The Peach Studio Disk Edition

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In the past years I’ve been asked a couple of times by companies to make the original renders if Elephants Dream available. They sent me a usb hard disk, and I just copied all of the OpenEXR files over. That made us think (great idea Campbell!) to just put a entire copy of our studio backup in the e-shop, on a 250 GB usb disk. Everything! All Creative Commons of course.

  • All original OpenEXR files (16 bits float per component) from the farm (unedited version) = 80 GB
  • The edited movie OpenExr files (16 bits float too) = 70 GB
  • The full SVN repository = 23 GB
  • The shared server “peach” directory, where stored all scans, test renders, bug files, animatic versions, weekly presentations, and so on (50 GB)

We can even still sell the Orange SDE if there’s an interest.

Price would be something like costs of disk (100 euro max) + some handling and shipping (50-100 euro?). Just a quick poll here if people would be interested in such?

59 Responses

  1. Meteoricmedal Writes:

    Yeah I’d buy it!

  2. Alex "MistaED" Writes:

    Hmm, maybe it could be cheaper if it were on like 5 bluray discs? Just a suggestion, it could save a lot on the shipping costs.

  3. kernond Writes:

    Wow, now there’s an idea! I couldn’t readily afford it, but it would definitely get put on my most-wanted list.

    This would pretty much make the project fully opened. There would be nothing else left to share…unless we could get scanned images of everyone’s hand-written notes and drawings. :)

  4. fabs Writes:

    I am very interested in this material, but the shipping cost is really high, and I supose it will cost a lot more when shipping it to Brasil.

  5. jef Writes:

    good idea, count + 1

  6. Anthoni_c Writes:

    Maybe a Portable Hard Disk with custom Peach or Blender art on it. Then I would buy.

  7. TABASCO Writes:

    Great idea, but you should use local vendors in each country to keep the shipping costs as low as possible.
    Otherwise it would not be affordable for many persons. Those vendors could be private persons, too.
    That’s how we are selling the Ubuntu mugs here in Germany.

  8. Kay Writes:

    Maybe you could torrent this? If you could transfer the content to me one time, I could set up a torrent and use my servers to distribute it for you. Email me if interested :)

  9. LoMac Writes:

    That sounds like a good idea. I would buy them if I had the funds. Looks like I’m gonna have to get a good paying job.

  10. Caerbannog Writes:

    I agree with Kay, why do you keep explaining distribution problems when you could just set up a torrent for all this data ?

  11. campbell Writes:

    You can get really small portable hard disks (for laptops), that are even smaller then a DVD case.
    I think this is much nicer then 5 blue ray disks since the final frames would not even fit on 1 disk. for it to be any use you’d need to copy it onto a hard drive with 250 gigs of free space anyway.

  12. charlie Writes:

    i would be interested but am limited to €50 :P
    so unless it was about there i dont think i could.

    furthermore @ton if you have a spare moment could i ask you a question on email?



  13. J Writes:

    225 gig torrent! possible record? It might actually cost more money that way for some people.

    I say blu-ray would be the way to go. It would be easier to get through customs too. But since most people don’t have blu-ray yet I’d wait a bit and then release it? And if the final frames don’t fit on the standard disk, go with duel layer!? plus you can always put them on a harddisk later.

  14. Kay Writes:

    It may cost more for some to get it that way, sure… But for other people, it’d be great. I’m not saying use this as the only option, but offer it as an alternative.

    Plus, you can select which part(s) of the torrent you want to download in case someone only wants the scans or just the edited movie EXR’s.

    Apart from the first run of transferring the content, it would be of no cost to Peach/BI.

  15. LOGAN Writes:

    Besides the torrent idea (that I think could also be tried) try talking to some USB disk vendors to see if they can offer you cheaper USB HDD’s. Maybe get some drives around 50Euro.

    I’m not sure if I would buy one, as I don’t have any use for it now, but it’s always a nice option to have.

  16. anthoni_c Writes:

    50 Euro thats what 78-79 USD?
    Not much more that a PS3 game I might buy it. Especially if it had custom art painted on it!!!!

    Maybe a normal one=$80 USD
    And a Custom Paint One=$ 100 USD

  17. TBOL3 Writes:

    Also include all of the audio in a lossless format (also, if possible, the karaoke track)

  18. Justin L Writes:

    Yes, I think that’d be great. I’d love to have all of the production repository and a ‘full’ frame quality render. However, I think that a portable disk would be great for some people, but I think that using a high-capacity read-only medium would be much better in terms of shipping fragility and duplication. I think a multi-disk set (blu-ray would be most likely as you already seem to have a production relationship with a foundry) would be ideal.

