Interview with Sacha about the Peach externals

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For two days we have Roemer around. For school he has to do a practical assignment to focus on the future and get more information about which direction he wants to go to. And luckily he choose Blender :) He interviewed Sacha about the externals helping out the Peach team to get to movie finished on time.

Download the .ogg file here.

15 Responses

  1. dusty Writes:

    Good to hear about the exernal artists.

  2. dusty Writes:

    Oh and good luck to Roemer

  3. wayne Writes:

    good on you Roemer… blender is definetly the future!

    i’m at an animation college for 3 years and they teach maya but it’s my soul purpose to make sure i can do all the same things in blender as well…

  4. Goos Writes:

    Haha Roemer!!! Nice interview!!! And next time you’re one of the external artists??? I understand the atmosphere is great at the Blender institute.

  5. Sago Writes:

    At the moment he’s folding invoices…. we make sure he gets the full Blender Institute experience.

    Maybe we should let him clean the toilets?….. naaah, I already did that last thursday.

  6. Goos Writes:

    Whahaha Yes that’s what I was expecting starting at the bottom, cleaning the floor with his toothbrush!!! Your spoiling him!!!

  7. RNS Writes:

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    News/1106682/ And good interview wish him good luck.

  8. RNS Writes:

    oops typo!

  9. Odin/Velmont Writes:

    If anybody would like to write down what’s being said (quick and dirty) I’d be very glad. Not much audio around here… :-)

  10. Felix Kütt Writes:

    did i hear right? pepeland(as in Mr. Lara) is one of the external contributors?!! O_O

    O-boy.. i cant wait to see the finished thing.. :)

  11. sander wit Writes:

    sacha is quite the story-teller isn’t he..

    nice to hear ye got some orange-teammembers back on the job though! good luck with it!

  12. Cathy & India Writes:

    Uncle Sacha looks very tired. Take care of yourself…

  13. mike Writes:

    Sacha needs to get some sleep!

  14. Joel Writes:

    No way! Daniel martinez lara ?!
    He’ll be a Great adition to the team =D

  15. Pepeland Writes:

    It´s a really tiny collaboration, make inbetweens in some shots.

    The peach team in Amsterdam are really working hard, lot of hours per day. They are making a great stuff