DVD authoring last bits

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We’re doing the last bits on the dvd set… encoding and authoring a video DVD and collecting and testing all files for the DVD-ROM is just a bit too much work to be really fun… especially for people suffering post-BBB fatigue! :)

Even after about 6-8 manweeks of work on this DVD we could easily add another four or so. Nevertheless, we should now finish! Here’s a quick shortlist of what you can expect, at least:

DVD Video:

  • PAL and NTSC discs
  • High quality encoded film
  • Medium quality versions of film with 5 commentary tracks
  • 20+ minute Making Of documentary with interviews
  • 4 Split view of entire movie as animatic + anim test + Blender UI + final render
  • Outtakes and deleted scenes


  • HD versions of movie and extras, 1080p and 720p, in avi and ogg
  • All the .blend files and textures that will render the entire movie
  • Original script and breakdown
  • All storyboard images, test animatic versions
  • The famous “Live edit” blend file, a sequencer setup with audio and animatics, testrenders, finals. Great toy!
  • Test renders, animation tests
  • Gallery with preliminary artwork, over 50 final frames, also in OpenExr
  • Tutorials, html as well as video
  • Documentation about how to re-use blend files
  • Easy-to-use stripped down blender files for quick tests (or for people with humble computers!)
  • 2.46 Blender release
  • Videos with interviews, tours, weeklies…
  • The entire website
  • Etcetera!

Later more…


50 Responses

  1. JiriH Writes:

    This sounds just great! Thank you very much in advance. Cannot wait for DVD delivery :-)

  2. Lasphere Writes:

    I just can’t wait!!!! Great work! And nice with tutorials! Tahts a new thing! (:

  3. Pablo Lizardo Writes:

    excelent!!!! sounds we’ll have a lot of fun with both discs!!

  4. Spamagnet Writes:

    Is that all?

  5. Manuel R. Ciosici Writes:

    What tools have you used for authoring? I am trying to do some authoring now and I don’t know what programs to use on linux and don’t want to use windows to author the DVD.

  6. ton Writes:

    Oops. I knew I forgot something to write about… we decided use Mac DVD authoring software. Hired someone to finish it for us even. Acquiring the knowledge to do this in Open Source (if possible even with what we want) would take far too much time. Sorry!

  7. J Writes:

    If I had to use a Mac, I’d hire someone to do it for me too.

  8. Vimal Kurup Writes:

    Great News ! But no Subtitles like we had for Elephants Dream ?

  9. dusty Writes:

    Hey you know what, after spending soooooo long on BBB it’s no wonder you want to get the DVD out and call it closer!
    Seriously, well done Ton and the team. You guys worked hard and deserve a break.
    And then, the next project(s)!!!

  10. dusty Writes:

    Closer was supposed to say closure!

  11. BlendRoid Writes:

    I wish so badly that I had the money to buy this! I know it’ll be online, but even on my super-high-speed-connection-of-doom, getting everything I’d want would take a long time.

    Not to mention that I’ll likely try to download once the site’s bandwidth has been sucked dry. :D

  12. John Drinkwater Writes:

    Awesome news Ton.
    It’s just such a shame Dirac support, and the newer Theora encoder, aren’t ready in time for this project (maybe next year!), both look to be incrementally better at encoding video :D
    In fact, I really do hope Xiph start using BBB as their test video for encoding – The Matrix must get boring after the 1000th watch through ;)

    …waiting for my DVD, damn it!

  13. mfoxdogg Writes:

    great news ton, now that is the true meaning of open content, share everything + plus more :)

  14. LOGAN Writes:

    Great new. But I start to wonder a few things.
    1: why are the commentary versions less quality? It’s easy to have the same video quality with different audiotracks (where the commentaries could be lower quality.
    2: why arent the making of and other extras as DVD video viewable through the video DVD? (I was sorta hoping you would)
    3 avi, ogg and mov? Isnt that just burning away space of the DVD?
    4 Animatic not as DVD video?
    5 I hope you include the seperated channel audio tracks too.
    6 curious about the etc. :)

    Well great news and I’m almost lying in front of the mailbox to await the DVD.

