The DVD arrival wave…

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We have shipped everything to Europe and rest of world last tuesday, May 20th. Some close Europe countries might arrive already this week friday or saturday. Dutch orders are being shipped today, and arrive friday. (Well, there’s rumours the Dutch Mail will strike…)

So, we hope almost everyone can their own home-cinema premiere during the next 10 days. In the mean time we’ll build a large network of http mirrors, torrents, and streams to make sure we can do the public movie launch on May 30 or 31st. Keep tuned!

In anticipation of the DVDs, we’ve upgraded the gallery with a couple of final frames from the movie. Also check the press section for a great story about BBB in today’s Netherlands largest quality news paper.

Finally: please mark in the Frappr map below when you get the DVD. Makes it a review of our shipping company as well. :)

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  1. Anonymous Writes:

    New Zealand here. Looks like it’ll have a long way to travel. :(

  2. jazzroy Writes:

    patiently waiting.. :)

  3. Frederick Writes:

    I wonder how many of us will actually be able to open and render the .blend files, since you had 4 GB ram machines…

    The files have all been checked to work in the official 2.46 release right?

  4. ton Writes:

    Yep, all were checked!
    We also made a couple of files not requiring too much power, in a directory ‘simple blends’. The characters themselves are also not too big.

  5. Christiaan Bakker Writes:

    Just a hint: ManCandy is broken in 2.46.
    Ik hoop dat ik in oktober weer naar de Blender Conferentie kan, Ton! ;D

  6. DJ_Boxer Writes:

    I want to edit my pin and say something but I can’t. Do I have to edit on my computer where I created it?

  7. LOGAN Writes:

    Oh my, and I was under the impression that Dutch DVD’s were also send Tuesday.

    I feel a tear bubbling up :)

  8. Valentijn Writes:

    There will be a surprise in my mailbox today…i hope

    If you live in Utrecht than you can check out a little exposition (23-25th of may 12:00-17:00) its a graphic design students final year from the GLU …and i made a little animation..:)….with…..blender
    so if you can or will you can find it at Draaiweg 51 Utrecht.


  9. bart Writes:

    @Valentijn: cool! I have a meeting with a client today till 12.00, I’ll come by and visit you afterwards. Will you be there?

  10. Len Writes:

    Yay! I was just able to order a copy (rather late I know), maybe if I’m lucky it will get here before the online release :)

  11. CineGobs Writes:

    I just received the DVD’s. :-D
    The DVD case was in a pretty bad shape, but fortunately the DVD’s survived.

  12. Frederik De Bleser Writes:

    I just saw the movie with some friends. It was great! Really a fantastic effort, both in the look, the story and the humor. The timing was spot-on. What a difference a script makes :-)

  13. Mark Hannessen Writes:

    I got the DVD!

    to bad i can’t find myself in the credits though :(
    Must have done something wrong..

    A well,

    congrats for the movie, it rocked.

  14. De_Dood Writes:

    Hwoohooo, got the DVD.
    Now I just have to wait until tonight to watch it.

  15. crazybus Writes:

    DVD cases in bad shape, name missing from credits. Now I have to add worried to my growing impatience for it to fly across the globe.

  16. Stefan de Konink Writes:

    Got it! Put it in the player and started listening! Great music :)

  17. Stefan de Konink Writes:

    …btw will probably broadcast it on TV in the next few days :) So if you live in Nootdorp-Pijnacker, you can see the movie on TV :)

  18. MrE Writes:

    Just got it in the mail!!
    Can’t edit my pin from here though.

    Box arrived in perfect condition. The print on the DVD looks gorgeous
    And my name was also in the credits.
    So no worries crazybus.

    @Stefan the Konink.
    You mean you work for a local tv station and will broadcast it for people in the Pijnacker area?

  19. ton Writes:

    If people find the DVD in bad shape in their mailbox, please send us (use shop at a picture of that. We have taken extra precaution to prevent damaging, I’m very suprised to get this report in already! We will send you a good DVD without hesitation.

    Mark: I checked your order, and the shop system tells me you didn’t select the menu item with “Add my name”… it was default set to “Not add name”. Sorry for that. For the Apricot disk order it says get a credit though.

  20. Mark Hannessen Writes:

    thanks for checking that out ton,

    no hard feelings ;)
    it’s still a great movie without my name in the credits :p

  21. Hannu Hoffrén Writes:

    Had to check the names and seems to be that I left the selection out too, since can’t find my name either. :(

    Ah well, at least the case’s condition was all ok. :)

    Will make something to eat and go watch the actual clip now.

