Premiere Big Buck Bunny today!

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Nothing news really… apart from that all goes fine now. It’s even going to be awesome weather here today, great start of spring season.

The three film copies have arrived safely. We even had a chance to sneak preview it yesterday in the theatre of Amsterdam Film Academy (wich turned out in a sneak preview event for the students of the vfx department!). So yes, we can confirm the film has images in it! Today in the premiere cinema of “Studio K” composer Jan Morgenstern will do a final sound check, and make sure the volume knobs are precisely as he intended it!

Work on the dvd also progresses steadily. We have this time excellent goodies to share, of which we’ll give a preview tonight as well.

Hopefully we can post here soon images and videos of the event, but for hot news you better check blendernation.com or blenderartists.org.

Laters (and wish us luck!)


56 Responses

  1. freakabcd Writes:

    Good Luck :D
    I can’t wait to download and watch the movie, jejeje

  2. Vassilios Boucer Writes:

    All the best!
    I can´t wait to watch the movie!

  3. Tobi Writes:

    I wish you luck!
    And hurry up on DVD :-P

  4. Tobi Writes:

    I wish you luck!
    And hurry up on the DVD :-P

  5. Socceroos Writes:

    Well done guys. My hearty congratulations to you all.

    Also, a very big thanks to ALL the programmers that have been contributing their bit to this project – *great* stuff. You’re what makes this all possible.

    You’re really pushing adoption of blender in the mainstream. CG Artists take note!

    Again, well done!

    p.s. Can’t wait for my DVD!

  6. Mal Writes:

    The best of luck to all of the BBB team!!!

  7. LoMac Writes:

    Hurrah! Hope yous enjoy yourselfs.

  8. marijn Writes:

    Good luck!
    Zet hem op he :)

  9. dusty Writes:

    Too right!! GOOD LUCK!!! And well done!!!

  10. Anthoni_C Writes:

    If proper fund are applicable Ton should hire a film crew to record the event.
    Maybe include it on the DVD. :D

  11. MrNoodle Writes:

    Good luck then.I can ‘t wait for the DVD to arrive my doorstep.

  12. morvan Writes:

    When will the movie be available online?

  13. Jakub Steiner Writes:

    Time passes so fast even for a passive observer. I am happy the peach project members managed to squeeze the best out of themselves and end up with a presentable result :) I am excited to see the DVD and wish everybody lucky enough to be at the premiere to have a great event!

    Thanks Ton for making all this possible.

  14. xp Writes:

    I cant wait to watch! Thank you for what you do.

  15. shul Writes:

    Go get ’em :-)

  16. Sameer Writes:

    Final the day has come .. Thanks for all the Hard Work .. All the Best !!!

  17. John Drinkwater Writes:

    Awesome, well done guys and gals!
    …and not to mention, Ton!

  18. roger Writes:

    There will be spanish subtitles available?

  19. foot Writes:

    Break a leg!

  20. Sam Allen Writes:

    Congratulations team Peach, and hope for the best in the upcoming event!

  21. Month Writes:

    Woo! go peach team, I hope there is some room for non vips ^^
    can’t wait to get in the train to amsterdam

  22. Month Writes:

    Woo! go peach team.
    I hope there’ll be some room for non vips. ^^I can’t to get into the train to amsterdam

  23. Gianmichele Writes:

    well done guys! All the best!

    Ciaoooo Enrico!

  24. RNS Writes:

    I hope they will franchise Big Buck bunny toys with this movie.Yes!!! Toys!

  25. Olaf Writes:

    Good luck Ton! Veel plezier vanavond!

  26. Lmartin Writes:

    Bonjour et félicitations pour le travail accompli.
    J’ai hate de visionner le résultat !

  27. Felix Kütt Writes:

    good work, lads!
    now wheres my DVD? :)

  28. Christiaan "AniCator" Bakker Writes:

    Where’s my download! :P
    Give us the download. Give us the DVD. Give us images. Give us fun. Give us Blender 3D made stuff. Give us something. Give us happiness. Give us more Ton. Give us October. Give us Suzanne. Give us Enrico. Give us Nathan. Give us @ndy. Give us Bart. Give us Apricot. Give us music. Give us attention.


