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hi there!

well here i am again, and the characters are finally completed! as a peachy xmas holiday present we decided to publish some posters / wallpapers to decorate your desktop!
poster_gamera_crop.jpgposter_franky_crop.jpg poster_rinky_crop.jpg

some geeky details: the characters were rendered in super high bunny sized resolution. the rodents each have around 2 million hairs, rendering them took 4 minutes. the bunny has 2.5 million hair strands, rendering time was 2 minutes. blender internal renderer, 8 cpu cores, 8 gigs of memory, 13 cups of coffee. you can see them here in all their high res glory!



small (1024×640)

big (1920×1200)

bunny sized (3840×2400)



small (768×1158)

big (1200×1810)

bunny sized (2400×3620)

happy holidays (for those who actually have holidays) and season’s greetings from the entire peach team… hope you enjoy!


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  1. Olle Jonsson Writes:

    Happy holidays to you to.
    The fur looks great :)

  2. AntonG Writes:


    I wish you Merry Christmas and all the best in 2008.


  3. Ikee Writes:

    Wow looks awesome!
    The new strand renderer is awesome.
    Good work guys.
    Hope you have a Merry Xmas to you.

  4. Vincent Writes:

    Wow, great! I’m going to turn these into some more wallpapers, is it possible to license these images under a Creative Commons license so I could share those wallpapers with the world?

  5. Vassilios Boucer Writes:

    Hey looks cool!
    I wish you all Merry Cristmas and a Happy new Year 2008!
    All the best!

  6. jazzroy Writes:

    oh they’re so cool.. merry xmas to all of you and a nice journey back home to the ones that will be back to their home countries!

  7. ton Writes:

    Vincent: it is officially CC licensed now. Check the ‘about’ page. Or click the copyright links on the bottom of every page.

  8. Henrique Zorzan Writes:

    I wish a great Merry Christmas and all the best in 2008 for the Peach team!

  9. Vincent Writes:

    Great, thanks Ton!

  10. Martín Writes:

    Happy holydays to entire Peach Team!!!! You’ve made this gift to us… You’ll be working at holidays… Can i consider you Santa Claus? ;)

  11. Olaf Writes:

    They look marvelous except I would suggest you guys work on the edges of the eyes, they look too plasticy.

    Happy holidays!

  12. Gianmichele Writes:

    renders look gorgeous! It’s funny the fur on the bunny in the neck-chest area. I think longer fur in that area could be better cause at the moment there’s some sort of depression and the shading is strange.

    Cool stuff guys, and thanks for the wallpapers!

  13. olivS Writes:

    Wow. Simply Wow. Merry Christmas to all! I wish you a lot of crazy nuts ;-) within the gifts!

  14. nawabz Writes:


  15. grafixsuz Writes:

    Well worth the wait. I have been checking this blog every chance I got and it never had updates for over a week, well I knew you were about to kick out some awe inspiring images . Great work Andy and team! Absolutely beautiful. @ton, glad to see something from you. Being as busy as you are, I know, just thought I should say hi and have a swell holiday guys!!

  16. JoOngle Writes:


    Merry X-mas boys! Lookin’good! Hope ya get shipped home at least for the holidays to get some hugz ;)

  17. Tristan Writes:

    OMG, Great work. Blender rules!!!

  18. HolgerB Writes:

    a Merry X-Mas to the Peach team!

    Great Work!

  19. Felix_Kütt Writes:

    Merry Gift sharing day to you guy’s too! :D

    one thing though, the teeth of the tallest(dare i say stupid lookin’?) rodent look very much alike thin plastic that is very translucent..

    or, well.. it looks kinda off, don’t ya think? :p

  20. Tim F Writes:

    Wow! These look great!

    Can you post your material settings, perhaps screen shots?

    Peace to all!