  22. Foppe Benedictus Writes:

    Got it! Thanks!
    Also tried to find my name and couldn’t find it…

  23. Master Writes:

    DVD waiting.

  24. CineGobs Writes:

    @Ton: Tried several times(from different email addresses) to email my photo of the DVD case to shop at, but every time it bounces with the message “Recipient address rejected: Mail appeared to be SPAM or forged.”

  25. panzi Writes:

    I received my DVD! :)
    Greetings from Austria.

  26. Stefan de Konink Writes:

    Yes :) At my previous local station (Leidschendam-Voorburg) I did the same with Elephants Dream.

    So probably I’ll make a nice movie night :)

  27. xvisx Writes:

    Now I think back: I should’ve picked up the dvd when I was a kilometre away last tuesday ;-), since I didn’t get the dvd today credit to the strikings at the post offices. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be lucky. :-)

  28. ton Writes:

    cinegobs: that’s weird. Why not put the image online (or use ) and then email.

  29. Alexander Ewering Writes:

    cinegobs: Wow, still someone not using :)

  30. entplex Writes:

    Any unofficial torrents up yet of the movie?

  31. UglyMike Writes:

    Yeah!! DVD arrived today, Friday 23rd, in the Brussels area of Belgium. Nice movie too. Some good gags in there.

  32. Anton Writes:

    Yes!! DVD arrived today, I really like the animatics.
    A little critique personally I find the music choice is to excessive.

  33. Zaffo Writes:

    The DVD arrived, and even in one piece! We had a nice 15 minutes movie night. Although it was just the PAL version, it was very detailed. I also like the html-indexes on the DVDs. Good job!

    @entplex: No

  34. CineGobs Writes:

    @Ton: I tried sending the email using my ISP’s asmtp server instead of their smtp server, and this time it didn’t bounce. It seems the normal smtp server must have been blacklisted somewhere.

    @Anton: I thought the music was great. It was like a cross between the music from the old Tex Avery cartoons and the music from Shrek. :)

  35. MrE Writes:

    @Stefan de Konink
    When are you going to air it?
    A friend of mine lives in that area and it would be fun if she can see it then.

  36. De_Dood Writes:

    Watched it and loved it!
    Great work guys!

  37. Vassilios Boucer Writes:

    I also already watched it!
    …and i must say Simply Amazing!!!
    The Music is also Great!!!

  38. Grahame Writes:

    I’m in the UK and I got mine this morning. Watched it with my little sister and we both enjoyed the movie.
    Personally I found the script to be much better than Elephant’s Dream which I think will help to draw a wider audience.

  39. Clemens Writes:

    Hey my copy arrived. Unfortunately can’t find my name on it but that does not make it any worse. Love the movie I am checking out the bonus material right now.

  40. John Drinkwater Writes:

    Got mine this morning in the UK, middle of the country too…
    I couldn’t stop laughing, the script and timing were genius.

    Really hope BBC Click picks up the film and interviews the Peach/Blender team.

  41. xvisx Writes:

    What a hilarious movie! Everything works really well together.

  42. Arun Writes:

    By reading all of yours comments am feeling More happy than any one of U and am feeling sad too.
    Sorry for Blender foundation for not Purchasing/sponsoring the BBB DVD. Because I can’t Pay such Huge amount at this moment too. The same situation I always had since Elephant Dreams release and Now. But I Promise to sponsor the next Project and get One for me too, then I will Proudly search for my name in the credits and come here and say hay where is my name ton I can’t Find it Too, and what is this, why my DVD is in Bad shape. U should have secured it specially before Packing for me. ok ok I forgive u :)send me a new DVD :).
    I really Miss these DVDs when ever I think about Blender. Just I want to Own One of those. . . Just One of Each.

    Reach the skies and never return, Let OUR BLENDER reach the top of all 3D and COMPOSITING softwares on Earth. I want to see it Happen.

    and finally Congratulations Peach team for another new Project(BBB) and Version(2.46) release.

  43. qubodup Writes:

    Hey, I got my DVD today, very glad.

    I uploaded one of the AVIs to vimeo:

  44. Sympodius Writes:

    I just got my DVD and this is brilliant. I love the movie and things have really come a long way since Elephants Dream (which I also loved). But the really big improvement has to be the DVD-ROM stuff. This is so clearly laid out and easy to use. And the tutorials are superb. Thank you so much, guys! And well done again!

  45. qubodup Writes:

    PS: A very slight review can be found here:

  46. AntonG Writes:

    Arrived here in Slovenia.



