Half a million streams, 400k downloads…

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Here’s stats from the past week:

Vimeo: 300,000
Youtube 215,000


Waag.org torrents: 102,000
Sun Microsystems network.com: 120,000 (estimate, reported 29 TB traffic)
Sketchworkproductions.com: 125,000
video.blendertestbuilds.de: 55,000

Grand total: 917,000! Pretty good numbers. Without counting all the other mirrors, iso dowloads, our own dvds, and assuming more people watch a single download, we can safely estimate that over a million people have seen BBB now!


(Note; I did not include the italian mirror, which is most likely between 50 and 100k too. Waiting for their confirmation.)

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  1. Matteo Writes:


  2. Dusty Writes:

    1,000,001 now! Just shown my Grandma! And she loved it!

  3. Christiaan Bakker(AniCator) Writes:

    That’s great news! For both the movie and Blender.
    But I must say it is a really good movie too.

  4. lohborn Writes:

    This is fantastic; Once again I am proud of blender.

    But I would be a bit cautious, I have downloaded and streamed it 7 times and only shown 2 other people

  5. kinduun Writes:

    we love you ton and blender team. Though i am a little ashamed to ask when the iso dvd will be available for download? i am kinda broke.

    Besides having brought mancandy and ess. blender, i can’t afford the dvd any time soon..

  6. Filipe Soares Dilly Writes:

    WOW! Thats hi! :)

    Kinduun: I second that… :P

    Ton: My DVD didn’t arrive yet… Is there a way to know where he is? (like a “package track”).

    Someone from Brazil has already received the DVD?

  7. DingTo Writes:

    Congratulations…that was fast. 1 Million views in about 1 week. You are stars.

  8. Setup Writes:

    Yeah! fantastic!!

    I’ve already watched 6 times and… I still find it hilarious!

    Congrats from Belgium

  9. Ceno Writes:

    I’m still spreading the link from youtube, everbody who watch the video like it :)

    Cheers from Brasil :)

  10. rogper Writes:

    Yea! I had already calculated the statistics :)
    It’s awesome! Here in Portugal, in theaters, one big Hollywood movie as something about 100’000 viewers in a month :P
    BBB in a week beat Indiana Jones 4 in the USA. For a short movie that’s something very important ^_^ Congratulations guys!

  11. Sam Allen Writes:

    Impressive statistics. Most (if not all) people I have talked to assumed that Pixar made it. That’s good. That’s /really/ good.

    Surprises me though that more people use Vimeo than YouTube.

  12. Kha Writes:

    Congratularions!! Loved the animation!!

    @Felipe: I’m from São Paulo, Brazil, bought the DVD on 25/05/2008 and it arrived this friday.

  13. ton Writes:

    I found isos here:

    Please confirm if they work!

  14. tmr232 Writes:

    Are there any interesting Blender 2.46 download stats?

  15. Kinduun Writes:

    lol, went to archive.org to download the dvd iso file. At around 7 gig, it’ll take forever to download plus my download manager shows that the server on which the iso is stored on doesn’t have “resume download” support, which means if while downloading the iso file and the server connection gets lost i won’t be able to resume the download.

    Anyway, archive.org reports that there has been six iso downloads.

    As for me, Kinduun, i wait till i get paid…to buy the DVD.

    Much love from everybody in South Africa to ya’ll.

  16. Riste Writes:

    Most impressive. The movie looks great, visually is absolutely comparable (or even better) to anything out there. Story is simplistic and in some places a bit more cruel than something pixar would do… But, I love it, my 5 year old son loves it, even my wife likes it! Great short, it shows what Blender can do. Even more, it shows that a very small team of (talented) artists can make wonders in Blender in half a time that any other project of this complexity takes.

    Keep up the good work. Ton, I have to say that you are true visionary of 3D art!

  17. panzi Writes:

    @Kindum: You can reuse the already downloaded data with azureus. It’ll check the hashes of the already downloaded parts and resume with the rest.

