High Frame Rate, 4K and Stereo 3D release

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Big Buck Bunny is now even more a world standard for video standards. Check this release:



Singapore, CGOverdrive and 3dsense

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How 1 week in Singapore can change one’s ideas, goals and direction in life…

It was June 15 I took a 12 hour flight to Singapore, to attend CGOverdrive 2008 as keynote speaker and representer of BBB and Blender. And I can say that my first trip to Asia is one that will be hard to forget. (more…)


The wedding day of Enrico and Micaela

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The whole Peach team wishes Enrico and Micaela all the best for today,

because they are getting married!

Have a beautiful day and of course lot’s of love for the future.

Congratulazioni, tutta la fortuna per il futuro!


Half a million streams, 400k downloads…

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Here’s stats from the past week:

Vimeo: 300,000
Youtube 215,000

Downloads: torrents: 102,000
Sun Microsystems 120,000 (estimate, reported 29 TB traffic) 125,000 55,000

Grand total: 917,000! Pretty good numbers. Without counting all the other mirrors, iso dowloads, our own dvds, and assuming more people watch a single download, we can safely estimate that over a million people have seen BBB now!


(Note; I did not include the italian mirror, which is most likely between 50 and 100k too. Waiting for their confirmation.)


Big buck Bunny movie files released!

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We’ve collected several mirrors worldwide for a stable and – hopefully fast – hosting of the BBB movies. You can download the files in four different flavours, which will nicely work for all common video players and OSes.
The download section also has Vimeo and Youtube links for streaming video.
Lastly, mirrors with the DVD ROM studio files are also being added now!

Have fun watching! And, thanks again for the great feedback and ongoing support. It has been a great ride for everyone here, and I definitely look forward to the next open movie… which – as promised – will not start before the Blender 2.5 project is in usable state. Most likely that’s end of 2008, early 2009.

Lastly: don’t stop buying the DVD! Revenues will be used as startup financing for the next Open Movie, and hopefully I can afford to send the full Peach team to Siggraph…



The use of violence in open source productions

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The day after the BBB premiere Ton was a member of a panel at a conference called ‘Economies of the Commons’, where topics as ‘financing open source and open content projects’ were discussed. Before the panel started Ton gave a presentation during which he also showed material from BBB. During the panel discussion there was a question from an audience member for Ton.



big big buck bunny

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The Happy Blender Institute Tour

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bitour.jpgRecently I realized that we never really made a complete Blender Institute tour after this project started. Sure, there was Ton’s first round trip waaaay back, but we needed something new, shiny and classy like this to show you how great this place actually is! Luckily Nathan, our master of rigging, animating and hugging, agreed to improvise a very sincere and pertinent guided VIP tour through the marvels of our beloved work- and living- space.

Welcome to the Blender Institute!

Ogg file


Interview with Sacha about the Peach externals

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For two days we have Roemer around. For school he has to do a practical assignment to focus on the future and get more information about which direction he wants to go to. And luckily he choose Blender :) He interviewed Sacha about the externals helping out the Peach team to get to movie finished on time.

Download the .ogg file here.


‘Special’ help

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We’re extremely busy, but now we have someone helping us with lighting/compositing.

Will it save us? See for yourself.

Grab the Ogg Theora file here

I guess it’ll stay with only 1 shot (out of 131)…