The DVD arrival wave…

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We have shipped everything to Europe and rest of world last tuesday, May 20th. Some close Europe countries might arrive already this week friday or saturday. Dutch orders are being shipped today, and arrive friday. (Well, there’s rumours the Dutch Mail will strike…)

So, we hope almost everyone can their own home-cinema premiere during the next 10 days. In the mean time we’ll build a large network of http mirrors, torrents, and streams to make sure we can do the public movie launch on May 30 or 31st. Keep tuned!

In anticipation of the DVDs, we’ve upgraded the gallery with a couple of final frames from the movie. Also check the press section for a great story about BBB in today’s Netherlands largest quality news paper.

Finally: please mark in the Frappr map below when you get the DVD. Makes it a review of our shipping company as well. :)

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  1. Ricky Dee Writes:

    Can anybody confirm how many tutorials are supposed to on the disc? I have only two tutorials in that directory, how to use the files and Nathan’s rigging intro. Just seems a bit light, I was expecting a lot more tutorials.

  2. Ricky Dee Writes:

    I’ve looked at this a bit deeper. The tutorial directory contains “” and “rig_tut.ogg” and a directory “fur” with sub-dir “imag” with a few rendered thumbnails. That can’t be right surely? Something is missing.

    Do I have a duff DVD pressing or is that as expected? Not a major issue but annoying none the less. I remember reading somewhere that somebody elses disc had missing files and directories but I can’t find it now.

    If the Blender Foundation paid commercial rates for the DVD duplication
    and some discs are faulty then the Foundation should be asking for some sort of refund or discount on their invoice.

    Thankfully the film is on my DVD and it is truly amazing.

  3. MrNoodle Writes:

    Finally got it!

  4. ton Writes:

    Yes I would have loved more video tutorials. Unfortunately the 2-3 weeks the artists here could work on the DVD were spent on other things too. Not to mention everyone was exhausted…

    All in all, I still think the general presentation of the dvd rom side, the docs and accessiblity of all is a big improvement compared to ED!

  5. Brian Writes:

    I receive the DVD last night. All I can say is WOW!!! Incredible work guys!!! Can’t wait to check the models and other items out.

  6. dim Writes:

    Nothing received yet. Are you sure you have shiped everything to Europe?

  7. Torsten Writes:

    The DVD arrived here in Hambuehren, Lower Saxony, Germany on Tuesday, 27th. Great work guys!!! Very funny movie!!

  8. Ali Yazdi Writes:

    Well, Ton , I’m sure that I saw the the botton(The one you can choose to put your name on credits) on web site when I was ordering Both DVD’s. I’m not sure but the I think Apricot was not started on that time.

    Anyway,It isn’t important at all.
    Thank you very much

  9. Karthik Writes:

    I’m sorry to break the fun, It already leaked 2-3 days ago:

  10. Teddy Writes:

    Cant wait. I didn’t order a dvd, because I’m poor :), but I wish I had. Good job everyone. Looks like its going to be great

  11. Carsten Writes:

    Please hit me, i´m blind :D My name is there, sorry! I think i was to hyped to notice its sorted by first name, not last name ;)

  12. Tomas Writes:

    Got my DVD on June 2, 2008 in Fenton MI, USA. I think that the team did a great job. My only criticism is that the audio levels in the commentaries could have been normalized a little better. But honestly I think it’s great. Watching the tutorials now!!

  13. Lucio Boscolo Writes:

    Mmmm.. I’m from Italy, no dvd arrived yet.. :-( Have I to be patient or some problem did occur ?

  14. Anthony David Writes:

    Still waiting for mine in Canberra, Australia

  15. Lucio Boscolo Writes:

    Arrived yesterday (11 june 2008) !! :o) Great Job !! :o)