  47. Justin Writes:

    Damn, there’s a lot of Justins in those credits.

  48. Justin Writes:

    Ooops, yes, arrived in the UK today

  49. olivS Writes:

    It reached France today.

    @ton: unfortunately, the BBB poster of the film you send me is in very bad condition! The package looked good at first glance, I wonder what happened during the travel…

    No harm though, it is still useful, don’t worry about it.

  50. dexta Writes:

    The DVD arrived in Hamburg Germany. Nice Job to all …

  51. Mildred Ki'Lya Writes:

    I received it Today (the 24th). And I had the opportunity to present it to a local group of friends who appreciated it. Thank you very much !

  52. DAVARB Writes:

    Awesome work men! I love the extras and attention to detail.

  53. Stefan de Konink Writes:

    @MrE: after the audio cables are placed. The start of the week probably. But it will be announced on the BBS.

  54. tempy Writes:

    Wow, that was a great movie! Really enjoyed watching it, and will recommend it to all my friends.

  55. yelow Writes:

    Yes! arrived this morning in UK. Fantastic work, the HD version adds even more (of coarse) to the quality. Characters are wonderful, sound is excellent, comic timing perfect 99% and excellent ending. Well done to all who took part, thank you. btw my name was also not in the credits, did order early on well within the first 1000. No matter, helping financialy however small gives the warm fuzzy feeling along with the movie. You done the whole community proud. Haven’t yet sponsored the Apricot project because games aern’t my bag but suddenly realised that no doubt it won’t only be the game engine / CS that gets developed further so need to sponsor Apricot as well. :-)

  56. wayne Writes:

    so i’m just wondering why the online release was set to be the 30th, because the torrents have already started appearing…

  57. crazybus Writes:

    It was set to that date to give time for all dvd preorders to reach their destinations. The torrents are of course unofficial and therefore not subject to the official online release date.

  58. blenderman345 Writes:

    Hey qubodup, what happened on the BBB Vimeo? Can’t get it?

  59. ROUBAL Writes:

    Well, I can’t add my location on the map, but I have got my DVD of BBB yesterday, the 24th of May.

    I have already watched it more than 10 times, and really enjoyed it !

    Congratuations to the whole Peach Team. Great and funny movie, fine animation, fine lightings, great music and awesome authoring. Thank you a lot Guys !

  60. Olaf Writes:

    I got the DVD friday afternoon in my mailbox (in Holland). I loved the movie, fantastic job guys, and especially the extra’s such as outtakes.

    The most disappointing thing for me was that my name wasn’t in the titles, I remember that I opted for being listed. Oh well, better luck next time.

  61. ZikZak Writes:

    Received in my mailbox yesterday.

    Incredible !
    I hope that people will make good use of the source material.

    1O minutes of great enjoyement, my nephews enjoyed also so much your movie, it was such a pleasure to let them appreciate your work and they like your fat bunny :-)

    Congratulations to everyone involved, the production team of course but also every singe people who supported the project.

  62. Hannu Writes:

    @Olaf: Yes, the first feeling is a bit left out. But for me at least, it went away pretty soon after I got to see the movie and the material.

    Just wondering for the next project, would it be good idea to leave the default selection for “add my name” unchecked, so that the user is forced to choose which one he/she wants? And maybe also some kind of check list to the net, to prevent possible error selections (or even bugs) like Olaf seems to have?

  63. horace Writes:

    what is the reason that so many names seem to be forgotten in the credits? some bug in the shop? or is it their own mistake? missed deadline? wrong selection?

  64. panzi Writes:

    @Olaf: Do your Bill contain the Text “Credits: Add my name to the Movie credits.”? I mean the sheet of paper that’s glued to the carton the movie is delivered in. You can pull it of and unfold it to see the quantity of articles, price, taxes etc. and this information.

  65. Inko I.A. Writes:

    Got it!!

    I really like the movie!! Great job!!

  66. ton Writes:

    Yes, if people check the invoice (address envelope on package), it should say “Add my name to the Movie credits”. That should also be in the email you received to confirm the order.

    Olaf: if you’re Olaf from Z, the shop tells me you didn’t indicate credits…

    I agree though, that we should make this system more secure.
    We could email everyone 1 month before we ship a confirmation again, with the reminder about the credits, and instructions how to change it.