  19. Alexis Shaw Writes:

    You could include all this on additional disks in the blu-ray set for peach and call it the deluxe edition.

  20. Mike Writes:

    I’m mainly interested in how you set up SVN with Blender. Is it possible to get checkout access to that instead of buying and shipping an entire disk?

  21. campbell barton Writes:

    Mike, the dvd will contain a checkout of our SVN – its not even that big :)
    The 23gig contains our entire SVN history, so you could see who did what, or travel back to any point in time and see what the files looked like.

    I don’t really see this as something a blender user or enthusiastic fan would be interested in.

    Its more for people who want to test high quality video/audio encoders, or make their own versions to test high color range monitors etc.

  22. ed brown Writes:

    I reckon this would be a great resource for those who want to work on broadcast and film projects with Blender. It’s difficult to assess what your technical capabilities are when using software that most post houses just do not use. The peer support from other Blender users is great, but actually seeing the structure of a successful project – the files, the stages and speed of progress, the techniques used – would far better enable producers and directors to suggest using Blender on commercial projects.

  23. SlyWest Writes:

    I Think the correct way that is the multi platform. I think you should share it on HDD and Blueray DVD or Torrent. The costumer can choose the correct way that she/he want. If the Blender Found want to get money then it can sould HDD or Br-DVD or it can sell bittorrent access for example xxx USD or Euro

  24. TBOL3 Writes:

    Or, you could offer the HDD, blueray for a few months, then set up a torrent for peach.

    For orange, I think it’s been out long enough that you could just make the torrent available for immediate download.

    To be honest, I would download the torrent rather then buying the HDD though.

  25. mox Writes:

    cheappest/smallest 250gb hd cost + spedition cost + 20 € for BlenderInstitute
    brDVD cost + spedition cost + 20 € for BlenderInstitute
    torrent + 20 € for BlenderInstitute
    for those offer torrent server no cost
    What do you think?

  26. Olaf Writes:

    Most people would be satisfied with the .blend files because one can render to OpenEXR with these files, right? Although it would obviously take *huge* amounts of CPU time. I believe only a few die-hard fans plus some studio’s would be interested.

  27. Felix Kütt Writes:

    what file system would the usb disk be formated as?

  28. Sympodius Writes:

    I would LOVE a studio disk of Orange and Peach. I think that would be a superb learning tool for those of use trying to make our own movies (and isn’t that part of what these projects were about after all?). In particular, the SVN repository would be cool to see.

  29. ton Writes:

    – rendering would take over 10,000 cpu hours, 64 bits cpu and 4 gig memory minimum.
    – we use file system as for you readable
    – people can always email me, i do reply! (ton blender org).

  30. BEInGAmano Writes:

    I wold love to get a reddyto use studio softwear that you yoused to meake BBB (problobly with linux,blender and so on) and also all the original hiresulotion files :-)

  31. dragonrebel Writes:

    i would like to buy it, if i had the money, but i would like more information on the disk (after copying it to my hard drive i can use it to store onther stuff on i presume?)

  32. stratus26 Writes:

    I don’t know if people realize that : having all the sources for a 10 minutes high quality 3D animation for a few hundreds bucks !!! That’s just insane ! Professionals would pay many thousands for this kind of treasure. Students or serious amateurs would have only dreamed of it just five years ago… Ton is a real genius that will genuinely and thoroughly transform the 3d industry and art. Thank you for that !

  33. Meteoricmedal Writes:

    Well, the cheapest external drive I’ve found is $69.99. So I think it would be a more do-able approach than blu-ray or a torrent.

  34. RNS Writes:

    I will think about,But I will not e-mail you.Ton in till you stop drinking to much coffee!

  35. Dimitri Verhelst Writes:

    A disk edition would be awsome …
    gives a great insight into the workflow used within blender, from start to finish.
    I’m currently digging into a switch to blender at my company, a resource like this would be immensely valuable.

  36. NeromDsine Writes:

    Very cool.
    Would this not be the very first time EVER, a studio is just giving the backup of they’re whole work of a (very special) film, to the people?

    If so.
    There is (I think) a solution for: prise of disk and shipping.
    The money can be the reason not to get hold of it (on disk)?
    In some cases, that is not fare? Is it?

