The Peach Studio Disk Edition

Posted in Blender Institute, Production by Ton

In the past years I’ve been asked a couple of times by companies to make the original renders if Elephants Dream available. They sent me a usb hard disk, and I just copied all of the OpenEXR files over. That made us think (great idea Campbell!) to just put a entire copy of our studio backup in the e-shop, on a 250 GB usb disk. Everything! All Creative Commons of course.

  • All original OpenEXR files (16 bits float per component) from the farm (unedited version) = 80 GB
  • The edited movie OpenExr files (16 bits float too) = 70 GB
  • The full SVN repository = 23 GB
  • The shared server “peach” directory, where stored all scans, test renders, bug files, animatic versions, weekly presentations, and so on (50 GB)

We can even still sell the Orange SDE if there’s an interest.

Price would be something like costs of disk (100 euro max) + some handling and shipping (50-100 euro?). Just a quick poll here if people would be interested in such?

59 Responses

  1. Markus Writes:

    I think 150 to 200 euro would be a fair price for students that are serious. Or just like in the past, if someone wants to send a HD to the Blender institute just a fee of 50 to 100 euro.
    But I also think you should sell a commercial version for 500 to 1000 euro, for the big company’s that is not a lot of money.


  2. mark p Writes:

    Count me in. I want it.

  3. Rodolfo Writes:

    Yes I want one!

    Please let me know when is available

  4. Gaute Writes:

    Good idea!
    I’m in!

  5. DJ_Boxer Writes:

    Absolutely, count me in

  6. Tommy Writes:

    what about just copy the files over on a standard internal 250GB haddrive or 320GB
    depending on how big the source files are
    internal drives cost alot less than external ones you get like 500GB internal atm, the external is like 50% more, you might even have a old drive you can use to hehe :)

    nice movie just like monster inc :P
    i love the open creative commons and such

    cant wait for a longer future film or a short series like 2min shorts and such would be cool :)

    great work

  7. Chuck Writes:

    Wow, I know this is pretty late, but why not just set up a torrent (at least for the edited rendered version) and take donations to cover the initial bandwidth costs?

    I’d really love to get my hands on those OpenEXR files.