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It’s december (already?!) and Amsterdam is drenched in rain and hail. The dutch are eating pepernoten, celebrating the arival of Sinterklaas and getting their shoes stuffed with chocolate letters. Meanwhile at the Blender Institute, work goes on. In the last few weeks I have been testing Nathan’s rigs trying to define the animation style and workflow. Some of these tests can be seen below:
.ogg video file high quality (617k)

All this has been leading up to an important production milestone which is final animation. From this week on, each animator will have to spit out 15 seconds of animation each week, or 4 every day for us to be able to complete the film. Scary but true! Luckily we got a few nice things to help us:

  • mirrors for posing reference:
    darn big mirror
  • animation books:
  • Joshua Leung (Aligorith) has been refining several parts of the animation system, including nicer path visualization and tweaking:
    nice animation paths
  • And of course our new italian espresso machine will come in handy too!

42 Responses

  1. Gianmichele Writes:

    loooove the animations. great work and style! can you share some of the news on the animation system ?

  2. CD Writes:

    They’re all looking great. I especially like the classic look of the animation on that last creature. Made me smile!

  3. crazybus Writes:

    I assume the ogg video will be posted soon?

  4. Engys Writes:

    It really look like you ripping Hollywood out of this Package. This time a little bit more shifted to the left side =)

  5. fmkguy Writes:

    INCREDIBLE! I can’t wait to see more!

  6. Micah Writes:

    on the one where he drops the ball, he should pause longer when he looks all shocked

  7. amoose136 Writes:

    Great. Really brilliant animations there. I like the last one best. Similar to Chuck Jone’s road runner animations.

  8. Cuby Writes:

    Great stuff! The last one has really smooth movements!

    That 15 seconds a week sounds pretty scary though. It’s not easy animating high quality stuff quickly.

    Good luck

  9. RNS Writes:

    Beautiful animation!!!!

  10. RNS Writes:

    beautiful animation!!!!!

  11. tombjo Writes:

    Great work guys! After peach, the animation pipeline will be very professional.

    Another project with CG mixed with live action and Blender will be ready for anything!

  12. Gianmichele Writes:

    15 secs a week sounds scary ? we’ve to do 8 sec. a day !!! But that’s for tv show, and the quality is really good :D

  13. rogper Writes:

    Well… Early on in my past project I’ve made about 20secs a week, but I had cloth stuff and so. In the last scenes my performance raise to a stuning 10secs a week… and is the fastest I can :P

  14. rogper Writes:

    !^_^ Sorry, instead of 20secs I mean 5 secs, my bad :P

  15. Kattkieru Writes:

    Wow guys! The animation’s already looking better than Elephant’s Dream. I’m so stoked to see more progress as the movie develops!

  16. Joel Writes:

    Really great animation, William… Keep it up!!!

    This movie’s gonna be so awesome!

  17. JoOngle Writes:

    Nice! There are some really good animation in there, some stiff stuff in the end, but most of the anim tests in the beginning were really nice!

    If you guys keep this up, I am *really* looking forward to the movie.

  18. ERM Writes:

    absolutely amazing. I think I will be buying Peach for sure

  19. Vassilios Boucer Writes:

    Great Animations!
    The first and end Character´s Movements (animation) from this Video Demostration reminds me the Scrat Character from Ice Age 1,2!
    Very fast Rapid Hectic movements!
    maybe you already watch the Ice Age 1,2 Film over and over again to Study some Character Animation also!

    Great Job! …al the best!

  20. oblenob Writes:

    just looking at the last 3 posts or so I notice the coffee machine being mentioed. does this short film have something about coffee in the main plot?

  21. venomgfx Writes:

    the coffe machine is doing his work!

    I just *love* the last animation, it’s awesome!, it is the way I would like to animate some day… some day :/

    really inspiring, go on!

  22. zygoss Writes:

    woa! the animations look amazing! i specially loved the last one, it’s great!

  23. e1000i Writes:

    A inspiration film: RATATOUILLE from Disney-Pixar. Smooth movements in rapid sequences :)

  24. Jedrzej_s Writes:

    Very good quality of animation. Good luck !

  25. Jedrzej_s Writes:

    Don’t drink to many coffees ;)

  26. RisteSekuloski Writes:

    Great work! Puhleeeeeeaaaaaaseee publish ogg version of the video!

  27. SamArthurAllen Writes:

    Hey! The last cutscene of the squirrel running up the tree with motion blurring looked great!

  28. Dave Writes:

    Great work!… before I started to see the video I got a little nervous about how it was going to look, but when I saw the first character, I felt happy about how things are going, it looks so smooth, natural, not CG… Congrats William!

  29. nozzy Writes:

    Looking good william, some really nice acting going on. I love the chinchilla with the ball, spot on.

  30. campbell Writes:

    @RisteSekuloski, only Ton was able to upload files to the server for a while which made getting the youtube and ogg files both up at the same time a hassle.

    Now I have a login and can drag and drop them in nautilus which makes it a no brainier.

    If anyones interested, heres how the videos are encoded.

  31. HumanForum Writes:

    Here’s some source material for ya :)

  32. Felix_Kütt Writes:

    \o/ .ogg file!!!

  33. pildanovak Writes:

    very nice preview, just want to mention that very asymetric eyelids movement and little mamals wearing nuts all around the place have been seen together already in some very famous 3d animations…

  34. Anthoni_C Writes:

    I would really like to see how Nathan creates these rigs. How the curves make certain thing do stuff, how scaling a bone makes a finger bend, etc. That would be great… if you all are not too busy….

  35. humble Writes:

    Yeah, me same like Anthoni.
    And where’s the weekly, I was really waiting for that. Hope to see some new stuff soon and keep up the good work!

  36. Jeremy Sabo Writes:


  37. Anthoni_C Writes:

    To Ton: The next open movie you should assign a guy to keep up with the news.

    It would be nice to follow along and see how to make those cool rigs.

  38. Vladius T Writes:

    Really nice work, well done!

  39. Dion Moult Writes:

    I need to practice my animation. :(

  40. Bataraza Writes:

    Excellent animation!!!!

  41. Robert Writes:

    This is simply stunning work.

    Please don’t spoil this with voiceovers done by dutch people trying to speak english tho!


  42. RobertF Writes:

    Kudos on the Animation :) Nicely exagerated. I was pretty skeptical after ED (but then full size humans are tough to animate) but this makes me excited :D