  21. blackboe Writes:

    digg it. :]

  22. AniCator Writes:


  23. Numarul7 Writes:

    Look that Peach will be nice :P The little one with the ears in “devil” shape I suppose it is the smartest and the evil one :D

    So boys take care of your “nuts” lollllllllllll

    With fur all look like the original sketch even better.

    Happy New Year! :P

  24. FuzzMaster Writes:

    Holy CHRIST that looks good. I did notice that /wp-content/uploads/poster_rodents_bunnysize.jpg has some anti aliasing issues on Rinky’s teeth

  25. Worstje Writes:

    Awesome. The bunny totally reminds me of the killer ones on Drum Island in the anime One Piece. You can’t compare this to that, but damn, so much alike. I love the attention to detail! Keep it up!

  26. peter guszti Writes:

    Cool. I put you guys up on my blog, , and I am sure you are going to be bigger than pixar one day. keep up the great work . does anyone know where i can watch a preview?

  27. Egg Syntax Writes:

    Looks fantastic. I agree with Olaf that the whites of the eyes are the weakest point.

    Good luck!

  28. YoYoFargo Writes:

    Wow. Is there any way we could start making things like this from the SVN without having massive amounts of ram?

  29. csman Writes:

    Really nice art work. Happy holidays!

  30. vance Writes:

    dripping with character! cheers to your excellent efforts!

  31. anonymous Writes:

    Wow! Amazing!

    I still think that the eye whites and the skin around the eyes look extremely dull and plastic and phong/gouraud ; )

    Can’t wait till they’re fixed!

  32. Studio 2 Web Design Forum Writes:

    Wow, very nice. I will keep an eye on this and hope it’s a good film.. this is the beginning of the end of wallywood!

  33. Micah Writes:

    holy cow…. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time! I overheard that this was coming by reading the meeting transcript yesterday… and here it is!

    some critiques of the characters (only because I care immensely):

    because everything looks so good, the weaknesses stick out. these weaknesses are flat, dull eyes (especially the eye whites and boundary between the pupil and white), and plastic looking skin around the eyes and sometimes near the lips.

    looking at the concepts: /wp-content/uploads/rodents2.png

    we can see in the concepts that the pupils are inset and three-dimensional, and that the area where they border with the eye-whites has depth. the eye-white shader is soft but still bright, and much less dull looking. the specular on the eyes is small and twinkly (not a white circle). lastly, the eyelids are thinner, flappier, and less plastic looking.

    I think these differences are very important because they really stick out when the hair and the rest of the skin shading looks so incredible!

    this movie is gonna be great!


  34. Mark Writes:

    Great work keep it up! Everything looks awesome, can’t wait to see it in motion.

  35. Roksvamp Writes:

    Great work! Merry christmas to you all at the blender institute!

  36. Ed Writes:

    elephants dream was unwatchable because of the audio. It was beautiful, but it sounded like everything was in a tin can and with no background sounds…
    Hopefully you think about the audio this time around…

  37. Mark Keller Writes:

    Wow! They look great! Fantastic! Wonderful!

    And the bunny . . . has . . . pink fur!!! And all along I was afraid he’d end up being white. Super Wu would be proud. :-)

  38. Engys Writes:

    Hey, you did not forget the XMas-Bunny 8) Wishing you a very merry Christmas!

  39. Lukas Writes:

    You are so awesum!

  40. VoOdKa Writes:

    Wahhh !!! bon, boulot j’espère que vous allez en faire autant pour les décors !!

    Wahhh !! great work, I hope you will do the same for scenery!!

  41. nate Writes:

    will deep shadow maps been in the next version of blender

  42. terryqfd Writes:


  43. HLuPaCeK Writes:

    Better eyes and teeth and it will be godlike.

  44. Anonymous Writes:


  45. Omar Writes:

    Mmh, are you sure about the character design from the third animal (on the right)?
    It messes with the rest and a bit cliché too, imho.

    Merry Xmas!

  46. rogper Writes:

    It´s too much good :P
    Mery Xmas Peach Team!

