Jan Morgenstern visiting Amsterdam

Posted in Media Gallery, Production by Margreet Thursday, November 29th, 2007

Witness weekly (week 47)

In this weekly overview Jan Morgenstern is giving the studio a visit. Furthermore in this edition you can experience the latest weekly about environment design issues and the animatic and sound.

.ogg video file high quality (280 MB)


Making the animatic with Sacha

Posted in Development, Media Gallery, Production by campbell Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

nov21.jpgCreating an animatic was the first project we worked on together, its also finished!

In this interview Sacha (the director) speaks of its place in the production pipeline, how it was made and some features added to Blender that helped speedup the work flow.

download the video in ogg format (better quality)


Witness the Weekly

Posted in Media Gallery, Production, Random Fluff by andy Monday, November 19th, 2007

nov16.jpgevery friday evening we have a weekly meeting where everyone shows their work of the past week and discuss how to schedule the next one, making important decisions about story, styling, animation and so on. these meetings can be long and tiresome, yet at the same time a lot of fun.

so last time i went around with my camera (which is slightly less crappy than the one that the blender institute owns) all day to capture the atmosphere of a typical peach work day, talks about animation, style of the movie, blender development – and of course the final weekly meeting at the end of the day. i hope this is a bit more ‘immersive’ than a regular interview type documentary… just to give you an idea how much fun it is to work on this movie! yaaaaay! happyhappyjoyjoy! :o)


download the video in ogg format (better quality)

i’m hoping to do this more often. especially next friday is going to be interesting when our composer Jan Morgenstern is coming over for a short visit. so stay tuned!



Meanwhile there are lots of things happening in the studio.

Posted in Development, Media Gallery, Production by Margreet Friday, November 16th, 2007

Serious business….

Short interviews with Sacha how to model a walnut, how Enrico still is trying to finish the environments, William trying to figure out what the true identity of the bunny is and Nathan is dancing with the chinchilla :)
The Google movies are dark but you can also download the .ogg files.


Nathan demos rigging ‘Rinky’ the Squirrel

Posted in Development, Media Gallery, Production by campbell Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

It’s magic to watch Nathan (aka Cessen) rig the 3d characters.

He uses various methods, depending on the kind of movements we want them to make and their body type.

Brecht, Ton and Joshua Leung (from New Zealand) have been writing features and addressing bugs Nathan found… These will get their own blog post soon!

Nathan can’t hold back a hug when us TDs code an especially useful feature :)

Even developers deserve a hug…
For a look into the rigging process, watch Nathan demo the rig for ‘Rinky’ the squirrel.