  67. crazybus Writes:

    Yay I just saw a screenshot and my name wasn’t left out. However someone forgot to put a dot between it and the name next to it so it’s therefore special :)

    Hopefully it will only be a few more days until the DVD’s arrive in Australia. (Unless they have already)

  68. keleido Writes:

    Thank so much to all the valorous team for this piece of great Art which prove once more time that dreamers can make their dreams come true and can enjoy so many people all around our little planet.
    I’m particular impress on how the Jan’s music sticks so well and make this movie so “class”.
    …carry on, you have faithful supporter.

  69. Onkar Writes:

    Any chance that a DVD iso will be made available for those of us who didn’t order DVD for various reasons?
    For me downloading DVD iso over unlimited bandwidth connection is far cheaper than DVD cost € 34.00 (approx 2000 INR).

  70. Alex "MistaED" Writes:

    Hey all, still waiting impatiently from Sydney :)

    crazybus: It will probably be early next week I’d say, maybe Friday if we’re lucky, if ordering stuff from Hong Kong on ebay is anything to go by, probably way different from Europe.

  71. Felix Kütt Writes:

    got mine yesterday. :)

  72. Carsten Writes:

    I got mine yesterday (Germany!), and watched it more than 4 times in a row. My Kids love it, they said “nochmal!” over and over again :D

    Good Job! Its indeeed furry and funny.
    I didn´t find my name in the credits, too.. and i bet it was correct in the mail.. but never mind, no big deal. I supported the making of it, and got a nice DVD. The Credit name would have make it easier to explain my wife why i pay more than 20 Euro for a 10 minute movie though :)

  73. Henk Writes:

    Great movie, wonderful colors! I also like it that more effort has been put into the script compared to Elephants Dream. Unfortunately the music was a bit ‘much’ for me. Got it on Friday (Utrecht, Netherlands).

  74. ghostDancer Writes:

    Great movie, i like it a lot. I want a plush of Big Buck Bunny for my son
    (another way to get some funds for next movie ;-)). Congratulations to all the team.

  75. Are Writes:

    At last, the DVD arrived today (Oslo, Norway)!

  76. Charlie Writes:

    Yeah, where do we buy the cuddly toys?!?!

  77. Alexander Ewering Writes:

    Do I have to worry if I still didn’t get it in Germany-Sundern-Hagen?

  78. Vassilios Boucer Writes:

    The Outtakes Animations are also so cool! but i canot find the Blend files for this on the 2 DVD´s!
    When you Online Release “BBB” Film and the production files can you Upload also the Outtakes Blend files?
    If possible and available?

  79. MCUFFE Writes:

    BBB arrived in NYC New York!

  80. dudecon Writes:

    BBB has arrived in Camarillo, California! Great job guys, so many beautiful scenes!

  81. harce Writes:

    arrived in Dublin, Ireland (an post – heard of snail mail? it about them)

    BBB is meant to be broadcasted by the local community TV – DCTV :)

  82. Belcirelk Writes:

    Arrived in Québec in very good shape ! The movie is beautiful and all included DVD the stuff too. Great job !

  83. crazybus Writes:

    Alex “MistaED”, I just got mine in Australia. (500kms from Sydney so you should already have yours)

  84. DJ_Boxer Writes:

    Got mine in xcellent condition today. Loved the movie and can’t wait for the game and what’s next (2.50 and beyond…) Can’t wait to look more fully at the files.

  85. bmud Writes:

    This map is annoying, but mine came today! :D

  86. Anonymous Writes:

    Yay. Came today! :o)

  87. Aligorith Writes:

    Just arrived here in New Zealand this afternoon.

  88. Tynach Writes:

    Got mine today!

    Phoenix, Arizona!

    But I can’t figure out how to add myself to the map :(

  89. Tynach Writes:

    Nevermind, I figured out how to add myself. You have to be zoomed out when you do. I was zoomed in to where I live when I added myself.

  90. Alex "MistaED" Writes:

    High five! crazybus: yep just got mine roughly at 3pm 40km away from Sydney (I’m on the map) just a huge thunderstorm with hail just came through not 2 minutes after the postie dropped it into my mailbox… Hope it survives :)

  91. Skop Writes:

    Ohh my god…
    the DVD is awesome!

    Congratulations Peach team!


  92. Socceroos Writes:

    Lol at Carsten’s comment above….

    My wife was strangling me over the cost I payed for a 10 minute DVD. But after explaining that I was mostly paying to get Blender heavily developed for 6 months then she was happy. :)

    I’m really looking forward to seeing all the extras on the DVD!

  93. Carsten Writes:

    @ Socceroos :D
    I told her i support blender AND will be in the credits ;)
    And its of course more than 30 Euro, not just twenty :)
    But she likes “the fat Bunny” :D

  94. Adrian Giddings Writes:

    Got mine on Saturday and it’s brilliant except my name is missing off the credits :(

    I’ll have to render my own version to fix it :)

    Awesome work and well worth the wait. Development speed on Blender has just been amazing since ED. Keep at it!!!

