Nathan’s rabbit rigging demo

Posted in Production by campbell

nathan.jpgAnother look at rigging with Nathan, he’s just done with rabbit. This is more complicated, with all that extra fat to move about, great facial expression controls too!

well, see for yourself.

.ogg video file high quality (28 MB)

Thanks to Andy for shooting the footage.

59 Responses

  1. Grandma V Writes:

    Go, Nathan!

  2. Mars Attacks Writes:

    With such terribly sexy voice, you must have start with a “Troy McClure’s” presentation ;)

    Very cool, guys. Keep on working, and big huges from Spain!

  3. Stefan Andersson Writes:

    It would be cool if Nathan could elaborate and show some of the connections that he has made. And a little HOWTO tutorial for somethings (especially the face and eye area).

    stefan andersson

  4. Dmitry Panovsky Writes:

    Making of pleeeeaase!

  5. Robert Writes:

    Wow. Just wow.

    Nathan, keep up the amazing work, those rigs look spiff!

  6. Daniel Writes:

    Damn nice Nathan! Nice to see you showing blender’s advanced features. I hope the bunny rigging will be on the dvd! Keep up the good work ;)

  7. poya Writes:

    i have a question about around mug rabbit ? please
    answer me . what is this ? in maya . please .
    thanks brother.

  8. sverro Writes:

    >i have a question about around mug rabbit ? please
    >answer me . what is this ? in maya . please .
    >thanks brother.

    In maya? Of course not! It’s made in blender. Open software and free to download!

  9. Gemstone Writes:

    Yeah Man Nathan cool like cheech’n’chong U have just made them a trio.
    Can you do the same with the bunny ?.
    All these fruity Blend projects Orange, Apricot & Peach what tasty flavours.
    One thing is true the community do need advanced video tutorials not just teasters . Top doller work from just seven animators. Let’s make this big like bucks (bunny of course) Open source style