The Happy Blender Institute Tour

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bitour.jpgRecently I realized that we never really made a complete Blender Institute tour after this project started. Sure, there was Ton’s first round trip waaaay back, but we needed something new, shiny and classy like this to show you how great this place actually is! Luckily Nathan, our master of rigging, animating and hugging, agreed to improvise a very sincere and pertinent guided VIP tour through the marvels of our beloved work- and living- space.

Welcome to the Blender Institute!

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75 Responses

  1. JiriH Writes:

    Really funny. Happy people make happy product :-))) This made my day (although it is already evening. Nathan is really cool guy!!!

  2. voOdKa Writes:

    xD Merci pour la visite

  3. boiteu Writes:

    Really funny!!!
    Thank you nathan!!

  4. Fredrik Writes:

    Hilarious! :’)

  5. Nathan Writes:

    Hey hey! Don’t forget Andy, who masterfully filmed and edited this!

  6. shirokoff Writes:

    i’m sooo happy i’ve watched that video =)

  7. dusty Writes:

    Hehehe, very funny! Well done Nathan and Andy.

  8. devspoon Writes:

    oh :D this is amazing :D

  9. rogper Writes:

    My best Wednesday night… Ever :D
    Who cares about that thing called PIXAR, I didn’t see there a Italian expresso machine :P
    Excelente performance Nathan and excelente work Andy!

  10. Vincent Writes:

    This really is extremely funny :)

    “Also known as eppell-juice… -sep”

    Lovely piece of geek humour, especially the ending was great, and the super-spontaneous laughter when reading the book.

    Damn, I laughed out loud from behind my computer, that doesn’t happen often :)

  11. SoulVector Writes:

    Hehe :) Funny stuff.. Happy is happyness :)

  12. Sander Wit Writes:

    Thanks you guys, it really makes lot a happier and realistic impression than our first tour through your wonderful Blender Institute :)

    And I more and more realize of the foolishness I have committed when I visited the institute: not hugging Nathan… Sacha tried to warn me but I did not listen. I’m truly sorry Nathan.

    All the love and happiness is hereby wished from me to you.

    Sander :)

    PS best luck with all the work done on this project!

  13. Sander Wit Writes:

    Geez Sacha, I just notice you haven’t moved one inch since my last visit! Are you sure they are letting you out of that building now and than?

    Net nog operatie gehad aan keel, niets wilds, maar wel een verliefdheid opgelopen dat heeft geresulteerd in een relatie! Houd dus vol, er is hoop!

    Het beste ermee!

  14. Sago Writes:

    That’s great news, Sander!

    And thanks for sharing this with the entire world!!

  15. BlendRoid Writes:

    That was so funny!

    “Also known as ap-pel-juice…sep… in Dutch!” Genious. :) I also really cracked up about… everything else.

    You guys are my heroes. If I ever get to work there, I hope I work with the spiritual successors of the Peach team! (you’ll all be working at PIXAR by then, I’m sure)

  16. JoOngle Writes:


    “I´ll have what he´s having”

  17. Cristo Writes:

    Hehe….very good, Nathan.
    I like the “Shut the F*** Up” room…very funny…

  18. madman Writes:

    Nathan looks like the Big Buck Bunny.

    It’s a shame… you forgot to present the blender of the kitchen.

  19. lumpycow Writes:

    This made me happy… now time for bed…

  20. oxben Writes:

    Absolutely fabulous!

    I’m wondering if Nathan is always so full of energy. It should be exhausting to work with him. :)

    Nathan, what kind of vitamins do you eat at breakfast? :)

  21. vagelis Writes:

    “This reminds us of how much we suck”

  22. Gianmichele Writes:

    eheh…well at Pixar there are a lot of italian cookers :P

  23. Anthoni_C Writes:

    Nathan might as well work for Blender.

  24. Feel Writes:

    good to see hard-workers ….. in blender Institute XD

  25. cd38 Writes:

    What a riot! I’m glad at least one of the team is having fun, or losing his mind.

  26. Christiaan "AniCator" Bakker Writes:

    Who wants a .GIF of Nathan?

  27. Fury_jin Writes:

    The Peach team had found the true happiness answer.

    Tomorrow i’ll try to hug a big buck bunny.

    Maybe the first step be happy!

    Thx all the peach team!

  28. Pitel Writes:

    Drugs are wrong, m’kay. :D

  29. pKrime Writes:

    Forget BBB: I want to see “Nathan, the Movie”!

  30. Christiaan "AniCator" Bakker Writes:

    Nathan! I hope I’ll meet you again, the next Blender Conference. You are inspiring.

  31. Roemer Writes:

    I am so HAPPY to see you Nathan. I feel even over here the happiness.

    Happy greetings from The happy Hague
    Roemer and happy mother

  32. Christiaan "AniCator" Bakker Writes:

    Nathan I looooove you!!

  33. Mark Keller Writes:

    Wow, that was great. I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard all week!

    And AniCator – that GIF is great! Loops seamlessly!

