just another manic friday

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peachday.jpgas we mentioned earlier, it’s getting quite busy over here. and now that the Apricot Team is moving in finally, it’s gonna get even more busy! Last friday we had Bart from BlenderNation over to do interviews with us… i shot a fun little timelapse video during the entire day. it’s interesting to see how often people get up from their chairs, how much coffee we drink and how crazy our heads bob around…


watch the movie in .ogg format

20 Responses

  1. BlendRoid Writes:

    Whoa, using Blender ALL DAY; that has to be fun! Oh wait, I already do that…

  2. AntonG Writes:

    hehe, cool … go go go ;)


  3. Brian Writes:

    Ok everyone. Take a shot every time Andy gets up to get coffee.

  4. AniCator Writes:

    Man, according to the timelapse it takes a long time to render those bunnies!?
    @ndy deserves those cups of coffee.

    – AniCator

  5. Christiaan "AniCator" Bakker Writes:

    Man, according to the timelapse it takes a long time to render those bunnies!?
    @ndy deserves those cups of coffee.

  6. Christiaan "AniCator" Bakker Writes:

    woops double post

  7. anonymous Writes:

    I’ve found out there is a service like youtube, but with HD quality. It’s called vimeo.com. Maybe when the movie is ready you can use it to embed the video on your website.

  8. Thomas "twilight" Zimmermann Writes:

    hehe, I would like to not just use blender all day but to earn my money using blender all day long ;-)

  9. Christiaan "AniCator" Bakker Writes:

    Vimeo.com….. I saw that one on BlenderNation too. The Interview with Ton!

  10. jim ww Writes:

    ha! this needs a soundtrack. those bobbing heads and manically shifting bodies look like they are all moving to an uptempo beat.

  11. Anthoni_C Writes:

    Man, with yall working that fast yall should have the movie done in no time…. :P ha!

  12. voOdKa Writes:

    On dirait des fourmis :O

  13. anonymous Writes:

    haha I can’t believe it. It’s the last time I suggest something before clicking on the links.

  14. TheANIMAL Writes:

    Funny, thing is that this was only sped up by x1.3

  15. Moxab Writes:

    heh, it looks like Andy is the one working the most. Maybe it’s because you can only see his monitor.

  16. William Writes:

    Well, german efficiency, you know.

  17. LoMac Writes:

    Frickin hilarious

  18. Bart Writes:

    If you look *really* hard you can see the entire movie on Andy and William’s screens!

  19. derek-hey! Writes:

    lol. I know. I liked seeing the renders going up on Andy’s screen. Furious head bobs too.

  20. Francisco Ortiz Writes:

    Thats awesome!