  47. asciilogic Writes:

    wow. looks great. anxious to see the movie. thnx.

  48. Floyd Bishop Writes:

    These characters are looking great! I am looking forward to this short, and hope to follow the production more closely in the new year. Please post more behind the scenes stuff if you can. I would like to know more about how you are creating such great characters using Blender. Keep it up!

  49. jayoh Writes:

    this is looking excellent. bravo to the team and i can’t wait to see how blender benefits from this project.

  50. slw_sl Writes:

    id be interested in seeing a screenshot of
    the comp nodes assuming they were used.

    Looks good

  51. cunabula Writes:

    Have a wonderful Christmas and a very prosperous new year. Can’t wait to see further progress on everything. But in the mean time get some rest :)

  52. mike Writes:

    Digg frontpage!

  53. samran Writes:

    Wow great
    very interesting about heir shading if any ! info well be great
    thanks and happy holidays for all

  54. deathblood Writes:

    Dont believe my eyes,that’s looks very cool!
    great job,guys

  55. dan Writes:

    thanks for the wallpapers. happy holidays!

  56. arute Writes:

    Something I notised, the rabbit looks like a bear, just the ears that show it’s really a rabbit. But from that, it’s amazing work, and I hope those who are involved, will be satisfied with the work they have done.

  57. LR Writes:

    The one on the far right just looks too dorky…
    Otherwise,if it’s not juvenile humor to titillate 14 year old boys,it might be worth watching.

  58. ccherrett Writes:

    LR, cool so you might just watch it! Wow let us know what you decide to do!


  59. Prometeo Writes:

    This Wallpaper’s are amaizing, i can’t wait for the final result…happy holidays and don’t stop, demostrate that Blender can kick some comercial software asses.

  60. Satish "iluvblender" Goda Writes:

    God Bless Team Peach.

    Wish you Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

    Thank you for this wonderful wallpaper gift.

  61. Giorgio Writes:

    Great work! Already on my desktop

  62. Sigurdur Writes:

    Wonderful, I’m looking forward to see them move in full quality.

  63. elubie Writes:

    Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to the Peach Team!
    You guys rule. The wallpaper renders are amazing. Keep it up!

  64. Virgilio Writes:

    Beautiful work, guys! =)
    Thanks for sharing, and Merry Christmas to all!

  65. Will Writes:

    Excellent work. The characterisations are truly full of life. I too, can’t wait to see the final movie.

  66. MArco Writes:

    Merry christmas to all the comunity ^.^

  67. LetterRip Writes:

    To be clear – LR is not me :)


  68. warder Writes:

    yes they could compete with over the hedge. awesome job guys. thanks so much.

  69. Sergeant Oreo Writes:

    Millions of hairs. Fantastic. Merry Christmas Blender coders!

  70. Silvio Writes:

    how to get the diferent fur color in the same character?

  71. anton Writes:

    fantastic except one strange green eye.

  72. DramaKing Writes:

    Many thanks. I can really use these!

  73. Dusty Writes:

    Well done! Great work guys!

  74. Simon Pascal Klein Writes:

    Mad as a rabid dingo mate. Given on one machine that took four minutes… just had me thinking if you were to start animating something for 10 minutes, include all three characters and their surroundings, you’d look at 5-12 minutes per frame, 27 frames per second (?), 60 seconds per minute and then 10 minutes of that. Nuts!

  75. Kirado Writes:

    happy xmas and cool progress. I also think the eyes and the eyelids/skin bordering the eyes could be improved. The skin tone around most furry chritters very closely matches the colour of the fur..but a more reddish version.. eg. grey fur.. grey with dark red tones etc. the only animals that has pink eyelids are white furry cats. I think Gamera should have grey eyelids..

    and fur closer to the edge of the eyelid area. I think the bunny has and the squirrel have the best looking eyelids and fur. Gamera and the evil looking furry critter needs some tweeking..

    go look at some cats and dogs eyes and you’ll see what I’m talking about;-) otherwise really awesome guys!! ;-)

  76. mim Writes:

    Great work!
    Good luck guys!
    I’ll back to see more!


