Photos premiere!

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Photos: William Maanders / CC-BY 3.0



Peach teamPeach team and 2.2 mtr rabbit

Peach team again

Jon Phillips from Creative Commons

4-split screen and art- & productionwork showing: big succes

Anja and Anne from Blender e-shop

cute butterfly in BBB-logo was designed by even cuter girl in middle


MargreetAnne and Anja from Blender e-shop

Bart from BlendernationTon and Bart

Photos: William Maanders / CC-BY 3.0

It was fuuuun!


27 Responses

  1. Pierre Writes:

    OMG, Nathan, you’re gorgeous! :D

    Ah la la, I can’t wait to see this film!!!

    Congrats to everyone who worked on this fantastic project!

  2. Gianmichele Writes:

    cool photos! great work! You guys are superstars

  3. VoOdKa Writes:

    good photos !!!!
    thank you!

  4. RNS Writes:

    Great team,sad that it all ends.”The right stuff”.I wish all the best in coming days.

  5. MrNoodle Writes:

    Nice limo car.You should consider selling that Big buck bunny shirt.

  6. Zimbloggy Writes:

    When do we get to download Big Buck Bunny?

  7. Anthoni_C Writes:

    Nathan the pig tails aren’t workin’ for ya…

  8. Month Writes:

    I’m just out of the field of the camera at some of the pictures, now I don’t have any proof that I was there :( :p

    oh and I was told that the blue version of those tshirts is going to be sold from the eshop ( they were 15 euros for non vips)

    anyway nice pictures, and thanks again for creating that great animation

  9. Felix Kütt Writes:

    arg in the last image there are some 2 weird guy’s i think i have seen them somewhere else on the net before.. O_O they must be famuz. :x
    ah, now they are all famuz. :)

  10. Roy Writes:

    Nathan, do your 3d glasses indicate that you are working on a 3d version of BBB?

  11. big ups Writes:

    That lady has the most ferocious mullet i have ever seen!

  12. LoMac Writes:

    What a momentous event. Wish I could have been there.

  13. z0man Writes:

    Well derserved premiere! Nice touch with the limo. It’s those kind of pictures saying, ‘You should of been here’. I regrettably wish I was there to have seen it first at the cinema.

  14. Tim Crazy Writes:

    LOL, nice outfit nathan

  15. madman Writes:

    Ton looks like Dr. House XD, but with less hair.

  16. Big Fan Writes:

    there is a photo here with Enrico caught smiling ;)

  17. dusty Writes:

    Congrats guys, looked like a whole load of fun. :)

  18. nawabz Writes:


  19. Cathy & India Writes:

    Phwoar! Don’t you all look handsome in your suits – wooohooo! Congrats guys. Love youse all.

  20. Dave Writes:

    Ton looks really cool there.

  21. David Writes:

    ooohhhhh… I want the movie!!!


  22. Gianmichele Writes:

    Hey guys, just a question. Are you using OSS to create and edit the DVD too? Which one in case ?

  23. Poopenjay Writes:

    It was so nice of them to take a special needs kid out with them too (row 5 pic 2). He looks so happy.

    Also, I’ve seen the person in row 6 pic 3 before. Was it BgDM’s avatar?

    Is that girl in row 7 pic 1 eyeing up terminator @andy? Maybe laughing a bit but she’s cute.

    I didn’t know Alltaken’s girlfriend was there too – 4th row after Ton is smart.

    Sigh, such a nice event. I would say you guys deserve it but I haven’t seen the movie yet ;). Well it takes hard work no matter the outcome and you’ve all earned it over the years so congratulations on your success.

  24. Satish 'iluvblender' Goda Writes:

    Very nice pictures. You guys Rock!!!