch, not German =)

    And I love these videos, great to see what’s going on there!

  14. Nathan Writes:

    Eric: I actually *am* American. I was simply trying to sound like the stupidest, most in-bred American possible for the sake of the camera. :-P

  15. rogper Writes:

    #k_grinder# Nathan VO performence sounds good to me, very realistic snifing and squiking, no need to spend more money ;)
    #Eric Mesa# “The enterprise mushroom” :P

  16. Goofster Writes:

    Sacha’s Enrico impression gets better every day!

  17. rogper Writes:

    Campbell: That’s impressive!! :O Level of detail in particles, rendering polygonal (I suppose) leaves like they were particles! But… with that entire setup how do you guys control the tree and leafs movements, like wind and such?Force fields!? Lattices!?

  18. malefico Writes:

    Good, finally you could put Andy to work !
    I thought Jan was a young lady with long reddish hair. This is tragically dissapointing. BTW, Jan, please ignore the rose bouquet I sent to you last week.

  19. AniCator Writes:

    Has nobody checked There’s an image of Jan on that website! His website! -_-
    lol. I love to see you guys at work.

  20. Dion Moult Writes:

    :) Very interesting … uh, grunts, squeaks, etc by Cessen there.

    Loved it.

  21. Jan Morgenstern Writes:

    > BTW, Jan, please ignore the rose bouquet I sent to you last week.

    That explains a lot. I kinda wondered why anyone would want me to “check out his rigid body dynamics”.

  22. SeanJM Writes:

    For the rendering problems… Aren’t you guys going to render things out separately anyways and comp them later?

  23. rogper Writes:

    SeanJM: I’m just guessing, because I really don’t make a clue about their planes…
    Surely everything goes to be rendered in Layers…
    The thing is that when you have too much poligons, even in only one render layer, memory runs out very easly ;)
    Lets say you have 64 tiles(8*8) normaly blender render all the geometry and only then, when the 64 tiles are rendered, the memory is free. But if memory runs out, some where between title 1 and 64, blender Crash.
    Sorry, I may be saing someting stupid :P It’s just a provisory answer.

  24. Matt Writes:

    Can’t get enough of these video updates, keep em coming! :)

  25. RedBirdiii Writes:

    Why the resolution of the ogg file this time changed to 1192×671? And by the way it doesn’t play perfectly right…

    You’ve uploading ogg files in either 720x 576 or 720×400? Why change now?

  26. Lee/LohnS Writes:

    wow I go away for a few days and theres like 50 blog entries haha. fantastic stuff really liking the videos too! I think you guys are getting proper voice talent arn’t you? theres probably some technical things in the art they know that we CG artists don’t O_O

    great stuff, the detail of this is gonna kick some ass being its all in the same environment

  27. Alexander Ewering Writes:

    Don’t tell me you didn’t make the “Enterprise Mushroom” on purpose ;)

  28. daniele Dalia Writes:

    Nice, nice work!!!!! What open source program and open source Vst use Jan Morgenstern to make music?