Project Peach is Pretty Proud to Present…

Posted in Production by Sacha

Today is the day we will officially say goodbye to the work title ‘a Rabbit’s Revenge’.

The title of the Peach Open Movie is:


(click for 1920×960 version)

So no ‘Rabbitouilli’ (legal issues), ‘Rabbitribution’ (unpronouncable) or ‘The Butterfly Effect III’ (yes, there already is a sequel).

A little explanation about the title Big Buck Bunny:

‘Big’ because the main character isn’t small.

‘Buck’ is the term for a male rabbit. It’s also the name of a movie character played by an actor we used as a reference.

‘Bunny’ because…. ah, I’m not gonna explain that.


95 Responses

  1. Vincent Writes:

    “Buck Bunny”, that sounds familiar ;)

    Very cool though :)

  2. TobiDN Writes:

    I’m a little sad about your choice of title though. I kinda liked “a rabbits revenge”. Well, it’s your movie… I guess i’ll just change the title when you release the .blend’s :-D.

  3. Klangfreund Writes:

    Buck Bunny, not a member of the lousy toons…

  4. Anthoni_C Writes:

    Could yall tell us more about why yall choose the title?

  5. Robin Writes:

    And what does it mean? I’m a non-native speaker (although at an advanced level) and I don’t understand the title. It reminds me of “Bugs Bunny” though.

  6. BlendRoid Writes:

    I really like it; it’s much better than A Rabbit’s Revenge.

    @Robin: Well, I’m a native speaker and I didn’t catch it if it is a pun or whatever, so don’t feel bad. Though I did notice the Bugs Bunny similarity. :)

  7. Gianmichele Writes:

    don’t know…it seems a little weak. Gnaw was strange yes, but original in its way… But anyway, this short is going to rock!

  8. dusty Writes:

    Nice choice!

  9. meschoyez Writes:

    Gnaw Bunny? Bunny Wars? Indiana Bunny and the Rodents of doom? The bunny strikes back? Bunny Balboa? Echo and the Bunnymen? dammit… you’ve chosen.

  10. SeanJM Writes:

    I like it. It makes it a personal story.

  11. Christiaan "AniCator" Bakker Writes:

    And now I/We want a TRAILER!

  12. JoOngle Writes:

    Big Buck Bunny? \O_O/

    Sometimes I wish I didn´t have such a “dirty” mind….

    …parodies…here we come…literally…

  13. TheANIMAL Writes:


    THAT is how you pronounce Rabbitribution. Thats a friking AWSOME name! Big Buck Bunny simply isn’t as good.

  14. Zach Writes:

    i don’t know, its just missing something. while not necessarily needing to be a parody of something, i think it could have been a little more original, ya know, a little more creativity coulda gone it to it, but whatever, im impressed by it no matter what its called

  15. Joseph Writes:

    I’ll take a guess at the unnamed actor…Would it happen to be John Candy in “Uncle Buck”?



  16. ToastBusters Writes:

    >> Indiana Bunny and the Rodents of doom?

    Now THIS is a title that I like.

    I’m hesitant to comment on the actual title chosen (other than that I liked “Gnaw” better); but it’s not my film. I’m just glad to see progress, looking forward very much to launch. :)

  17. DramaKing Writes:

    ‘Big Buck Bunny’ certainly makes sense, but it sounds more like a Bugs Bunny cartoon. It sounds less sublime than ‘Elephants Dream’ and has less meaning than ‘A Rabbit’s Revenge.’It may be original, but it does really make me eager to watch it.

    Sorry if I sound offensive.

  18. CasperN Writes:

    wow I love that name!

  19. Vojtas Writes:

    I was looking forward to “Gnaw” .. what the hell happend ? Big Buck Bunny isn’t as bad, but I think it should be much more original.

  20. gaalgergely Writes:

    the poster is awesome!

  21. humble Writes:

    no more chuck norris jokes… buck bunny ftw
    Though the name sucks, sry

  22. voOdKa Writes:

    Bunny is Big !!! oO

  23. BlendRoid Writes:

    Thanks for the explanation. I still think it’s the best title becuase it’s not a parody of something and actually IS original, just like Elephants Dream. Everybody on here seems to have forgotten what original means.

    Anyway, the poster is so awesome I made into my desktop! And look, the bunny is holding Blender!

  24. rogper Writes:



    Big Buck Bunny… I like it ^_~

    Although I was hoping that it would be The Rabbit’s Revenge… It’s not particulary good but it stiks into the head and it was kind of funny to pronounce :P

  25. emu Writes:

    B is not a very nice letter. What about rather using a fig tree as the main character? And … hmm.
    Meh, but at least it looks like going to be funny.
    I’m probably too adolescent for making movie names ;))

  26. steve Writes:

    I love alliterations!