  95. ton Writes:

    Sofar we had three emails to the e-shop about missing credits, and I count three missing credits in this post.

    Adrian: for some reason (bug) your “give me a credit” tag got removed from the order. We will have to dive into that.

    Carsten: just email me (ton at or the shop, so we can at least sort out what went wrong. Helps us to prevent mistakes to happen next time.


  96. Ali Yazdi Writes:

    It was delivered 1 hour ago(Tehran). My name was missing too. Not a big deal for me anyway.

    Thanks everyone for this DVD.

  97. Moarc Writes:

    God bless person who ripped it and shared via BitTorrent and ThePirateBay :)

  98. ton Writes:

    Ali: you ordered the DVD after the ‘get a credit for pre-order’ offering. Only people who ordered it before the project starts were getting it.
    Same is for your Apricot order.

    You shouldn’t feel too bad about it though, it is thanks to you we can improve Blender so much! Feel at least credited then with this post!

  99. Mårten Woxberg Writes:

    Hmm… I haven’t gotten any DVD here in Sweden yet…

  100. edna Writes:

    What can I say? BBB is a triumph! Beautifully drawn and genuinely funny. Many thanks to all of you.

    BBB makes it very easy for me to inspire more people to try Blender at work, but on top of that my kids love it. My 2 year old now shouts “want to watch the bunny” every hour or so.

  101. Ricky Dee Writes:

    Can anybody confirm how many tutorials are supposed to on the disc? I have only two tutorials in that directory, how to use the files and Nathan’s rigging intro. Just seems a bit light, I was expecting a lot more tutorials.

  102. Ricky Dee Writes:

    I’ve looked at this a bit deeper. The tutorial directory contains “” and “rig_tut.ogg” and a directory “fur” with sub-dir “imag” with a few rendered thumbnails. That can’t be right surely? Something is missing.

    Do I have a duff DVD pressing or is that as expected? Not a major issue but annoying none the less. I remember reading somewhere that somebody elses disc had missing files and directories but I can’t find it now.

    If the Blender Foundation paid commercial rates for the DVD duplication
    and some discs are faulty then the Foundation should be asking for some sort of refund or discount on their invoice.

    Thankfully the film is on my DVD and it is truly amazing.

  103. MrNoodle Writes:

    Finally got it!

  104. ton Writes:

    Yes I would have loved more video tutorials. Unfortunately the 2-3 weeks the artists here could work on the DVD were spent on other things too. Not to mention everyone was exhausted…

    All in all, I still think the general presentation of the dvd rom side, the docs and accessiblity of all is a big improvement compared to ED!

  105. Brian Writes:

    I receive the DVD last night. All I can say is WOW!!! Incredible work guys!!! Can’t wait to check the models and other items out.

  106. dim Writes:

    Nothing received yet. Are you sure you have shiped everything to Europe?

  107. Torsten Writes:

    The DVD arrived here in Hambuehren, Lower Saxony, Germany on Tuesday, 27th. Great work guys!!! Very funny movie!!

  108. Ali Yazdi Writes:

    Well, Ton , I’m sure that I saw the the botton(The one you can choose to put your name on credits) on web site when I was ordering Both DVD’s. I’m not sure but the I think Apricot was not started on that time.

    Anyway,It isn’t important at all.
    Thank you very much

  109. Karthik Writes:

    I’m sorry to break the fun, It already leaked 2-3 days ago:

  110. Teddy Writes:

    Cant wait. I didn’t order a dvd, because I’m poor :), but I wish I had. Good job everyone. Looks like its going to be great

  111. Carsten Writes:

    Please hit me, i´m blind :D My name is there, sorry! I think i was to hyped to notice its sorted by first name, not last name ;)

  112. Tomas Writes:

    Got my DVD on June 2, 2008 in Fenton MI, USA. I think that the team did a great job. My only criticism is that the audio levels in the commentaries could have been normalized a little better. But honestly I think it’s great. Watching the tutorials now!!

  113. Lucio Boscolo Writes:

    Mmmm.. I’m from Italy, no dvd arrived yet.. :-( Have I to be patient or some problem did occur ?

  114. Anthony David Writes:

    Still waiting for mine in Canberra, Australia

  115. Lucio Boscolo Writes:

    Arrived yesterday (11 june 2008) !! :o) Great Job !! :o)