  18. Matt Henley Writes:

    Great statistics! I got my DVD in time to show my 6 year old nephew and he loved it!

    I never saw it mentioned on slashdot.. was this by design?


  19. Petrik Writes:

    Can someone give a run down of what is on each of the two disks that come from the foundation. The two downloads on archive.org seem to indicate the two DVD’s are identical except one being PAL and the other NTSC. Also on archive.org there seem to be files in the sidebar but I get errors clicking on those.

    In short are the two DVD’s as bought from the blender foundation identical other than PAL/NTSC format?

  20. surt Writes:

    Petrik: The DVD-Video content is identical, but the other DVD-ROM content (tutorials, blend files, etc.) is unique to each disc.

  21. Filipe Soares Dilly Writes:

    Thanks Kha!!!

    Muito obrigado! :D

  22. Petrik Writes:

    Ok so my question remains. What is the content of the two disks as they come from the Blender Foundation? Are the two iso files on archive.org the two individual DVDs as the come packaged from the blender foundation?

    What I’m looking for is a table of contents of the two disks so I can target my downloads to the bits I want to see. I have limited download capacity.

  23. Cuby Writes:

    Wow, that’s incredible numbers!

    Congratulations on the movie as well! It rocks.

  24. Ivan Writes:

    You should make a kind of teddy bears of the characters! They would make great gifts, collectibles, and a fun toy to play!!! all of them are very hugable.

  25. Nate Writes:

    does anyone know were I can get the making of video?

  26. RH2 Writes:

    It’s free, It should get more views than that!
    Plus what about the torrents?
    and each download could have been viewed by multiple people…

    Good Job!

  27. rogper Writes:

    So, reporting the .ISO DVD Downloading in my PC (windowsXP x64).
    It’s working perfectly in Firefox(downloading as I write).
    With Internet Explorer 7, for some reason reports this error if I try to do save target:
    and gives unknow page if I just click in the link.

    Because no one else said nothing, I’m guessing that is some problem of configuration with my IE7… but anyway it doesn’t work ;)

  28. Hideki Saito Writes:

    While, at 319, it is nothing compared to great numbers above, I have also published BBB on, Niconico Video. (Due to interactive nature of real time commenting, it requires free registration, unless embedded version…)

    Someone else chose to do same for Elephants Dream, and that’s at 1584.

  29. Richard Writes:

    Most built in browser download managers aren’t designed for files that large. I tried it on my IE6 which also fails. Judging from the message, it looks like it’s reading the Content-Length header and then bailing out due to the size (8059486208).

  30. dragonrebel Writes:

    i also showed it to multiple people :p, we watched it on big screen, its sweeeeeeet

  31. HolgerB Writes:

    does anybody know which Open movie had more sucess? How many DVDs are ordered by the Prmire for BBB and ED?


  32. Cathy & India Writes:

    A million less Cathy & India, who have been forbidden from downloading it and still haven’t received a copy (CAMPBELL!!)

  33. Satish 'ILuvBlender' Goda Writes:

    Fantastic news. Its a milestone movie in Blender land. I showed it to my parents and they liked it. I also showed it on a giant screen at my workplace (world famous VFX/Animation company). People really really liked it.

    Way to go Team Peach. And Ton, you are the true selfless visionary that brought Blender to life. Hats off to you…

    And not to forget the developers, community all around the world. My total respects to you all..

    – Satish Goda.

  34. Satish ILuvBlender Goda Writes:

    Fantastic news. Its a milestone movie in Blender land. I showed it to my parents and they liked it. I also showed it on a giant screen at my workplace (world famous VFX/Animation company). People really really liked it.

    Way to go Team Peach. And Ton, you are the true selfless visionary that brought Blender to life. Hats off to you…

    And not to forget the developers, community all around the world. My total respects to you all..

    – Satish Goda.

  35. Ramiroquai Writes:

    Nice work guys!!

