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Peach team: Andy, Lyubomir, Enrico, Sacha, Nathan, Brecht

The five Peach artists and one of the developers have arrived in Amsterdam for a week of preproduction work in Amsterdam. (We’re almost complete, only Campbell still is crock hunting in Northern Australia!). In this picture you can see Andy, Lyubomir, Enrico, Sacha, Nathan and Brecht discussing story concept drawings. Also check the media gallery for more shots of the team. If you watch closely you can even notice already where our concept is heading at…

The first day we spent mostly on the concept and script, presented by Sacha. We all really like his work sofar, it is going to be extremely funny! Well… we have to prove that of course. :) The script itself is going to become a full breakdown by friday, and then also sent to a couple of script advisors for feedback and help (please do not beg for it, we’ve already selected a nice range of people inside and outside of the Blender community). In the course of this week we will reveil more snippets of our work.

During Siggraph I’ve had contact with a couple of people with a broad experience in 3d animation/cartoon film. Two of them will be contacted to come over to Amsterdam to help us in early october (storyboard, timing/staging) and after 2-3 months (final character animation reviews).

Yesterday evening we went to the mother of all furry-rodent movies; Ratatouille. Incredible this quality! But… strangely enough nobody felt really intimidated or nervous about matching this quality, or even do better (well Nathan promised he’ll try!).

Today is creative’s day… doing designs, check on character concepts, environments (we need a forest!) and styling. We’ve got a load of dvd movies to check on, and will end today with nitpicking other movie styles and try to find out how they did things…

Later more!


22 Responses

  1. joeedh Writes:

    Cool! Furry movies are the best!


  2. madman Writes:

    Really cool!
    Ratatouille it’s a good inspiration.

    Go! Go! Furry Team :P

  3. Joel Writes:

    Exciting stuff!!
    So there’s a forest in it, ey?
    You’d better be careful Ton, you might give away the concept!!
    Come on, you can easily do better than Ratatouille!!

  4. Ruddy Writes:

    May the muses be with you!:)
    I recommend you this book:
    “the animator’s survival kit” from Richard Williams. This book gives valuable information about giving more live and funnyness to a character.
    have fun!!! :))

  5. Richard Writes:

    Nice to see you once again going to push the limits of Blender. A forest will be challenging but I’ll sure you’ll manage to pull it off. Good luck!

  6. FuzzMaster Writes:

    Sago’s a leftie!

  7. Sensei Writes:

    Cool. Good luck, and look forward to following developement.

    BTW, facial hair should be mandatory throughout production ;-)

  8. super greatness Writes:

    whoA! you got ricky martin on your team! AWSOME!!

    ahh, yes…the media gallery is full of photos…christmas comes early this year!

    good luck guys, glad to see you are really really taking the script process so serious, sounds like you will have a bullet proof script in the next few weeks or so, then the easy stuff….

    this project and team look great….for me to POOP ON!!!

    livin la vida loca!!!! your the best ricky!!!

  9. Reuben Writes:

    The character concepts look awsome, but I think a big part of what makes films like Pixar’s Ratatouille (or any of their films) so successful is the voice casting.

    I’ve seen some animations where a bad voice casting totally destroys an otherwise well designed character.

    Best of luck.

  10. NoOne Writes:

    Hmm, forest. Put your coders on the board and make them add some tree generator to the blender.

  11. grafixsuz Writes:

    Alright, I am truly looking forward to this one! Elephants dream was great, will be getting the pop corn ready for this though.

    How long is it proposed to be? 10 minutes? 15? 20? In any case, it will have a forest, so we are to expect some major improvements in render times for large scenes then… thank ton!

  12. Felix_Kütt Writes:

    wooh, awesome!

    good luck to you guys! >.

  13. Mataii Writes:

    Great! I hope to buy the DVD in the next days ;)

  14. Mark Keller Writes:

    So do I!

    As for a tree generation script, have a look here:

    Using this script for Blender, one can make very realistic looking trees, bushes, viney things, etc.

  15. Virginio Savani Writes:

    Mando un grosso “In bocca al lupo” a Enrico Valenza (EnV), credo sia un grande onore per lui lavorare a questo film di animazione, e un grande piacere per tutti i “Blenderheads” italiani, Evvai Enrico!! :)

    Sorry if i write this comment in Italian, i hope Enrico read this! :)

    And sorry for my bad english!! :)

  16. Bataraza Writes:

    Good Luck guys…!!!!

  17. EnV Writes:

    Thanks, Virginio. Yes, to me it’s a great honour to work on this project with such a great team.

  18. blendercross Writes:

    Great team !
    …will give an great 2 hours blockbuster!
    ;) cheers

  19. greboide Writes:

    coolness, always wanted a forest inside blender :D.

  20. Davinci990 Writes:

    Speaking of Pixar and voice-casting: Pixar’s “Knick-Knack” has no dialogue, just very visual humor and a high-concept soundtrack (Bobby McFerrin).
    And– all adults in “A Charlie Brown Christmas” are only heard as muted trumpets… (Vince Guaraldi)

    -Just an open option while toiling in the forest.

  21. ERM Writes:

    I’m sooooo excited! A film I can finally use to show off Blender to others. I tried Elephants Dream, but it was way too bizarre for most to understand.