    (PS. If some part does have subtitles, please use Ariel like fonts in the future)


  15. ton Writes:

    1. DVD has maximum bandwidth for streams, which has to be divided between audio and video. There are 5 commentary tracks in this stream, leaving less for video quality.

    2. The “making of” is part of dvd video

    3. If so, we delete it

    4. Animatic is in the 4-split

    5. Not in the dvd, later online

    6. You ask too many questions!

    No subtitles in the docu nor in the commentary… the film itself is dialog-free though.

  16. campbell barton Writes:

    @John Drinkwater, Have been talking to the guys at xiph and we’ll make sure they get a hard disk with PNG’s and EXR’s as well as the 5.1 flac audio.

    There are also some tools missing to get an image sequence into a Ogg movie, to make the oggs we had to modify png2theora, an example program in theora’s svn repo.

    They are open to improving this tool for inclusion in their default install, make it easier for the next project :)

  17. some guy from germany Writes:

    KEWL! I’m looking forward to getting that thing (looking in my mail box every day :) )

    BTW: Will there be a possibility to buy elephants dream again? I love that movie so much!

  18. Rui Campos Writes:

    The best solution in my opinion to encode HD Video is with x264 (H.264) inside a Matroska container. It yields excellent results for HD, with small sizes and really amazing quality.

    It also allows for multiple subtitles (not needed in this case unless for captioning of the commentary tracks), multiple audio tracks and it just looks awesome.

    If I could get a hold of the final rendered pngs I could encode it as such for anyone interested…

    — Rui —

  19. grafixsuz Writes:

    Amazed by the amount of work the BF is putting into these DVD’s to make the value worth it for all those who supported the movie by pre-ordering the DVD

    @Rui, of course people will be interested. You are offering a service.

  20. wuluba Writes:

    hej everyone,
    I have a question about preordering the DVD:
    How can I buy this DVD WITHOUT using the Blender-Store? Even though I don’t think there is something wrong with it I just don’t feel comfortable to subscribe to it. Most likely I will only use it once in a lifetime (maybe three or four times more for the next movies) but that doesn’t justify the submition to a “noname”-internet shop.

    I really like to support the team and I like to have a REAL DVD of this movie but not under these circumstances.

  21. LetterRip Writes:

    wuluba – it uses paypal…

  22. Tynach Writes:

    YAY!!! I can’t wait to get my pre-ordered DVD in the mail!

  23. Feng Writes:

    Is it legal to distribute the DVD over BitTorrent?

  24. Alexander Ewering Writes:

    wuluba: Do you also go outside with an oxygen mask to avoid getting the flu?

  25. Koots Writes:

    I am wondering how many Tutorials are going to be on the DVD. Does anyone have any idea how much learning info we can expect? I already pre-ordered my DVD (back in Dec. 07) I can’t wait to get it!

  26. Carlos Writes:

    Wow! This is amazing. I expected getting a lot of stuff when preordering, but this is just crazy.

    I’m glad to see you’re throwing in some blender files for modest computers since that precisely what I own (and also I have very poor blender skills).

    I was seriously really looking forward to get the DVD. Now I’m really really anxious!

    You’re really great guys! Thank you very much for all the hard work.

  27. wuluba Writes:

    No reason of being sarcastic!
    But sorry, I’m not registering to any online store that you can find on the internet! It’s not that I wouldn’t trust blender it is just I don’t feel comfortable with it.

    I had no problems with it calling blender, I pay for the DVD and they send it through mail and after I received my DVD they forget about me. But for what reason do I have to apply to an online store which I use once in a lifetime?
    It just feels wrong.

  28. AntonG Writes:

    wuluba, just be patient and wait for a torrent release. Will be there, trust me :)

    You must be joking, right?


  29. ERM Writes:

    Aw man, you guys are making the DVD so awesome I’m going to have to buy it! I didn’t buy the Elephants Dream one because by the time I heard about it, the DVD was sold out forever. Now I’m pretty darned sure that I’m going to buy this one.

