DVD & online release planning

Posted in Blender Institute, Production by Ton Saturday, April 12th, 2008

Now the first reports from the premiere get posted (check videos on Blendernation) almost everyone now is banging on oBBB_poster_smallur doors to get the film as well! So… here’s some answers about what do now and what the intended schedule is.

  • People who pre-ordered the DVD were our investors!

This is an important aspect we should never forget. We were able to make BBB thanks to the generosity and confidence we received from people who ordered and paid for the DVD set. The deal we made was that they would get the dvds first, and only after that the files get released (which will go automatic, because the dvds are “CC-by”, open content).

  • You can still help us by purchasing a DVD!

To be able to wrap up the project and continue work in the Blender Institute and get ready for a new open films we depend on DVD sales still. This is a special hint for everyone who’s screaming for the downloads btw! :)


Premiere Big Buck Bunny today!

Posted in Events, Production by Ton Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Nothing news really… apart from that all goes fine now. It’s even going to be awesome weather here today, great start of spring season.

The three film copies have arrived safely. We even had a chance to sneak preview it yesterday in the theatre of Amsterdam Film Academy (wich turned out in a sneak preview event for the students of the vfx department!). So yes, we can confirm the film has images in it! Today in the premiere cinema of “Studio K” composer Jan Morgenstern will do a final sound check, and make sure the volume knobs are precisely as he intended it!

Work on the dvd also progresses steadily. We have this time excellent goodies to share, of which we’ll give a preview tonight as well.

Hopefully we can post here soon images and videos of the event, but for hot news you better check blendernation.com or blenderartists.org.

Laters (and wish us luck!)



Woosh, the deadline passed! Or, how everything that can go wrong does…

Posted in Production by Ton Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

lastday2.jpgMomento; no worries! The master film+sound disks are ready, packed, sealed and were picked up by the courier. (All will be OK, airplane personnel strikes, bad weather alarms and Norway sliding into the Atlantic notwithstanding).

For your pleasure and probably to learn from (do we ever!) here’s the disaster list of all that went wrong last night, causing Andy + Sacha + Campbell + Brecht to skip sleep… (more…)


Dolby mastering

Posted in Media Gallery, Production by Ton Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

cm-dolbylogo.JPGWe wouldn’t deserve the a score and soundtrack from Jan Morgenstern if we didn’t have at least the 35mm film provided with official Dolby Digital (5.1) sound! Although this isn’t really an “open standard”, it at least does have an obvious quality benefit… not to forget that the only (free) alternative would be simply analog stereo (or in Jan’s words: “it will sound like a crappy 70ies or 80ies movie then”).



We’re (sort of) Done!

Posted in Production by Nathan Monday, March 31st, 2008

The Peach Team just had a too-long meeting where we reviewed our final edit of the movie. And guess what? It’s done!

Well… basically. We still need to do the credits, and a few final renders are still processing. But “Big Buck Bunny” is essentially done.


Now it’s time to move on to the DVD work. We have an ambitious set of extras planned. At least, they seem ambitious from this side of the fence. But I want to be all mysterious and whatnot, so I’m not going to tell you what they are. Bwa ha ha. But I think everyone will be pleased.

Wish us luck!


Our First Film print!

Posted in Media Gallery, Production by Ton Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Wahoo! The neighbours from Filmmore provided us a test print with 1 minute of material for color tests. It was already totally exciting to hold the metal case in my own hands… for me the first film ever, a wonderful experience. :)





Posted in Production by William Tuesday, March 18th, 2008


To download the trailer in HD and other resolutions or find several mirrors, click here

HD streaming version


The Happy Blender Institute Tour

Posted in Blender Institute, Production, Random Fluff by andy Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

bitour.jpgRecently I realized that we never really made a complete Blender Institute tour after this project started. Sure, there was Ton’s first round trip waaaay back, but we needed something new, shiny and classy like this to show you how great this place actually is! Luckily Nathan, our master of rigging, animating and hugging, agreed to improvise a very sincere and pertinent guided VIP tour through the marvels of our beloved work- and living- space.

Welcome to the Blender Institute!

Ogg file


BBB Premiere

Posted in Production by Ton Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

Finally an update from the producers department.studiok.jpg
Let’s start with the biggest news: the premiere date now is final and confirmed!

  • Thursday April 10th, 2008
  • Cinema Studio K, Amsterdam the Netherlands
  • Premiere event starts at 19.00, and includes dinner and party.

This is actually two weeks later than the original plan… which we’ll especially need to go over all shots again for final tweaks, error fixing, and general beautifying.

The premiere event has been made possible in collaboration with Creative Commons Netherlands (thanks guys!), which enables us to make this an unforgettable evening for Blender and for the open source and open content movement again.

The other big news is that we’ll have a real 35mm film copy with digital sound this time! Thanks to sponsorship of our friendly neighbours of Filmmore we will even get three copies, sufficient for an efficient distribution to festivals worldwide. It also means that we can start finding cinemas in big cities for local premiere events (between april 15 and june 1). If you’re interested in organizing this, please email margreet(at)blender.org to get more information.

The premiere evening will be accessible for everyone. However, if you want to be assured you can get a seat for the first screening you have to subscribe to the VIP ticket in our e-shop. This ticket only costs 30 euro and includes a glass of champagne after the film, snacks and a meal, some free drinks and first access to the party with a cool DJ. Not to mention early access to all celebs!

The cinema also will do a second screening, probably around 20h. This will be freely accessible for everyone, on a ‘first come first gets in’ basis. The party is also accessible for everyone, but only after 22h. You’ll then have to take care of your own dinner and pay for own drinks. But you’re very welcome!
More details about the schedule we’ll post here soon.

Note: Studio K is a hip new venue, in the same block as the recently opened StayOK hostel. This hostel has an excellent name. Book early!

Visit the e-shop to reserve your VIP ticket.

Later more,



Noodles and More

Posted in Production by andy Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

peachy.jpg 50 shots to go, don’t panic.

As the final deadline is getting closer and closer (more exciting, riveting, mind-warping news about that soon!) everything seems to be moving at light speed. almost the entire movie is animated and ready for further reviews and improvements, the environments are completed, final scenes set up, lit and composited to shape what’s going to be the first Open Movie of the Blender Institute: Big Buck Bunny!

*ehem* now that the PR-talk part of my brain is satisfied…

An essential part of the “finals”-process is the blender node compositor (aka. “noodle” – editing). A couple of weeks ago Nathan kissed the animation team goodbye and was transformed into a node-wrangler wizard. He is currently helping me to take the files from the animation- and environment department apart and assemble them back in compositing.

There are multiple reasons for utilizing a compositing pipeline that is integrated tightly into the rendering process:

  1. many scenes are way to complex to be rendered in one single pass (trees, leaves, bushes, grass, fur, feathers, huge textures, matte paintings)
  2. a rather annoying limitation of blender is that it does not handle motion blur and depth of field inside the rendering process very well, they have to be done in post. luckily blender has one of the most powerful 2D vector motion blur effects available, now with a new option to make curved motion blur (arcs are an essential tool in character animation)
  3. characters and scene elements often require individual color and effect treatments that go beyond lighting and exposure adjustments. after all, this is a cartoon!
  4. the anti-aliasing process is done after post-processing on ALL the rendering samples for extra crisp image quality (the new FSA option), also useful in masking and layer-seperation.

Here is a small step-by-step insight into this process: