Workshop With Arno

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beforeYo yo yo! Wuz up in da hood, dawgz! We been kajizzling some story/animation dope, yo. Our bro Arno been schoolin’ us some badass ropes ’bout da preproduction and da storyboardin’ and da… t.i.m.i.n.g’! Weez gonna lay down some awesome animation beatz, homies.

Dis da program, yo:

visual storytelling

day 1 – basics of visual storytelling

Elements of the story, basic structure, the three acts
Showing versus telling
Story hook(s) and story beats
Comedy devices
Exercises: take your favorite story and analyze it in the terms presented today. write a short 3 act story.

day 2 – storyboarding, workbook and animatic

montage planningAspect ratios
Rough or tight boards?
Drawing for storyboarding
Storyboard formats and templates
Storyboard labeling conventions
Storyboarding and technology

Building the animatic
Temporary (or final) sound
Emotional intensity charts
Exercises: reverse storyboard a short movie (watch the movie and storyboard it back), storyboard a scene of the story you wrote on the first day.

day 3 – scene planning, camera and layout

Scene/Shot Analysis
Visual elements (lines, shapes, contrast, texture, patterns)
Framing, movement and meaning
Use and misuse of balance
Planning for Color and Lighting
The ten zones of exposure
Elements of Spatial and Temporal Continuity
Camera moves
Scene planning and layout checklist
Shot list and naming conventions

Exercises: take turns being the director and the storyboard artist using the story you wrote on day one.

fartman montageday 4 – principles of animation

Classical techniques for modern animators
The 12 basic principles of animation
Weight and moving weight
(Moving) holds
Flexibility and fluid joint movement
Walk and run cycles
Eye movements
Exercises: watch cartoons and draw the key extreme poses and analyze the staging

day 5 – animation in action, acting for animators

Types of characters / Types of people
Classic (Cartoon) comedy character types
The Characters in the story
Character profiles worksheets
Silhouetting, posing
Timing Charts

after Animating in 3D, keyposes, stepped poses, refining and in-betweening

Exercises: take a shot from Peach and act it out and transcribe the timing using the tools covered during the session.

Peach Out!

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  1. LoMac Writes:

    Sound’s like youz keepin busy.

  2. Philip Writes:

    I know there’s a 99% chance of it not happening but it would be nice to have Mr. Kroner filmed and his knowledge posted on the Internet from all to learn from.

  3. Jackuss Writes:

    Didn’t know that Ali G was a Peacher too :)

  4. mkotschi Writes:

    Though this might not be exactly
    what they are learning, there are a number of tues on Mr. Kroners homepage.


  5. Gianmichele Writes:

    Woooo…now I really wish I was there :D

  6. Lamoot Writes:


    I normal circumstances, if the people on this picture were making the movie, I would demand my 30 euros back, but I really feel that this time we should be supportive. I mean someone has to give the less-fortunate artists a chance to prove themselves. They are just as good as anybody else, it’s just that society doesn’t know how to accept them. We love you peach team! Please receive this e-hug from us.

  7. Big Fan Writes:

    …frightening photographs..
    and these people are making funny furry stuff…most likely good therapy ;o)

  8. Wim Writes:

    Great! Well yeah, it would be very nice to have the lessons documented as an extra bonus on the DVD!

  9. super wu-greatness Writes:

    i bet the studio smells like, b.o., onions and garlic, haha!

    eroupeans smell funny! is it me or does arno remind anyone else of micky mouse, the round head and ears, haha!

    mickey mouse head + garlic b.o.= funny!

    so this movie will be a success

  10. steve Writes:

    I hope you have a professional “man behind the motion”! http://ryantown.com/manbehindthemotion/


  11. Olaf Writes:

    I wish I couldn have joined the workshop. Would have been very educational.

  12. Mark Keller Writes:

    Yes will the lessons be on the DVD? Sure would be cool . . . ;-)

  13. Marika Writes:

    Nathan! Your hair is growing so fast!!! Let me know if you need another haircut :)

  14. Sago Writes:

    Hey… Marika & Nathan, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i…. hahaha!

  15. godo Writes:

    Mr. Ton Could you please upload the workshop videos? It would help all the blender lovers how to make in individual movie?