Lug Radio Interview with Sacha

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Just writing to let you know the gents at LugRadio interviewed Sacha in the last episode; “Time Gentlemen Please” (Season 5, Episode 9)

LugRadio is a Linux and free software focused podcasts, where 4 guys from the UK discuss open-source, communities and various projects

For those who follow the blog closely the interview dosnt go into details but its still worth a listen.

Download the OGG or MP3 from www.lugradio.org

8 Responses

  1. Olle Jonsson Writes:

    Nice will defenetly listen when i get home again :D

  2. nawabz Writes:

    can never be the first to reply in a post

    good listen

  3. AniCator Writes:


  4. Fury_jin Writes:

    This radio is a little “trash” but this is always good for blender.

    You can download the interview, here (only Sacha / 13.23min)


  5. MattJ Writes:

    I don’t think LR is ‘trash’, But people who are easily offended by strong language may take issue. Fury_jin, I trust you released that under the CC Attribution-Noncommercial-Sharealike 2.5 licence to keep in agreement with their licence terms:)

    It was a very interesting interview.

  6. JoOngle Writes:

    Hilarious! :)

    Listen to it, it´s worth it. I was nearly killing myself in the process, it´s THAT funny! :)

  7. Felix Kütt Writes:

    yup, a good listen. :)

  8. rogper Writes:

    I’ve kind a feeling that the Final title of this movie will be non other then: “The Rabits Revenge working title” or TRRWT ^_^
    The best 8 minutes of my day… so far :P