Pre-Production Workshop Review

Posted in Production by Ton Thursday, August 30th, 2007

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Time keeps flying, and then it’s suddenly thursday… and still no workshop overview post! Of course I blame this to Andy and Bassam, who are distracting me in the offices while working on recording their training video (dvd) project. You don’t want to know how difficult it is get video/audio recorded and edited in Open Source… but that’s for another time to complain!

The workshop week has resulted in a lot of useful material. I’ve got many pages of notes here to work out still… about the script, Blender features, the studio pipeline and the production planning. All of this will become separate pages (and blog posts here) during the next few days.

A couple of real news items I do want to discuss right now though.



First impressions from the Peach Workshop

Posted in Random Fluff by Nathan Sunday, August 26th, 2007

The workshop is over, and one of the many things we decided during the workshop was that we should be more active on our blog. Thus here I am, writing a blog entry.

I’ll leave the official stuff to Ton, but my impressions during the workshop have been consistently good: this will be a cool project with awesome results. We might have to pull a few all-nighters, but we’ll make it happen.

I feel great about everyone on the team. We all seem to get along really well. The only problem is that there’s so much talent here that—honestly—I feel a rather intimidated! I hope I can live up to the abilities of the rest of the team.

The studio here is really nice, so if we pull some all-nighters, I don’t think I’ll mind so much. We have a nice huge room where all the workstations will go. The lighting is calm and pretty. The seats are comfortable. We have a great location looking out over the canal. We even have a kitchen! It’s great.

All-in-all I’m very excited to start working on Peach in October. It will be a lot of hard work, and it will be fun.

Wish us luck!

Nathan Vegdahl


Peach Workshop FuzzCam

Posted in Random Fluff by andy Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

For your entertainment we installed a small temporary webcam in the Blender Institute. We’re not currently working in front of the computers the whole time, there’re lots of discussions and meetings going on. But maybe if you look close you can see a few familiar faces popping up!



Peach workshop started

Posted in Production by Ton Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

Peach team: Andy, Lyubomir, Enrico, Sacha, Nathan, Brecht

The five Peach artists and one of the developers have arrived in Amsterdam for a week of preproduction work in Amsterdam. (We’re almost complete, only Campbell still is crock hunting in Northern Australia!). In this picture you can see Andy, Lyubomir, Enrico, Sacha, Nathan and Brecht discussing story concept drawings. Also check the media gallery for more shots of the team. If you watch closely you can even notice already where our concept is heading at…



Magic Mandcandy – Can You Finish It?

Posted in Random Fluff by Nathan Sunday, August 5th, 2007

Hey everyone.

Magic Mancandy I’ve done a little animation test using Bassam’s Mancandy rig. This is part of a little experiment for community participation (more on that in a second).

Click the the image to view the animation.

You will probably notice a couple of things about it:

  1. It’s a cheap rip-off of this Pixar animation.
  2. It’s stiff and lacks life, sometimes even pausing completely.

Let us ignore the first point for the sake of my reputation, and simply focus on the second.



Peach DVD pre-sale campaign started!

Posted in Production by Ton Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

Peach DVD (mockup)As for the previous Open Movie, we depend on your help to be able to realize this project! You can do that by purchasing the DVD edition of Peach in advance. Our target is to get at least 1000 DVDs sold before the start of the project, october 1st.


Everyone who orders and pays the DVD before october 1st will get a discount and his/her name credited in the movie credit roll!