Nathan’s rabbit rigging demo

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nathan.jpgAnother look at rigging with Nathan, he’s just done with rabbit. This is more complicated, with all that extra fat to move about, great facial expression controls too!

well, see for yourself.

.ogg video file high quality (28 MB)

Thanks to Andy for shooting the footage.

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  1. Felix_Kütt Writes:

    hmm.. Nathan always looks cheerful, i want to smoke the same stuff what he has, btw.. what is it?(has he been visiting the cafe’s a lot?) O_õ

  2. fmkguy Writes:

    AWESOME!!!!! I sooo can’t wait for this stuff to be released so I can play with it!

    BTW, I hope you guys plan on doing some advanced rigging tutorials when all is said and done! ;P

    Keep up the GREAT WORK!
    (So much better than Elephants Dream, IMO)

    In HIM,

  3. gaalgergely Writes:

    cool! thanks nathan and campbell for posting this, the eyelids sticking to the eyeball and the fat preserving is pretty awesome. i second the tutorial idea, would be nice to have one after you guys have finished peach and have more time. nice.

  4. Felix_Kütt Writes:

    ok, got the video downloaded and watched.. :) great rig, wish i could get my hands on the bunny to pose some extreme expressions on hes face.. :)

  5. Todd McCullough Writes:

    Great stuff. The rig looks so easy to use. I am really looking forward to the stuff you and the rest of the team end up releasing.

  6. chuckster Writes:

    i’ve crapped better….err…i mean nice rig, thanks for the tutorail…

  7. Cuby Writes:

    This rig is totally awesome! The fat controls are pretty neat, and the facial stuff is incredible.

    Can’t wait to get my hands on it so I can find out exactly how it works. :)

    Keep it up!

  8. Gianmichele Writes:

    Great rig Nathan…how is the ik/fk switch implemented. Is it with snapping like in malefico’s rig ? Are you going to implement dynamic parenting too, so that you can switch parent for arm to let’s say, head, or shoulder or body ? Last question: are you thinking on some secondary shape control to better refine the sihlouette of the character ?

  9. horace Writes:

    i wonder if you planned the thickness of the fur in? :p

    won’t he be too fat if he gets an additional 10cm (or so – i don’t know his scale) fur layer?

  10. rogper Writes:

    Excellent, but… what about the hears!!!?

  11. Martín Writes:


    uf! I’ve told it. ;)

  12. nawabz Writes:

    i like,

    you know the end had like 20 seconds left, i was actually waiting to see more rigging, out of excitement

  13. Meltdown Writes:

    Nathan: Are you interested about a razor 6 blades?

    Maybe are you experementing fur on yourself for the benefit of the project. :)


  14. sgbzona Writes:

    wow… those face controls are great, oh man!!, how do u do that?. We need an advance tutorial that show us how to rig well. Congratz, great work.

  15. Bmud Writes:

    Nice rig mate. I hope some of those really wacky poses make it to the keyframes. I think that by having a fellow American on board, I can be hopeful. John K had a recent blog post about “boring pixar poses” and this bunny is definitely NOT boring! :)


  16. RNS Writes:

    Blender! “ROCK”

  17. Dave Writes:

    Amazing… the face controls use new tools or it’s just a great way to use the already existing ones? same for volume preserving… driven shape keys, bones or new tools?

  18. humble Writes:

    How did you achieve the different levels of editing at the face rig?
    That would be very interesting for me, I’d love to examine the rig right now!
    Great work!

  19. Nathan Writes:

    Felix_Kütt: I smoke goldfish, because they’re so sunny and happy!
    Gianmichele: The IK/FK switching is done the old-fashioned way, with sliders. I would like to use Malefico’s system (it’s awesome!), but due to time constraints I’m sticking with what I know.
    Dave: The face rig uses some significant bug fixes (particularly to b-bones and drivers). I did use the new heat-weighting feature from Brecht to speed up the weighting process, but strictly speaking you don’t *need* that because you could paint the weights by hand.
    Something I forgot to show in the video was the tertiary controls (yes, the face has three levels of controls, if you want them) which controls larger over-all face deformations, which is done with mdef. Aside from that, the face rig is a combination of bones and driven shape keys. For example, the eyebrows are shape-keys only, whereas the eyelids and lips are b-bones + corrective shape keys.
    The volume preservation of the body is actually action constraints on the fat controls. In a sense, I used action constraints as a sort of driven-shapekey for bones. So (for instance) when he bends over it triggers an action that moves the fat controls to a reasonable position for that pose. And since it’s an action, the animator can still animate the fat controls on top of that.

  20. Jack Writes:

    Wow, I even didn’t knew that this is possible in Blender. We need a detailed tutorial!!! :-)
    BTW Great WORK!!!

  21. Dave Writes:

    Thanks for the answer. You’re doing a great job, and it’s amazing that people from outside can have this kind of comunication with the project. It’s an experience similar to learning from co-workers in an office. Very enriching.

  22. Dave Writes:

    Thanks for the answer. You’re doing a great job, and it’s amazing that people from outside can have this kind of comunication with the project. It’s an experience similar to learning from co-workers in an office. Very enriching…

  23. AniCator Writes:

    You got cool models, cool rigs, cool software and a cool working environment. But will you create a cool animation? I hope so, if you screw up again. :P
    Just kidding.. Elephants Dream was a nice movie, just a bit too muddy and blurred.