    Man, I love you guys. :-)

  34. static float Writes:

    lol, that was hilarious. Great job, Nathan, Andy….. Keep up the good work! :D

  35. Dread Knight Writes:

    What are you smoking? xD

  36. Marco Writes:

    Hilarious! I want a movie with Nathan as the main actor star! :D

  37. Clint Writes:

    Hilarious — thanks Nathan et all!

  38. Pablo Lizardo Writes:

    :D jejejej! really fun tour! thanks nathan!!!

  39. ColeZero Writes:

    hahaha that was hilarious…thank you for this, both of you.
    You make me smile. You brought the sun on a cloudy day.

  40. steffen Writes:

    is there something in the water that keeps Nathan so happy :D

  41. Tobi Writes:

    Can we purchase those body parts
    from the e-shop?
    I would love to own a little piece
    of a very very happy person!

  42. Bmud Writes:

    HEY! I read those books too. I laughed soooo hard at siggraph proceedings 2003. You guys should check out “Flight”, and yeah I’m actually not kidding about that.

  43. Dave Writes:

    haha. the shut the #^@* up room. priceless.

  44. jaysan Writes:

    congratulations for this extra realistic documentary!!
    this is soooo real :D
    it’s really a mine of inspiration

  45. David Writes:

    Hey, the Peach project is very good… great work…

  46. Trawler Writes:

    “Oppression and happiness: not necessarily mutually exclusive.”

    ‘Bout peed in my pants on that one. Dear God, that’s funny!!

  47. Omar Modesto Writes:

    That was a very fun tour. I’m happy that the people at the Blender Institute are kept happy so that the happy work they do gives happy results to keep the viewers happy.

    …so, do they, uh…really lock people inside the e-Shop room for days?! Can’t be too fun to be in there with the boxed body parts ;P

    Keep up the great work, guys.

  48. Napalm Writes:


  49. Happy Boy Writes:

    That’s good stuff.

  50. Sam Allen Writes:

    Ha! That made my day. Thank you Nathan, Andy and the Blender team! I can’t say any more than that.


    Except _maybe_ these clips would be an excellent addition as “Bonus Features” for the DVD.

  51. Superkoop Writes:

    So was Nathan one of those locked in the e-shop?
    I’d probably be kinda strange after being locked up in a room with dead bodies too!

  52. Jairo Molina Writes:

    LOL, so you keep woman around for… happiness :) Thanks for visiting the Institute Andy. Obrigado!

  53. Ian Writes:

    Nathan has just become my favorite person on the planet.

  54. Nathan Writes:

    OMG! I’m Ian’s favorite person on the planet! @_@
    The guy who made SBFP!!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!
    I love you Ian!

  55. Ian Writes:

    You saw SBFP!? That totally makes my day!

    I love you too, Nathan! Yay!

  56. Alexander Ewering Writes:

    Heh… after watching this video, I think you can stop working altogether because I seriously doubt that Big Buck Bunny can get any better than this ;)

  57. Anthoni_C Writes:

    Yall should keep a marijuana plant in the kitchen and be like “It especially keeps us happy.” :P

  58. Jamil Writes:

    I am very happy to see such a nice production coming out of such a small yet creative group. I would love it if you take a look at my senior thesis and help with any feed back.
    Best of luck.

  59. edi Writes:

    thx for the intro! maybe you should go into sales and marketing ;-)

  60. lohborn Writes:

    I showed my friend and his first words were, “Oh, is that the trailer for the new pixar movie?”

  61. lohborn Writes:

    ^meant to go on the trailer post

  62. Austin Writes:

    Lawwwwwwwwwwwwl Nathan, what’s up man. I thought you were up there working, not ****ing around!

  63. Some dude Writes:

    Ha ha, hee hee and ho ho! Awesome movie. Could be that my senses are dull and that I overlooked something, but the mention to the blade of grass made me (coincidentally) think of Bethesda. Ahh, those lovable idiots are about to butcher the Fallout series by meddling with it’s already-epic format. But, as we all know, blades of grass are VERY important.

    Why not whip up a game? Let’s call it Annihilation. The gameplay will horribly suck and will be bearable for a maximum of a week, but we’ll be sure to stuff it so full of eye candy that people will be too dazzled to care. No two blades of grass shall be the same!

    Bitching aside :) Great movie. Happy workers make happy products, ha ha!

  64. sxpert Writes:

    hilarious presentation !

  65. dirkus Writes:

    LoL that was quality … i now feel happy inside

  66. pindabrein Writes:

    Nathan, je bent mijn held! You own dude! you guys are my heroes, if i ever get good enough, i’ll come to Amsterdam! Great work with your project (read an article about it in the Volkskrant, from thursday 22 of may, in case you guys like to look at that sort of stuff and don’t have it already.) Too long, sorry, i’m off


  67. XenosRDrake Writes:

    umm… nathan? are you on crack? because you’re OVER happy. but anyway, PIXAR is nothing compared to you guys. you’re all really HAPPY! and you use blender. that’s a plus. and you work at the blender institute.

    Are we (the “currently sucks at using blender” people) allowed to come visit? maybe i’ll try to get to amsterdam soon. i’m in the U.S.A., so It’s kinda far. i’ll check the calender.

  68. KFF Writes:

    hahaah really cool!!!
    nathan is so funny. is he working in the blender institute now as a developer or did he his job from bbb?