  27. Roy Schulz Writes:

    I didn’t comment in the blog yet since most of the time there was no real dispute and I didn’t want to be the hundredth one cheering and applauding – although there was and is a lot to applaud. Especially the lighting creates a wonderful mood. Great work!
    Now I see some controversy about the name so it’s time to make a comment and state my opinion: I like the name. It is better than A Rabbit’s Revenge because it doesn’t give so much of the story away. And the alliteration is a nice touch. I’m looking forward to a great movie!

  28. Paul Caggegi Writes:

    I HATE alliterations. I love irony, tho. Teeny Penniless Hare?

    There is a reason why they didn’t ask me to come up with the title, clearly…

  29. Francisco Ortiz Writes:

    Everyone is going to call him Big Buck. I like it.

    BB is the king! Of the hill… Maybe?


  30. def-con-1 Writes:


    didnt you guys research that title?!?


    there is already a gay porn film called “Big Buck Bunny”!!!


    who ever gave you that name played a very crule joke on you guys!!

  31. Sago Writes:

    def-con-1 seems to know his classics! haha

  32. Alex Writes:

    Why not have a competition to pick a title.
    That’s a lame title.

    And CORNY!

    Sorry guy’s, it could be and should be as good as the movie you are creating.

  33. Hoggaman Writes:

    Big Buck Bunny sounds like a nice name to me. It’s easy to remember … BiBuBu.
    And I guess it makes a bit more sense than name for your first brainchild.

    Can’t wait to see it.

  34. Moxab Writes:

    Great! I love that title. It’s a better title than “Elephants Dream”. No offense Ton.

  35. jazzroy Writes:

    i think there’s really a big amount of people non so positive about the title.
    this short movie is going to fail even more than ED in involving the community in its production (maybe that’s just a lesson to be learnt), at least listening to the different opinions about the title should be nice.
    btw, wonderful wallpaper!

  36. BlendRoid Writes:

    @jazzroy: Seriously, are you nuts? The community was a huge part of both films, especially in the field of coding. Personally, I’m glad they don’t ask the community to be too involved, otherwise neither of the films would be of the quality they are, if even produced.

  37. Numarul7 Writes:

    “Big Buck Bunny” ?!

    Does not sound like “Bugs Bunny” hmm… or “Big Bugs Bunny” … hmm

    And the main characters are bunny`s

    Dunno but… Warner Brothers are around the corner :D

  38. Brendan Writes:

    I don’t think enough credit’s being given on the name. Has anyone on here seen the movie, or even know the plot? I think it’s a creative use of alliteration and research. Much better and more creative than “A Rabbit’s Revenge” (“Revenge of the WereRabbit”, anyone…?), even though that is a fun title. And honestly, I don’t really get Bugs Bunny out of the title, although I can understand how it looks (and sounds, if you say it fast enough) kind of similar.

    Looks great from almost every aspect–this will definitely turn even more heads than Elephant’s Dream!

  39. seed Writes:

    “A Rabbit’s Revenge” was a better title.
    This new title is unmarketable.

  40. Andrew Theis Writes:

    Awesome! Threw together a quick sig for anyone that wants it:


  41. scibotic Writes:

    Sorry to say but that name really does nothing for me.

  42. Sam Writes:

    I can’t honestly say I’m completely happy about your choice, but I suppose content is the main thing.
    I’ll just say this, though: If I had the choice between watching a short called “Big Buck Bunny” or a short called “Ribbitribution”, I’d choose the latter.

  43. Sam Writes:

    (pardon my spelling error: *Rabbitribution*)

  44. Micah Writes:

    I think the eyes are much better now!!! Maybe it is the new ambient occlusion?

  45. Roy Schulz Writes:

    quote: (pardon my spelling error: *Rabbitribution*)

    It seems like this title would actually be too difficult. ;)

  46. Höhrer Writes:


    BBB, Nice title :)

  47. jaco Writes:

    I find the title a bit too “static”…it don’t tell anything about upcoming events and etc and don’t create that intrigue…
    Rabit revenge was a bit more gripping title, cause you can feel from title that something interesting will happen…
    And from title Big Buck Bunny you just understand that there will be big buck bunny in this cartoon/movie..but that’s all..,,,so it’s not very intriguing…

  48. jazzroy Writes:

    @BlendRoid: no, i’m not nuts :)
    as i said in brackets, probably not involving the community in the production was the only way to finish the movie in time with the best quality.
    but ton on both movies stated that the community would have had a direct role in making it, in ED it ended in just a call for some textures, in BBB probably ends up in nothing.
    I don’t criticize this move, but it is evident that this point is failed, so it has to be reconsidered next time.