    I like the BBB!!!!

    Todo esto tendra sus frutos muy pronto, y en verdad gracias por el trabajo realizado. Son muy buenos con la animacion!!

    Saludos desde Perú!

  36. Petrik Writes:

    Ok band width allmost all used up downloading PAL DVD, can we see the tutorial files as separate downloads.

  37. Gen X Writes:

    Ya baje la pelicula,la produccion, el soundtrack y ahora estoy descargando la iso, solo me falta comprar el DVD para acompletar la mision…
    Es increible tanta belleza en el software libre un millon de felicitaciones!

    Already downloaded the film, production, the soundtrack and now I’m downloading the iso, i need to buy the DVD to complete the mission…
    It is so incredible beauty in open source
    one million congratulations!

  38. manuel Writes:

    I downloaded the PAL .iso file twice and tried to burn it. For both downloads I tried to different burning programs (liquid cd and burn since I am working on a macbook) and it did not work. mounting the image is no problem and works fine.

    did anyone have the same problem? it would be nice to know, because if not… i might “sacrifice” another DVD using another computer instead.

  39. gumanoed Writes:

    I’ve got 480 version of BBB last week. ME and about 6 people from local LUG seen it on frayday on meeting.

    Thenx you guys! Greate movie!


  40. Petrik Writes:


    Haven’t got around to burning it to DVD yet.

    Not meaning to state the obvious but you are using a dual layer DVD and DVD writer?

  41. manuel Writes:

    Well, yes of course … I managed to burn it right after I posted my last thread. i used the OS X internal “burning solution” and that way it worked.
    thanks anyway

  42. nik Writes:

    I watched it on u tube when there were just 12 views

  43. Gaute Writes:

    Very good news! I love the movie :)

  44. Jeremy from Australia Writes:

    Just watched it!

    And absolutely loved it!

    Please produce more, as i love your creativity!

    Thank you!

  45. Al_Doug Writes:

    I saw it, thenm my brother and mom saw it later – one download. Awesome! I love the music, too. It took a couple hours for me to download the middle size, but that was enough. Had trouble playing it on my home computer, though; lost of jerking. Don’t know if it’s because it’s 5 years old? I plan to build a new computer this summer just for Blender, so maybe I can watch it then.

    Cheers to the whole team!

  46. phunamy Writes:

    I downloaded 3 different sizes, but I showed it to everyone in my family, 20+ people. They all loved it and passed on a copy of the files.

  47. Charlotte Writes:

    Congrats and wonderful job on the movie! I love the animations! The chinchilla creature is so adorable! It’s hard to imagine him a villain… lol.

    Question about the “IPod 5G 320×180, 62 MB” download link/file: the file downloads, but when I try to open it, there are only sounds, and no images/video! Is it just me, or is there a glitch with the link/file?

    Thanks a million!

  48. J.B. Nicholson-Owens Writes:

    Kinduun: Your download software is broken. wget 1.11.1 or later has no problems resuming a download from archive.org. I imagine curl would work as well.

    Anyone having problems with the DVD ISOs: read the tips on the archive.org website page.

    Not only do you not need to burn it to watch it, should you decide to burn the disc you can take steps to verify that what you have is complete and correct before you attempt burning so you don’t waste media.

    However, the best way to get the DVD without downloading anything is to buy the DVD set. It’s inexpensive and the money goes to a good cause and people who are treating us well.

  49. ML Writes:

    I’ve tried burning the iso into a dvd and dosent work for regular dvd players -_-, instead end up jamming up the dvd player instead, anyways I have tried retying the burning through Nero and end up with message “The entered block size does not correspond to the image length. the block size may be wrong. Do you want to correct the value or ignore the problem?”, from there i have no idea what to do lol, another program i tried (and also used the 1st attemped) Alcohol 120%, with settings suggested and same effect.

  50. ML Writes:

    My brother going try burning the image with his download and I’ll be back with results on that