High Frame Rate, 4K and Stereo 3D release

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Big Buck Bunny is now even more a world standard for video standards. Check this release:



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Hi all loyal Peach bunnies!

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“Gosh, that we can do this too!”

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The Noordbrabants Museum, one of the main modern art museums in southern Netherlands, opened recently an exhibit “Fantasy Factory”, where BBB has a permanent display. This morning, the Dutch national news paper Volkskrant posted a positive review on this exhibit, ending with some words about BBB. Freely translated:

“From paper cutting to fast 3D-film”

“Radically different than for example the model-handicraft from van Kaayk, is Big Buck Bunny from the Netherlands computer graphics teacher Sacha Goedegebure, a comedy about a fat rabbit taking revenge on three irritating rodents. The film – in the fastest imaginable 3D computer animation – almost seems like being produced by Blue Sky studios, the producer of Ice Age 1-2-3, so natural and precise as the rabbit hairs wave in the wind.
Gosh, that we can do this too, you then think a while. And understandable that the eyes of the kids hanging in the beanbags of the theatre are glued on this Dutch rabbit humour.”

Ain’t this a fun review! :) Kudos to all who made BBB of course, it’s certainly not just a Dutch film… but we knew that!