  49. JoOngle Writes:

    He´s Big….
    His name is Buck…
    And he´s a Bunny…

    What part of Big (insert sago brain here) Bunny don´t you understand ;o)

  50. Len Writes:

    I’m not to keen on that name guys … sorry … but hey, you guys know what you’re doing so maybe I’d change my mind after seeing it. Sounds too much like Bugs Bunny to me and that’s just too old …

  51. Roksvamp Writes:

    Hey Nathan, this may be a bit off-topic but do you have Scandinavian relatives? “Vegdahl” sounds quite nordic, and you look a bit like the average Swede if you ask me (I can tell, as I live there) =P

  52. RNS Writes:

    Beautiful!!! I mean the the picture not the Title.I prefer ” Buck and the pack Nuts ”
    I was thinking about that old movie with Jimmy steward and his imaginations rabbit and the RATS Pack with frank S.

  53. MArco Writes:

    I want more youtube video about the team and the studios !! Please!!! make me happy !!!

  54. Jahmaica Writes:

    BIg bu bunkaslhjnny … sucks!
    Why not rabit revenge or even peach…

    big buck bunny… :Z

  55. cpegberts Writes:

    Big Bunny Buck is a much beter name, the sound starts high then goes down and ends high. Big Buck Bunny starts high, stays high and ends low. That’s not the way film titels work.

  56. Me Writes:

    Yeah, the title doesn’t seem to reflect the quality of the movie.

  57. WoOdman Writes:

    As a stand alone phrase big buck bunny is harsh in tone. I believe that it is because of the ‘ck’ in the middle of the title. Something like ‘Big Bullied Bunny’, or just ‘Big Buck’ already sounds a little better phonetically. You don’t want to have people miss out on this just because the name didn’t appeal to them. Do a little research into phonemes and the brain if you wish to change the title.

  58. oxigen Writes:

    C’mon guys, i really don’t understand what are you complaining about!? This is the only opportunity in your life for a free Big Buck!

  59. Numarul7 Writes:

    Haw about this tittles :

    Bunny`s in trouble ?!

    Bunny masterpiece ?

    The Bunny and the peach ?

    The Big Bunny and the Golden Peach ?

    Hungry Bunny`s ?

    Big and Puffy ?

    Rabittackle ?

    The Rabit and the Question ?! “Where it is the peach ?”

    `Cmon there are a ton of alternatives

  60. Thommo Writes:

    Don’t change the title to “Big Buck Bunny”, “Peach” was already an awesome name, simple and effective.

  61. Sam Writes:

    If you’re even considering changing it, I think just plain Big Buck sounds better. Just drop the Bunny.

  62. def-con-1 Writes:

    Rabbitribution is a great title wtf?

    and yes sacha my knowlege of gay porn is extensive and encyclopedic…..

  63. JoOngle Writes:

    Big Butt Bunny
    The Bunny & Nuts
    The Nutty Butty Bunny (argh, no..really)
    Jabba the NUT..(nononono..thats another…)
    Big Buckaroo Bunny & The Nutheads
    Gnawing Nuts & Big Bunnies
    Big Buns & Nuts (hm… I actually want to make that one)
    3 nuts and a BIG Bunny

    I´ve gotta stop…really….

  64. Johan Writes:

    Title sucks. Luckily I can replace (re-render) the movie title with my own title ‘On hares end’.

  65. Sean Writes:

    I like the title – yes, it does sort of remind me of a Bugs Bunny title, but I’m okay with that. I think it’s a nice nod (even if unintentional) to the heritage that all modern animation comes from. Can’t wait to get my DVD!!

  66. Cub Writes:

    Agreed, sounds better without the ‘bunny’.

  67. Carl Complaint Writes:

    “Big Buck Bunny” has the same problem as “Elephants Dream” – it’s just too ‘intelligent’. “A rabbit’s revenge” was pretty OK.

  68. Sam Allen Writes:

    Well, the title’s fine with me. I could imagine that people would have wanted a better title though, considering the awesome work we’ve seen on it so far.

    Honourable laughs:

    ROFL @ meschoyez “Indiana Bunny and the Rodents of doom?”

    ROFL v2 @ JoOngle “3 nuts and a BIG Bunny”

  69. Harold Tovar Writes:

    i think what the title is cool congratulations guys

  70. Clacky Selwog Writes:

    “The Bold & the Bunny” lol

  71. BB Writes:

    Drop the “Bunny”. It’s obvious anyway, and makes the name long and complicated to say.