    One question, do these blend files need some cvs (or svn) version of Blender? Didn’t you guys have the new hair code and all that?

  30. ton Writes:

    – The dvds have blender 2.45.17 on it (rc3), and all blends were tested with it to render OK.

    – Once we send the DVDs out the CC license becomes effective, so people can put op torrents for it.

    – We are preparing ourselves a giant launch with many mirrors for the movie too, about 1 week after the first dvds were sent

    – Apart from what we already published, there are two new video tutorials on the dvd… and html tutorials.

  31. super super Writes:

    just want to say happy birthday to Sacha Gooberstein (Sago). happy 35th man, hope this year will bring you less uglyness and more womens….

    by the way, what is the peach gang going to do for Sacha? just a hint, a hairy naked man jumping out of a cake would make Sacha’s birthday happy indeed!….if you know what i mean….

  32. Squamashii Writes:

    Thankyou so much…a bit early…I can’t wait to get the DVD.

  33. DiThi Writes:

    import dvd, Blender
    while not dvd.release.in_home():
    Blender.Draw.PupMenu(‘I WANT IT’)


    # Can’t wait, aaarrgh!!!!

  34. DiThi Writes:

    (damn, python indent doesn’t show up here)

    My pre-order back in september was worth the money :D

  35. MrNoodle Writes:

    Patience lads.

  36. Pierre Writes:

    Hi Ton, are you working on a new project already. Are you looking for recruitment.

  37. NathanKP Writes:

    That looks really good to me!

    NathanKP – Inkweaver Review

  38. DJ_BOXER Writes:

    Everything looks to be awsome. Checking my Post box in my building daily. already have some WIP for the files.

  39. Gianmichele Writes:

    So, the final day is May 15th, isn’t it ?

    Just a week, just a week…

  40. J.B. Nicholson-Owens Writes:

    If the movie and everything else on the DVDs is licensed to share (such as the CC Attribution license), then yes, not only can you distribute copies of the DVDs, you can build on anything on the DVDs to make new things (movies, TV shows, websites, posters, etc.).

  41. Gianmichele Writes:

    Hey Ton… I’ll send my reel for Durian, that’s for sure :D

  42. scardario Writes:

    Thanks for such a great work!!!!

    you guys are making of blender one of the greatest design software out there!

    I hope the DVD doesn’t take to long to get to my hands.

  43. A runner Writes:

    That is really aaaaaaawwwwwsommeee.

    I want to see Blender in the First Place of all 3D Softs on Earth. because My Friends always say that “Oh blenderrr; I’ve seen it, It’s Tuff and confusing” but I want to show them this second Movie of the Simple Opensource Software and Shut their mouths up. Even before tying the software they come to a Mistaken conclusion on my Blender, Which I don’t Like.

    If I had money, I would have Ordered it First of all. but unfortunately I don’t have money and even a net connection.

    Ok, no probs Just keep improving Blender and Hit the 3D world with Lots n Lots of surprises and features of Opensource.
    am waiting . . .

  44. A runner Writes:

    That was not “Even before tying the software”
    It is “Even before trying the software”

  45. Chainz Writes:

    And I’m gonna see the movie tonight in Wrocław Cinema!!!
    Thanks to the Libre Graphics Meeting 2008!


  46. Chainz Writes:

    Indeed! It’s a great movie!
    I’ve seen it yesterday – thank you LGM.
    Now I’m so happy, as never before. :)

    But I just can’t resist the feeling that Big Bunny (the character) is Ton himself – same poses, exactly same smile!

    Come on Ton! Tell us the truth! :)

    With Best Regards

  47. alexander malic Writes:

    hope the iso’s will be soon downloadable via bittorrent :)

    thanks in advance for the great work. expecting a very very great movie.

    regards, alex

  48. Mike Writes:

    i always use Super DVD Creator to convert video formats to dvd and make dvd menu. it’s really pretty good. you can use it:

  49. Rigs Writes:

    Just received my DVDs. Great Job !!

    Just a quick question:

    The PAL movie looks better than NTSC one. Waht I mean is the character movements looks smoother in PAL movie. Is there a reason for that?