    – AniCator

  24. fmkguy Writes:

    Okay, I can’t stress this enough…WE WANT TUTORIALS!!!!


    Wow. Every time I watch it…wow.

    In HIM,

  25. Ville Valo Writes:

    Why the heck does fmkguy keep abusing my band’s name?

  26. Tim Writes:



  27. Felix_Kütt Writes:

    @Nathan: ahh.. thanks for the tip!!

    and ofc. cool extra info, thanks. :)

  28. backman Writes:

    nathan that is great,
    it shows the power of open source. what more than keep fighting.:)
    how have you done the foot rotaten, it looks like bi-directional rotate. it rotate on two pivot, or i am wrong.

    go go go man…

  29. Sergeant Oreo Writes:

    That is a really cool rig. What I like
    about your rigs is that they are very simple and yet very good.
    Where did you learn rigging in Blender?

  30. Alberto Writes:

    Awesome Work!!! :D

  31. HolgerB Writes:

    Great Work!
    Lets hope that sometimes a try out .blend file escapes from your laboratory…

  32. harkyman Writes:

    Nathan — that’s great work! Now, you need to bug Campbell, Brecht and Ton to make real-time animation recording so you can animate that slick chewing motion by simply hitting “Record” and moving your mouse like that. It would make animating “twitchy” motions and such soooo much simpler and more realistic.

  33. malefico Writes:

    /me tackle-hugs Nathan ! I like this rig a lot, very well done my friend ! congratulations, I specially like what you did with the mouth… yummy deformations :)

  34. renderdemon Writes:

    Good work Cessen,you are a really talented rigger

  35. RC Writes:

    Great video. I remember watching a video for Toy Story showing the facial animation and they had a camera rigged to the face so that whatever the head was doing in a scene, they had a locked, straight on view of the face for animating it. Will the animators be using anything like that, or is it not needed?

  36. rogper Writes:

    I don’t know about they, but I also do that ;)

  37. Juako Writes:

    Great work keep showing !

  38. Jean-Baptiste Writes:

    So impressive ..
    Unbelievable !!!

  39. Sven von Brand Writes:

    Amazing work, hope you guys free a model like that for study before the premiere.
    keep up that amazing work, already bought my dvd ;)

  40. jahmaica Writes:

    please nathan, release one .blend file =D c’mon bro! just one!!!

    WE KNOW Where u are right now…we live near

  41. Mark Johnson Writes:

    Nathan! This is an awsome rig! Be cool to have a tutorial vid/DVD from you one day to see you rig a model like this from begining to end! Would also be interested in the Python scripts you set up.
    Sweet work my friend. Well done!

  42. Funktioncurve Writes:

    Excellent work gotta figure out how ya did that fatty stuff its great:) and the levels of control on the eyelids really excellent work ….so excited for this film :)

  43. Charlie Writes:

    Pros just make things look so easy!

  44. Mike Belanger Writes:

    Nice rig Nathan!
    I wonder why action constraints are used to maintain volume instead of driven shape keys. I guess because if it was a driven shape key, the fat controls wouldn’t be as intuitive. After all, when you control some mesh with a bone with a shape key further up the chain, the deformation never looks ‘directly’ controlled.

    Good concept, something I’ll learn from.

  45. kungfu Writes:

    ohhh! Thats one piece of impressive work! I can’t wait for the final result! Please keep giving us this awsome peeks to your work!

  46. chuckster Writes:

    is it me or did anyone else notice nathan looks just like that freaking rabbit?

  47. Jurriaan Hos Writes:

    Super cool this post. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  48. Dion Moult Writes:

    This is the first time I’ve ever had the urge to seize a virtual bunny’s cheek, stretch, squash, and put my head inside it’s mouth.

  49. Dion Moult Writes:

    “is it me or did anyone else notice nathan looks just like that freaking rabbit?”

    HOLY S*** YEAH.

  50. RANKN67 Writes:

    “hey there” lol intro is pricless

  51. Grandma V Writes:

    Go, Nathan!

  52. Mars Attacks Writes:

    With such terribly sexy voice, you must have start with a “Troy McClure’s” presentation ;)

    Very cool, guys. Keep on working, and big huges from Spain!

  53. Stefan Andersson Writes:

    It would be cool if Nathan could elaborate and show some of the connections that he has made. And a little HOWTO tutorial for somethings (especially the face and eye area).

    stefan andersson

  54. Dmitry Panovsky Writes:

    Making of pleeeeaase!

  55. Robert Writes:

    Wow. Just wow.

    Nathan, keep up the amazing work, those rigs look spiff!

  56. Daniel Writes:

    Damn nice Nathan! Nice to see you showing blender’s advanced features. I hope the bunny rigging will be on the dvd! Keep up the good work ;)

  57. poya Writes:

    i have a question about around mug rabbit ? please
    answer me . what is this ? in maya . please .
    thanks brother.

  58. sverro Writes:

    >i have a question about around mug rabbit ? please
    >answer me . what is this ? in maya . please .
    >thanks brother.

    In maya? Of course not! It’s made in blender. Open software and free to download!

  59. Gemstone Writes:

    Yeah Man Nathan cool like cheech’n’chong U have just made them a trio.
    Can you do the same with the bunny ?.
    All these fruity Blend projects Orange, Apricot & Peach what tasty flavours.
    One thing is true the community do need advanced video tutorials not just teasters . Top doller work from just seven animators. Let’s make this big like bucks (bunny of course) Open source style