One week before start

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As you can all see, the pre-sale of dvds is going to pass the 1000 mark in a couple of days! That’s excellent, everyone here is very grateful for this support. This week is also the last chance to get a dvd ordered with discount, and with your name added to the credits.
Do note that the name credit is only for those who pay before october 1! Only for bank orders we’ll allow a couple of days delay.

More production news updates:

  • The Peach project is going to be supported by the Dutch “Digital Pioneers” fund, they will cover almost all the costs for the two developers, Brecht and Campbell. That I already know for a month, but I didn’t announce it before they have it officially on their website… which is still pending.
  • Starting October 12th, first day of the conference, I will be assisted by Margreet Riphagen. She will then become Producer in the Blender Institute, responsible for all organizational tasks involved with running this place and its projects succesfully. The best part of this news is that I then have plenty of more time for working on development again! I expect to be coding again in november latest. Really!
  • We’ve found a hardware sponsor, Maqina! Not that we get everything for free… but with significant discounts, way below cost price for this dealer. That means we can also afford the really good stuff. Everyone gets Eizo monitors, for example! More about this company later.

Tomorrow we’ll do more construction work though… two walls are going to be removed (we remove the dark room “to lock up bad coders”), to make a 2nd studio room for people to work in.

29 Responses

  1. Gianmichele Mariani Writes:

    Man, I’m really amazed to see what you guys are coming up with. Do you know that next year, there will be a lot of people that will apply to take part in the next project ?

  2. Felix_Kütt Writes:

    mmm.. next project.. wait isn’t that the apricot? :D

  3. Ian Elsner Writes:

    I’m really excited simply to be able to follow the production, to say nothing of seeing the finished work. The discounted hardware is great news as well. All the best!

  4. Richard Writes:

    Yea, congratulations. Development seems to be going very smoothly. Good luck.

  5. LoMac Writes:

    I just pre-ordered my copy the other day. It was quite a fiasco, but well worth it.

  6. Pierre Writes:

    I pre-order the dvd last week… I’m very happy to give my aid so.A question Mr. Ton why not to consider the audio in more languages on DVD? Es: French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese?
    Good luck…

  7. ton Writes:

    We will certainly look at proper translations for the dvd. Currently it looks like we’re going for a dialog-free story though.

  8. Cubedude04 Writes:

    This is great news i’m really looking forward to hearing more news

  9. Olaf Writes:

    Dialog free story? That’s unfortunate as quality voice acting greatly enhances the storytelling.

  10. Roksvamp Writes:

    Great that you found a hardware sponsor! I’m really looking forward to follow the development of peach and, of course, to watch the movie itself in April. Keep up the good work, and good luck with everything =D

  11. JMC Writes:

    yes! I am not exactly sure but I think I am the 10000th! ;)
    And thank you for this news!

  12. I said Writes:

    From the looks of it now, it’ll seem like the movie will be like Ice Age’s “Gone Nutty”. No dialog and a similar style picture on the header.

  13. FuzzMaster Writes:

    Whoo 1000

  14. Toni Grappa Writes:

    [quote] I expect to be coding again in november latest. Really![quote]
    Very, very good news..

  15. Jay Writes:

    1000 !!! That’s it! Congrats for this success and much luck for the project from me!!!

  16. LetterRip Writes:

    Dialogue free makes a lot of sense – lip synch is costly in terms of how much animator time it takes.

    There have been plenty of quite good dialogue free animated shorts – the majority of Pixar shorts have been dialogue free.


  17. mfoxdogg Writes:

    Great new Ton, im very happy for you guys
    do you have any info to share about your assistant?

  18. NoOne Writes:

    If the result will be anything like this , I will be very happy and pleased to my DVD order.

  19. Philip Writes:

    But how will you keep the coders coding without a forbidding room to put them in when they complain about the whips?

  20. David Revoy Writes:

    Congratulation for the great news ;-)
    It’s a pleasure to read the post here.
    I wish great work to all the Peach team !

  21. joeedh Writes:

    Good news, wahoo!


  22. grafixsuz Writes:

    Well Congratulations guys. I can’t wait to see what this project will become, not just in features for blender but the whole thing. By the way, to the new producer Margreet Riphagen, welcome! I wish you all the best, and say thanks for taking such a busy role! Good luck guys, break a leg!

  23. Leodp Writes:

    Noo, if it grows like that next project is going to be the Watermelon :-D

  24. Tynach Writes:

    I just paid for mine :). Can’t wait to see how this project turns out!

  25. Pierre Writes:

    Hi Mr Ton and the Team… have you some news about Peach? Today is the first Day? bye bye

  26. HolgerB Writes:

    Hi Peach Team!

    Today is your first day and I wish you all the best for the Project!

    Kind regards

  27. Felix_Kütt Writes:

    all the best , alright! ;)

  28. ERM Writes:

    thanks to the commercial sponsors for helping out!