    Big Buck!

  72. def-con-1 Writes:

    what if you just added “the” to the title, i think that would really help…

    big buck the bunny…..better?

  73. nailedem Writes:

    What about ‘Bunfight’

  74. mick Writes:

    Seeing as though we’re giving opinions on what the name should be (even though it’s already been announced), I thought I’d have my dig.

    Derived from BB’s comment on 7/2, remove the word “Bunny”, but also change big to little. “Little Buck” is a little more creative. Kind of like calling a red head “Bluey”. Opposites make for better titles.

  75. rdvon Writes:

    I don’t know about you guys, But that bunny scares the crap out of me!

  76. rdvon Writes:

    Sorry for commenting again, but I strongly suggest sticking to “Peach”, the community already knows it by that name, and It’s a much stronger name then “Big Buck Bunny”.


  77. Sago Writes:

    rvdon, your comment clearly shows you seem to have missed some information.
    Orange, Peach & Apricote are project names, NOT titles for the endresults (movies and game). It’s unrelated, and therefore unwise to promote the movie under the project name. Only thing to be promoted under the project name is the project itself.
    Peach out,

  78. JoOngle Writes:

    ..and so the BIG sago has spoken!

    (*crackle..*) BOOM!
    Whoops…something fell off…

    …maybe you’d better glue that back on…you know…and for g…sake put it back in.

  79. SharkVC Writes:

    The creativity lies in the animation, not the title. Unless it ends up at Sundance, the names doesn’t matter. Though if we could borrow from the bees, we’d call it The Bunny Movie. hee hee Nice work, peeps!

  80. Mark Keller Writes:

    Great render, and I like Andrew Theis’ signature thingy!

    But the name . . . is awful. I throw my hat in with Johan: “On Hare’s End!”

  81. nawabz Writes:

    it cool thst you havnt show any compositions or envirnment in the background to give too much detail away in order to keep people supprised when they watch the movie.

  82. spaceman Writes:

    A Rabbit’s Revenge is the best title so far. It’s unique and captures the essence of the short. The title of a piece of media always concisely defines the content – the name of a character is never used except in TV series like the Adventures of Bugs Bunny followed by the title.

    Films like Being John Malkovich are not even exceptions to that rule because the word ‘being’ signifies the story content. If anything, it should be called Being Big Buck Bunny or Big Buck Bunny’s Revenge.

  83. Sago Writes:

    “the name of a character is never used except in TV series like the Adventures of Bugs Bunny followed by the title”
    Donnie Darko
    Ace Ventura

    and the list goes on.

    And for your information, the title isn’t even his name, it’s a description of what he is.


  84. spaceman Writes:

    Ok in those cases, the character identity is strong enough to define the content. Big Buck Bunny is too generic because as you say, it’s not even the bunny’s name. It would be like me calling a film Fatty Fatty Fat Fat Elephant. It’s a fairly empty title.

    I also think people will be asking who Buck was given that it’s also a name.

    Can it at least be called:

    Big Buck Bunny: A Rabbit’s Revenge?

  85. Sago Writes:

    “Big Buck Bunny is too generic because as you say, it’s not even the bunny’s name.”
    A weak argument, as if only a name can reflect what the movie is about (a movie you haven’t even seen). There’s a fine contrast in the title that fits the main character AND the movie very well.
    “I also think people will be asking who Buck was given that it’s also a name.”
    People may see it as a name, that’s fine. Though ‘buck’ is actually a term for a male rabbit it will still work; the contrast in the title remains anyway. And wondering “who Buck was” only applies for those who can’t see the difference between black and white.
    “Can it at least be called:
    Big Buck Bunny: A Rabbit’s Revenge?”
    No. Depending on a title to explain the complete plot outline of the movie is in no way a necessity.

    Sago out

  86. FaBe Writes:

    Is it possible that the title is inspired by “Big bug man” a comming animation from studio-free studios?

  87. Moman Writes:

    Wasn’t the movie title going to be “Gnaw”?

  88. . Writes:

    Why didn’t they announce it right after they decided. bigbuckbunny.org was registered on January 24.

  89. rdvon Writes:

    Just to clear things up..
    I knew it was the project name.

    I like the project name better then the movie title.
    The movie title is horrible.
    Really, if you were looking at this short and didn’t know anything about it but the title.. Would you think it was any good, or creative?
    Bad title = Loss of audience, loss of interest.

  90. spunkycomics Writes:

    Buck, as in Unlce Buck? With John Candy?

    That seems perfect for the character, very nice! I cant wait to see it!

  91. spunkycomics Writes:

    oops, i meant uncle buck. :p