Caffè for Peach!

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Italy, September 2007coffe1.png

After a lengthy discussion on, the Italian Blender community sends a “suggestion to fix Blender’s arealights” to the Peach Team, thanks to their double agent codenamed “Env”.

Blender Institute, a couple of days later

The Peach Team answers: “and in return the Italian community starts a fund raiser to get us an espresso machine?”

Two months later

The postman rings at the door at the Blender Institute, delivering a giant box. “Great, Sinterklaas is early this year” Ton thinks… but when he opens the box he’s totally surprised seeing the package contents. A genuine original italian design espresso machine! Everyone runs to the kitchen to get Enrico demoing how to make real espresso. “The first 10 cups will taste horrible” Enrico knows. But we’re used to horrible coffee anyway… so there we go… and even though we have to learn when to press the stop button in time, it’s already awesome coffee!


But… oops! Where is the arealamp feature? No feature, no caffè… and that caffè is tasting damn good! So…lets find where that code is… back later!


(Thanks anfeo, bullx, Chrysophylax, deskplus, e-falcon, fabrixxm, Gillan, hdd, ingoenius, IzE_Design, jazzroy, kino, lozetta, lsscpp, MArco, marioamb, Nono_Nano, pKrime, renderdemon, Rickyx, Stefano, the_nis, Tpor, UncleZeiv, Yota_VGA!)

25 Responses

  1. Anthoni_C Writes:

    Yum… area light feature… oh and the coffee sounds good too!

  2. Gianmichele Writes:

    ahahahah…vai Enrico vai, fagli bere un caffè vero!

  3. Martín Eschoyez Writes:

    The important things first: Let’s do the best caffè!!! ;)

  4. bullx Writes:

    “Free software” is a matter of liberty, not price. To understand the concept, you should think of “free” as in “free speech”, not as in “free beer”…or if you prefer as in “free coffe”…hu?

  5. Timothy Baldridge Writes:

    Thebestthingaboutespressoisthatyoucancodereallyfast reallyafterdrinkingit.

  6. Dion Moult Writes:

    Coffee > Area light.
    That was a bright decision to make.
    A real spark of genius.
    Do you see the light now?
    Watt’s the problem with coffee anyway?

    I’m sorry – bad jokes.

  7. rogper Writes:

    Very Cool espresso machine, love the shading and the textures :P

  8. madman Writes:


  9. Roksvamp Writes:

    Hahaha, quite nice of the Italian community to give you an early christmas…but wait, it’s too good to be true…the machine must have been modelled in blender…

  10. Bassam Writes:

    So… what’s the suggestion? speedups? lighting improvement? normalizing the intensity of the light/area so we don’t have to use tiny values for energy?
    and.. more importantly, do you have a grinder?

  11. Eelko Gielis Writes:

    Well, look on the bright side, at least you can save a bit on coffee expenses now.

    Oh, and when you make coffee, don’t put your hands in your pockets ;)

  12. Fury_jin Writes:

    That looks(taste) really good.
    This gift will give some energy to the Team! Now they can work also the full night!
    I think a stiker of Blender is already on this machine :)

    But what bug of arealight dis you fix?

    What is this

  13. andy Writes:

    Bassam: it’s not the energy value that has to be changed when you switch from normal spot / lamp / sun / hemi to area, you only need to make the dist smaller (area lights have a more realistic energy falloff as you might remember)… :)


  14. Dilly Writes:

    I like that.

  15. jazzroy Writes:

    who cares about them!!
    i was pretty sure enrico promised to send here some cute dutch girls!
    come on, we sent the coffee, now give us netherlands favourite flavours :)

  16. Matt Writes:

    bassam: I suspect that that the problem they want fixed is the problem that renderdemon shows here: (I also suspect renderdemon is one of the main instigators! :) The way Blender currently calculates area light intensity is incorrect, using some radiosity formula that treats it almost like a point light source. It doesn’t properly account for the way the light is distributed across the area shape, which prevents the smooth wrap-around lighting that you should get with a large area light source and also makes it quite susceptible to blow-out.. The dist value doesn’t have that much to do with the problem, other than being a bit of a workaround to try and minimise blowout (though the dist value is un-physical in itself!)

    There’s some interesting discussion on this sort of thing in Mental Ray here (

  17. Matt Writes:

    Oh I forgot to mention. Damn that coffee looks awesome! Look at all that crema! I’d weep out out of jealousy if I wasn’t drooling so much already. Time for another cup…

  18. MArco Writes:

    Yep ! Blender now have the power of Italian coffe ;)
    So now.. you can no sleep and make more youtube video :D :D :D
    (I love see your work :D in a video )

  19. kino Writes:

    Happy you like it!!
    dont care about arealights ;)
    take a break… drink a coffee and make a wonderfull peach

  20. Sago Writes:

    So the Italian community made Ton an offer he can’t refuse….
    Great….. just what I needed….. having Enrico come over to my desk every hour with bulging eyes, a smile from ear to ear and a coffee in his hands while saying “Mmmmm, reeeeaaaal coffeeeeee….”.
    But since I don’t like horse heads in my bed… thanks!!

  21. ton Writes:

    Matt: the area light issue is not what you suggest it is. Actually the calculation is very correct, but not when the arealight is partially visible (like for curved surfaces).

    The area light “dist” value is just an energy scaling component to make light appear at that distance to be in the standard visible range (0-1), as a regular lamp. That’s all. Using area light (and the code for it) is considered to be very important for realism, and used in GI or Yafray too.

    The blow-out issue is that Blender uses a linearly mapped color space, whilst a logarithmic one could work more realistic. That’s in the world buttons, the exposure. Exposure curves are standard in GI and yafray again…

    Anyhoo, the fix is just to make it work for curved surfaces, by doing area light samples for every area shadow sample. :)

  22. Daniel Writes:

    You know what? I like this community. :)

  23. Gallardo Writes:

    Italy & Blender: two of my most favorite ‘things’. What a wonderful combination :)

  24. JoOngle Writes:


    Yeah! The community rocks, now THATS what I call Italian PASSION!

  25. Dan Writes:

    What an awsome stunt! I tip my hat to the italian blender community.