  29. randomnut Writes:

    Gee, wait for it to be released like normal people.. or hack their server xD
    Good luck, people! You have no idea how much this project helps humanity.. you will see soon… Muahahahahaaaa!
    P.S. If you hack the server, please leave it intact

  30. Cinmay Writes:

    good luck

  31. Christiaan "AniCator" Bakker Writes:

    randomnut: Yeah. Eh.. Does it help humanity?

  32. aegis3d Writes:

    Just back from BBB! it was awesome!
    I went there for the first screening without a VIP ticket, but they wouln’t let us in (first one was VIP only)
    But because we waited, they let us in! =D
    So I was at the first screening =D!
    The movie is really great and very funny, awesome peach team!

  33. Sven Writes:

    Have been there! I was way too early, but thanks to a very nice woman we could join the VIPs for the first screening, although we didn’t have VIP-tickets. (But we didn’t get Champagne, too bad :D) Well, who can resist three innocent boys waiting on the porch to get in? ;) Thank you very much, it was really worth it!

  34. David Mulder Writes:

    Still not fair that they let you in, I came deliberatly late, because the first would be VIP only…

    PS. Next time the trailer should be of a lower grafical quality as the rest of the movie, still I liked the “blunders” in the hall best.

  35. Sven Writes:

    And we came deliberately early, to be able to join the VIPs (which we thought was possible)
    However, we left after the screening, so we didn’t get to see the ‘blunders’ :(

  36. AlexM Writes:

    I sincerely hope you guys are all sleeping for about a week now, after all the over time you put on this! Congrats! Can’t wait till I see it! :)

  37. harold tovar Writes:

    good luck guys and I can´t wait to watch the movie

  38. Josh Faulkner Writes:

    All good news, Ton! My hat’s off to you and the Peach team! Keep up the amazing work!

  39. Raving Rick Rabbit Writes:

    Gah! When will it be for download? Whenwhenwhen? The waiting makes me crazy! o_

  40. Mike Machuidel Writes:

    I just saw it. Funny story, smooth animations, very colorful, nice music and impressive models !!!

  41. César Sáez Writes:

    Good luck guys!

  42. jin choung Writes:

    coool! congratulations everybody!

    what trailers? did they play regular theater trailers before BBB?! was there a preview for iron man and indiana jones 4?!

    that’s silly….

    and what are these “blunders”? was it like pixar’s out-take/bloopers reel?

  43. Bartez Writes:

    How about a bluray?

  44. thoro (Thorsten Schlüter) Writes:

    I hope you had a great premiere – I wish I was there… can’t wait to watch the DVD.



  45. donya Writes:

    good luck, the film will be amasing! I’m sure!

  46. Sam Allen Writes:

    Hey, did anybody manage to sneak a video camera in to get a bootleg copy? A movie with this many positive reviews must be worth pirating. I’m still happy to get the DVD though.

  47. RaV Writes:

    Thank you for awesome work, Peach Project Team!

  48. 3DGURU Writes:

    yaaay , we are waiting for it to be published , can’e wait to see it !!

  49. Lasphere Writes:

    Nice! When will it ship?

  50. Karel Writes:

    I love it.
    I laughed ‘coz of it!
    Cheers, good luck, spazeeba

  51. jonny Writes:

    Would have loved to come … ;( , live in Germany, so it isn’t too far, … but *sniff* have to write my diploma thesis, though… There are other deadlines as peaches :(

    Waiting for the dvd, or the video as a download in my blender-shop-account, because I’ve spent the money… :D Pleaz

  52. seractus Writes:

    thanks! :]
    good luck!!

  53. small bunny rabbit Writes:

    any plans to publish CAMRip on piratebay.org?

  54. bramwessel Writes:


  55. Matt Writes:

    Congratulations dudes, on a job very well done! It must be sad, but also a big relief, to see the end of the long road. Time to take it easy for a little while :)

  56. Flüge Bangkok Writes:

    Thank you guys for this outstanding and awesome project! It was the best I´ve seen for years and it was Open film!!GREAT. Keep up the great work!