Premiere Big Buck Bunny today!

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Nothing news really… apart from that all goes fine now. It’s even going to be awesome weather here today, great start of spring season.

The three film copies have arrived safely. We even had a chance to sneak preview it yesterday in the theatre of Amsterdam Film Academy (wich turned out in a sneak preview event for the students of the vfx department!). So yes, we can confirm the film has images in it! Today in the premiere cinema of “Studio K” composer Jan Morgenstern will do a final sound check, and make sure the volume knobs are precisely as he intended it!

Work on the dvd also progresses steadily. We have this time excellent goodies to share, of which we’ll give a preview tonight as well.

Hopefully we can post here soon images and videos of the event, but for hot news you better check blendernation.com or blenderartists.org.

Laters (and wish us luck!)


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  1. jonny Writes:

    Would have loved to come … ;( , live in Germany, so it isn’t too far, … but *sniff* have to write my diploma thesis, though… There are other deadlines as peaches :(

    Waiting for the dvd, or the video as a download in my blender-shop-account, because I’ve spent the money… :D Pleaz

  2. seractus Writes:

    thanks! :]
    good luck!!

  3. small bunny rabbit Writes:

    any plans to publish CAMRip on piratebay.org?

  4. bramwessel Writes:


  5. Matt Writes:

    Congratulations dudes, on a job very well done! It must be sad, but also a big relief, to see the end of the long road. Time to take it easy for a little while :)

  6. Flüge Bangkok Writes:

    Thank you guys for this outstanding and awesome project! It was the best I´ve seen for years and it was Open film!!GREAT. Keep up the great work!