American visitor went home

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During the last week Nathan had a friend over; Aaron. Aaron just left today with a signed t-shirt from the whole Peach team. Be aware this is a collectors item. The one and only :)

Ton and EnricoAaron with signed shirtNathan gives Aaron goodbye hug

9 Responses

  1. JoOngle Writes:

    Ah the love…
    Gets me all warm an furry inside…

  2. rexprime Writes:

    ebay? that shirt might go for $25,000,000

  3. Nathan Letwory Writes:

    That shirt will sooo expensive in 10 years :)

  4. ros Writes:

    Friends need friends ;). I also wish that kind of shirt. but i know its just for friends :).

  5. Sago Writes:

    haha, my name on the T-shirt is closest to his crotch!!

  6. Eric Writes:

    Sago, I hope you have tried to keep that sort of humor out of the movie. :-/
    … Anyway,
    I’ve been grasping for every bit of news I can get about the team’s progress. Anticipation is through the roof!

  7. Jan Morgenstern Writes:

    “I got tackle-hugged by Nathan V. and all I got was this stupid t-shirt”

  8. chuckster Writes:

    seems he also went home with a “doo-rag” this is the red bandana on his head, proably from sago who is a former gang member of the bloods…

  9. JoOngle Writes:

    Eric: Sago…is ….what you could say…like the icing on a cake – and you can bet the movie will have a lot of…CAKE! ;) GO SAGO!