One week before start

Posted in Production by Ton Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

As you can all see, the pre-sale of dvds is going to pass the 1000 mark in a couple of days! That’s excellent, everyone here is very grateful for this support. This week is also the last chance to get a dvd ordered with discount, and with your name added to the credits.
Do note that the name credit is only for those who pay before october 1! Only for bank orders we’ll allow a couple of days delay.

More production news updates:

  • The Peach project is going to be supported by the Dutch “Digital Pioneers” fund, they will cover almost all the costs for the two developers, Brecht and Campbell. That I already know for a month, but I didn’t announce it before they have it officially on their website… which is still pending.
  • Starting October 12th, first day of the conference, I will be assisted by Margreet Riphagen. She will then become Producer in the Blender Institute, responsible for all organizational tasks involved with running this place and its projects succesfully. The best part of this news is that I then have plenty of more time for working on development again! I expect to be coding again in november latest. Really!
  • We’ve found a hardware sponsor, Maqina! Not that we get everything for free… but with significant discounts, way below cost price for this dealer. That means we can also afford the really good stuff. Everyone gets Eizo monitors, for example! More about this company later.

Tomorrow we’ll do more construction work though… two walls are going to be removed (we remove the dark room “to lock up bad coders”), to make a 2nd studio room for people to work in.


This is not a clinic (updated)

Posted in Blender Institute, Random Fluff by andy Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

Hey there!

Blender Institute Stuffthings are quite busy here in the Blender Institute, even though Peach hasnt officially started yet. ton is doing an awesome job finding appartments for the peach team, organising the blender conference, managing the sponsors, getting studio equipment and doing millions of other things – all at once (right now i see him talking into two phones by the window)! and while i’m trying to assist him as much as a feeble mind can, i still need to finish my tutorial dvd. at the same time sacha is working on refining the script together with arno kroner (via e-mail), it looks really cool! anyway… i believe we are going to see a few more details posted here about these processes (soon-ish… but please bare in mind that we’re still in pre-production and nobody is actually committed / contracted / sold their soul to peach already), so for now i’m just going to post some fun trivia… be warned.



Pre-production updates

Posted in Development, Production by Ton Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

More updates on the production:

  1. Development roadmap page added. This is not the final page, but based on the notes I’ve made during the workshop last week.
  2. Six month planning has been added. Oh yes, that does resemble last time! Note that horrible timing of the Siggraph festival deadline again…
  3. Arno Kroner, trainer at Disney Feature Animation, teaching at Woodbury University and showrunner of Siggraph ‘s FJORG agreed on coming to Amsterdam to organize our first week. He’s planning to do a full week workshop about all aspects of visual storytelling, storyboarding, layout, scene planning and acting. He’s also helping us now as script consultant.
  4. WilliamWilliam Reynish came over to Amsterdam yesterday to get the full briefing, and of course we had to check on him (and he on us!). This went all great, he’s a funny guy even! Welcome to the team dude!