Making the animatic with Sacha

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nov21.jpgCreating an animatic was the first project we worked on together, its also finished!

In this interview Sacha (the director) speaks of its place in the production pipeline, how it was made and some features added to Blender that helped speedup the work flow.

download the video in ogg format (better quality)

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  1. malefico Writes:

    Dude… you are talking nonsense !

  2. ros Writes:

    Cool. Is this some kind of add-on to the sequence editor?

  3. Fury_jin Writes:

    That’s so cool Sacha, and very useful!

    I hope there will be some other little tutorial like that :)

    Are you alone to work on the project today? ^^

    Where did the team learn how to use blender? All bye themself?
    Or Ton give them private lesson? ;)

  4. AniCator Writes:


  5. campbell Writes:

    @ros, the next release of Blender will include these features, or you can use a recent build from

  6. Jacob Picart Writes:

    Is the dual monitor feature within Blender new too? Caught my eye when Sacha played back the storyboard timeline on the 2nd monitor. That’s a great function to have; storyboard feature a tremendous new tool that will certainly help our productions. Keep up the good work Peach!

  7. andy Writes:

    you can simply stretch blender across two screens. (that’s how we do it)

  8. basse Writes:


    it’s magical feeling when you actually start seeing first the opengl renderings appearing, and especially, when final renderings start replacing opengl ones in the animatic.. or.. crappymatic..

    p.s. Ton will always think
    there are continuing problems. :)


  9. ros Writes:

    Great!I cant wait to get new version of Blender and all this new features.

  10. pablo Writes:

    That was awesome. congratulations to everyone that are working in the project. How long going to be the movie? and… when going to release a new version of Blender?… And again… excellent work!!! . Can i buy the movie from argentina?

  11. joeedh Writes:

    pablo: you should be able to buy it anywhere, I imagine.


  12. Satish 'iluvblender' Goda Writes:

    Nice demo. Good luck Peach Team.

  13. squareline Writes:

    Nice features :), it would be a nice features too, if that same frame (only the current frame) load automatically in Uv/Image editor that you see too in the Sequencer Image preview (a toggle on/off automatic load frame to Uv/Image editor) this way easily improving and mending with paint tool and save the changed things automatically. For inserting a new frame , duplicating a strip/frame and saving with different name in Uv/Image editor or automatically generate a new name with i.e with 001, 002 etc.

  14. rogper Writes:

    That’s the way to do good animation films ^_~
    I don’t have much talent or patience for storyboards and animatics, so I kind’ a improvise along the way …and the results areee…well sometimes it works ok, but other times scenes don’t connect very well and then the result is Edition difficulties that might easily have been avoid with the making of an Animatic ^_^
    Cool new features, can’t wait to try!

  15. Big Fan (Big Foot fetish) Writes:

    …now if only the rabbit could have his toes slid along a bit horizontally like that… :o)

  16. Sam Writes:

    Really cool. Can’t wait to get the next version of Blender. Man, I’d hate storyboarding. Looks like you’re working really hard, though. Keep up the good work.

  17. asdx Writes:

    very cool, keep up the excellent work

    go linux/blender! :D

  18. Chris S Writes:

    Great work on the animatic features…. cannot wait to see the finished product…

  19. daveland Writes:

    Learning to do this is the heart of short film making.
    I hope you can archive the animatic blend files at various stages and place them on the DVD so we can see the progression. Then we can go in and look at the process you used and how it fits into the blender toolset. I’ve already ordered my dvd!!


  20. campbell Writes:

    @daveland, yes we want to do this and release on the dvd. One animatic with all hand drawings, another with opengl preview animations.

    @squareline, I see what your getting at, this is possible though it dosnt fit into how blender deals with images in the sequencer, it would be possible though personally Id prefer a way to load the current picture on the active strip into the gimp (or some other app)

  21. Bmud Writes:

    What method is going to be used to render multiple cameras in the same scene?

  22. Sago Writes:

    @Bmud, we start by making sets with all the necessary camera’s. Later we’ll divide them into blendfiles for every single camera(angle).

  23. grafixsuz Writes:

    @sago, this sounds like something similar to XSI’s memo cams which stores camera positions with in a scene. Though by dividing into blend files sounds like too complicated… Could a similar camera memo system be integrated? Any case, I wish you guys all the best in getting this movie done as you envision it to be.

  24. rogper Writes:

    I´ve been using memo cams for 2 years now ^_^.
    Or I wright to a paper the LOC and ROT camera values and use them later or I put 20 cameras in a scene and choose one to render ^_~ wich gives me unlimeted memory cameras unlique the only 4 of the softimage :P
    OK, now serius, I would also like to have that feature in blender, but I guess it isn’t really important, is just someting that ocasionaly would be nice to have ^_~

  25. Anthoni_C Writes:

    Thursday and no new news…?

  26. grafixsuz Writes:

    @rogper, agreed, not necessary but convenient. But the project and the SOC projects are gathers speed of implementation that will definitely bring alot more attention to blender than has been experienced as of the last few releases. Can’t wait for the movie though guys, wishing you luck.

    @Anthoni_C, they could be busy… just a thought.

  27. Bmud Writes:

    @Sago: wont that take up a lot of hard drive space? Tools like the ‘Camera Changer’ python script and derivatives have been around for ages but they’ve been outmoded for a while too. Currently there’s no way to switch cameras except for making clone scenes and dumping them to the sequencer.

  28. Sago Writes:

    @Bmud, we don’t have to care about hard drive space. Having separated blendfiles makes it easier for us, also because renderlayers and compositing… or something like that.

  29. brecht Writes:

    Hard drive space is not a problem, also because the objects are linked anyway. The actual shot blend files should be quite small.

    And splitting it up into multiple blend files helps organization. If a whole scene is in one file, you can’t have multiple people working on it at the same time, or have individual versions and backups of shots.

  30. Dion Moult Writes:

    Makes me feel as though I always want to latest BF from Graphicall instead of waiting for the big releases :)

  31. anton Writes:

    How did you seperate the strips , pressed I or Y ,is this possible in blender 2.45 or in the next release?