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hi there!

well here i am again, and the characters are finally completed! as a peachy xmas holiday present we decided to publish some posters / wallpapers to decorate your desktop!
poster_gamera_crop.jpgposter_franky_crop.jpg poster_rinky_crop.jpg

some geeky details: the characters were rendered in super high bunny sized resolution. the rodents each have around 2 million hairs, rendering them took 4 minutes. the bunny has 2.5 million hair strands, rendering time was 2 minutes. blender internal renderer, 8 cpu cores, 8 gigs of memory, 13 cups of coffee. you can see them here in all their high res glory!



small (1024×640)

big (1920×1200)

bunny sized (3840×2400)



small (768×1158)

big (1200×1810)

bunny sized (2400×3620)

happy holidays (for those who actually have holidays) and season’s greetings from the entire peach team… hope you enjoy!


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