Our Animation Schedule

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8 minutes

13 scenes

154 shots

12000 frames

5 characters (plus a butterfly)

10 weeks left to animate it all

…and this is what happens when you have an insane animation schedule:

.ogg video file high quality (2.0MB)

(Music by AcidMan:

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  1. FuzzMaster Writes:


  2. FuzzMaster Writes:

    Ahahahhaha that’s great

  3. Gianmichele Writes:

    I know this schedules :) but it’s a lot of fun too…but I know you have to keep quality fairly high :P Come on guys! You can do it!

  4. RedBirdiii Writes:

    Wow!! It’s been long since you post anything here..

    Anyway, it’s good to see you having fun there.. but don’t forget we’re waiting for your best.. or else we’re going to ask for our money back.. :D

  5. micah Writes:

    hmm, 430 frames/day…

  6. IamInnocent Writes:

    Best of luck, I mean, really: but I am confident that by the end of those 10 weeks you’d become a pretty good jumper.



  7. JoOngle Writes:

    Good – insanity is exactly what this movie needs!

  8. IamInnocent Writes:


    time to change your batteries LOL

    It’s more like 245.837593745 frames a day, allowing 8.3244224 minutes to pee and all the WE to jump.

  9. rogper Writes:

    that’s allot of shots! …didn’t expect that much.
    Everyone will animate?

  10. rogper Writes:

    Ho! love the rope, one can see that is Top quality, very expensive for sure… not even one stumble ;)

  11. Lasphere Writes:

    hahah lol! :D

  12. ddwagnz Writes:

    HAHA Cessen is the weirdest one of the peach team

  13. humble Writes:

    Oh wow, a new, almost photorealistic character!

  14. Richard Writes:

    Don’t rush the animation! I would rather have the movie delayed then to have rushed animation.

  15. voOdKa Writes:

    Olol exxelent xD

  16. David Writes:

    Ahahaha, man that really made my day lol

  17. Tynach Writes:


  18. Falgor Writes:

    That’s a way to relax ;D! WTG

  19. jim ww Writes:

    bah-haha-ha! money back?! i just got my money’s worth right there! :)

    looks like team morale is still running high ( or somebody is high? ) which is encouraging. keep at it. ( i hope that gets into the ‘extras’ portion of the dvd )

  20. Felix Kütt Writes:

    all that sitting that is done, ofc. some proper movement is needed too, well, from time to time.. but.. monkey back to animating, now! >:-(

  21. RNS Writes:

    I’m in the Dominican Rep for vacation and I’m dancing like that when is only one day left to go back to “America”oH boy!So I understand his joy__Happy New Years.

  22. LoMac Writes:

    Ask for my money back?
    I feel like I should owe you some now.

  23. Catboy85 Writes:

    It’s a good sign when one of the animators that Animated! Thanks for the show!

  24. voOdKa Writes:

    Tecktonik killer ? xD

  25. Fury_jin Writes:

    If he animates this fast, the project will be done in one day!

    Or maybe this is the result of italian coffee?

  26. ardee Writes:

    I love the hair animation on that character, very realistic. Devs need to work on the grooming tools though.

  27. margreet Writes:

    you guys are crazy!

  28. Tobbe Writes:

    “5 characters (plus a butterfly)”
    is there a secret character that you havent shown us yet? :-O or is the butterfly the fifth character?

  29. Jrom Writes:

    This is excellent.. :-)

  30. Auria Writes:

    Well this is reminiscent of Elephants Dream. Awsome animation, but I didn’t get the plot ;)

  31. Mats Halldin Writes:

    At this moment I’m not entirely sure I really want to know that much about Blender.

    / Mats

  32. sam Writes:

    Absolutely LOVE it!

    If he put a hat on the floor I’d throw him a couple coins.


  33. Sam Writes:



    I second the question about mysterious 5th character.

  34. shul Writes:

    Happy new year. And I do want my money back, but cessen jumped all over my account

  35. Igor Writes:

    Hahah, Cessen you are very funny guy!! Good luck to you all over there!! :)

  36. yoyofargo Writes:

    This reminds me of around the middle of Dance of the Bashful Dwarf… except you’re not a dwarf… and you’re not naked…

    only in my dreams… *sigh*
    …only in my dreams.

  37. Rene Writes:

    dude…you rock

  38. cadunico Writes:

    Hahahahahaha looks like a squirrel crazy the search for a brown psicodelic! Hahahahahahaha Very good!

  39. super wu-man Writes:

    good lord…you guys are just begging to be made fun of….man what i would do to this team if i had the time…i would be goofing on you guys at a break neck speed….ohh the possibilities…..beware…..

  40. Nathan Writes:

    super wu-man: I, for one, would love for you to goof on us. But perhaps that would take the fun out of it, eh?

  41. bjornmose Writes:

    well .. kids had a lot of fun .. but wife wonders if it was good to let me go for physics sprint SO +++ for entertainment
    — mental health.
    well don’t care .. get Brecht to do a dance like that.. while we’re on it hug Brecht for that sparse matrix stuff works like a charm .. gone back to code rock solid soft bodies for particles

  42. Kent Mein Writes:

    Just curious how your orgainzing things in blender. Do you have a seperate blend file for each scene and a blender scene for each shot or some other standard thing ?

  43. pyrosever Writes:

    this video makes a lot more sense now.