  77. ros Writes:

    Happy and joyfull holidays and happy new Peach year :)

  78. ali fartashfar Writes:

    pleas give me many photo for my weblog
    tanks for u

  79. bob Writes:

    They look great!
    the bunny specially, although I think the specularity in the eyes is too high, and the skin bordering the eyes needs to be smaller and in other color.
    The skin in around the eyes on the bunny looks fantastic, the right size and color.

  80. pickupjojo Writes:

    It looks very great!
    Can’t wait till I watch it. :)

  81. lintz Writes:

    Great wallpaper, which reflects the excellent work! BRAVO ! ;o)

  82. epat Writes:

    Brilliant… I second (or maybe even third ;) the comments about the eye and skin shading. Other than that, it’s awesome!!

    ~epat. :)

  83. Sam Writes:

    Man, I love it! Especially the bunny. He looks so…I dunno. Cool! The other guys are a little unpleasantly creepy, though. :p
    I can’t wait to see how the scenery.

  84. furry bee Writes:

    this may be a dumb question. if it took 2 minutes to render one rabbit alone, how long will it take to render a scene with thousands of images with, the rabbbit and three other rodents, with all those trees with millions of leaves?

    how will this be possible? will every frame of rendering (which i’m sure be thousands of frames) take 30 to 40 minutes to render

  85. Mr.Gosh Writes:

    Well yes of cources! IN CG World it`s not unusual that it tkaes hours to rendre just one frame!

    Great Job guys – And much luck for your work!

  86. Legutier Writes:

    Felicidades!!!… es un hermoso e impresionante trabajo el que han hecho.
    Un abrazo desde el fin del mundo (Chile)

  87. Kent Mein Writes:

    I think the images are great…
    But, it seems like the fur on all of the chars is very short, and they all basically have the same fur. It would be cool to switch it up a little bit maybe give one of them longer fur that is a bit more bushy…

  88. thoro (Thorsten Schlüter) Writes:

    Great work, guys!
    The rendering times sound interesting… I think it’s time to update my system. I can at least afford the 13 cups of coffee – maybe they’ll do the trick :-).

  89. your mom Writes:

    i can really see a strong combination of @ndy and sago in these images…and that can only mean one thing…this animation is going to freaking ROCK!

  90. schnülz Writes:

    The images look great but the right animal has a green eye and a brown eye. I don’t know whether it is a mistake or not. For me it looks a bit strange because the eyes haven’t the dame size.

  91. Kent Mein Writes:

    I’m pretty sure the eye color is intentional. It happens in real life even. Do a google search for Heterochromia and you’ll find out all about it.

  92. Daniel Writes:

    Wish you an awesome 2008, and great wallpapers!

  93. John Writes:

    loved it!, made me smile…you guys are great!
    thanks for sharing your talent.

  94. Kurt Writes:

    Great Job, you guys!!! High props for everyone in the Peach team. Although, certain features of the characters bug me. Their lips and other exposed skin look too rounded – is there a way you can sculp the lips and animate it? It would look so much better. The bark on the trees too have the same problem. Although you cant really have everything perfect and seamless. Im just saying. Anyway, good luck with the movie! Cant wait for it to be done! Great Job and keep up the good work!

  95. free movie downloads Writes:

    Yeah a movie that consists of horribly voiced furries running around in a disconnected plot. Ima bit skepticle, this ‘open source’ model probably isn’t applicable to everything.

  96. Blaze Boy Writes:

    it’s fantastic i want to make fur like that , your brilliant designed really

  97. marlee Writes:


  98. Nikki Writes:

    There are more comments than facts on this page.

  99. fhkkta Writes:

    Great! @@

  100. Jane Writes:

    Ah very cool Pics which you have postet.

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