  37. Alexander Ewering Writes:

    Dimitri: Your company logo certainly already is similar to the Blender logo ;)

    And… great website. (Even though it’s evil 666 closed-source satan-hellfire-flash ;-)

  38. Anthoni_C Writes:

    “people can always email me, i do reply!” – Ton

    He does, I’ve emailed him before. Very nice
    of him to do that. Thanks! :D

  39. Joeri Writes:

    Wonderful idea.
    I have 2 usb mini harddisks for my laptop. They can be formatted NTFS. ( lacie delivers them fat32 ) They are great and weigh less then 5 blu-ray disks.
    The other thing with burning 5 discs is labour, which is more expensive peops.

    For microsoft and others who need uncompressed free footage this must be great. Please keep in mind that even with usb2 small harrdisks are slow and can take up to a whole day to copy data like that.

    Great idea, but I will not buy one, no idea what to do with it. Editing 80 Gb of 16 bit images is no fun I think.

  40. joeri Writes:

    ” (after copying it to my hard drive i can use it to store onther stuff on i presume?) ”
    LOL… sorry… Why would you want that? I find myself buying more little external harddisks and carry all my data with me, not my machines.

  41. Alexis Shaw Writes:

    The problem that i have is that i live in aus and the customs people use xray machines in the mail room. verry bad for data

  42. Klangfreund Writes:

    Great idea! Would be nice to also have the whole content of the Peach-DVD as well as all DVD authoring files on the drive.
    Anyhow, this sounds VERY interresting. Compared to proprietary software you would get everything (including a drive) instead of only an upgrade (without even a printed manual..) for the same price. Fantastic!

  43. dotDigital Studios Writes:

    I would purchase.

  44. Daresan Writes:

    Must Have! :P
    Please spread it out! No matter how, I’d buy it!

  45. dragonrebel Writes:

    “LOL… sorry… Why would you want that? I find myself buying more little external harddisks and carry all my data with me, not my machines.”
    since i dont have the money to buy a lot of these you know, and its not like i will need to transfer all files of big buck bunny every 2 weeks, i have no portable devices atm, so it would be a good thing for me to buy 1 (if i had the money), sincei could copy it to my hard drive and then use it for other stuff

  46. Justin L Writes:

    To save on overseas shipping and customs perhaps we could have designated shippers who have the data closer (In whatever medium) to the recipients? Maybe send/donate media to eliminate media costs?

  47. Justin L Writes:

    You know, I probably sound not that excited about this. I am. Regardless of how this ends up happening and even if not, I’ll be happy to purchase a copy of it however it is available. Awesome work everyone, I’m looking forward to seeing it, taking it apart and learning from your collective genius!

  48. .m. Writes:

    I would love to have it only to try render it to stereoscopic 3D HD version(suggestion for e-shop ;). regarding distribution of 250GB, try the best open source packer from http://sourceforge.net/projects/p7zip/ and distribute DVD’s. Everybody knows where to buy his harddrive for 14EUR / 100GB. thanks a lot for great offer. count +2. best regards and good luck !

  49. Gordon Collis Writes:

    Fantastic idea! I would buy a copy.

  50. Bmud Writes:

    I want to be honest: No. I wouldn’t buy such a thing. I think for most people like me the DVD will be more than enough.

  51. Markus Writes:

    I think 150 to 200 euro would be a fair price for students that are serious. Or just like in the past, if someone wants to send a HD to the Blender institute just a fee of 50 to 100 euro.
    But I also think you should sell a commercial version for 500 to 1000 euro, for the big company’s that is not a lot of money.


  52. mark p Writes:

    Count me in. I want it.

  53. Rodolfo Writes:

    Yes I want one!

    Please let me know when is available

  54. Gaute Writes:

    Good idea!
    I’m in!

  55. DJ_Boxer Writes:

    Absolutely, count me in

  56. Tommy Writes:

    what about just copy the files over on a standard internal 250GB haddrive or 320GB
    depending on how big the source files are
    internal drives cost alot less than external ones you get like 500GB internal atm, the external is like 50% more, you might even have a old drive you can use to hehe :)

    nice movie just like monster inc :P
    i love the open creative commons and such

    cant wait for a longer future film or a short series like 2min shorts and such would be cool :)

    great work

  57. Chuck Writes:

    Wow, I know this is pretty late, but why not just set up a torrent (at least for the edited rendered version) and take donations to cover the initial bandwidth costs?

    I’d really love to get my hands on those OpenEXR files.