We want volumetric clouds in Blender!!

Posted in Development, Production by Enrico Monday, October 29th, 2007

Heya guys! So this is my first post on the Peach blog, gh!


We are working hard to define the last version of the story by the animatic now, while the coders are refining great new features to be used in the movie.
Btw, Brecht, Ton and Campbell are too busy with a lot of new stuff at the moment and they have a priority list to work on, and because we could need volumetric clouds and realistic sky generation for a few shots, this post is meant as a call for help by external coders who can offer a good code for this.
Keep in mind that this is not a priority for Peach, we could easily (and probably better) do beautiful sky and clouds by matte painting; but since in this moment we have the occasion to add new features to Blender, why don’t have a try?
Here are a few images of the “MakeCloud macros” for Pov-Ray made by Gilles Tran, released under a Creative Commons License; they make a very good example of what we are looking for in terms of the visual quality:

Volumetric clouds would be nice, of course, but every other code that can give such good results is welcome. And, besides the clouds, we are expecially looking for sky color gradients simulating light at different moment of the day.

So, come on! You could have the opportunity to be in the movie credit list as coder for amazing stuff, and also to have the eternal gratitude of all the blenderheads around the world. If this is your case, just post here and someone will get in touch with you. Gh!

The grey-haired guy


We’re slowly getting there…

Posted in Production by Sacha Saturday, October 27th, 2007

A good story is no certainty for a good storyboard, and a good storyboard doesn’t necessarily make a good animatic.

… a nice opening sentence for my very first blogpost here, but that’s all the wisdom you’ll get from me (we know that’s not what I’m here for).

After a few weeks of storyboarding by me and Enrico, and making the animatic by William, we were able to watch the full animatic on last tuesday. Things look different when you see it in a different form, and the animatic is no exception. After watching and discussing the animatic it was clear there were ‘some’ issues, and the necessary solutions varied from better timing, slight adjustments and big changes. For me this meant back to the brainstorming and storyboarding… I skipped the writing (writing sucks). And some changes were made indeed. Oh yeah.



Sun network.com renders Peach

Posted in Production by Ton Friday, October 26th, 2007


Sun Microsystems has decided to sponsor the Peach project, by granting hours on their network.com Sun Grid Compute Utility for rendering of the Peach Open Movie. With hundreds of Solaris nodes composed of 64 bit CPU’s and 4 gigs of memory per CPU, Sun Grid will give us virtually unlimited power!



First glimpse of the animatic!

Posted in Production by Margreet Thursday, October 25th, 2007

Proudly present the first glimpse of the animatic: A Rabbit’s Revenge!
And a short discussion of a certain part of the movie. Enjoy!

Please notice the cuckoosound which I was forced to put in by Sacha, because some things we need to keep topsecret ;0)



Studio tour #2

Posted in Production, Random Fluff by Ton Monday, October 22nd, 2007

rt.jpg Since everyone here is too busy (read lame!) to write blog stories, here’s a quick view of the studio as how I found it this sunny afternoon. I used Campbells camera, which had battery power, unlike mine, but unfortunately had no sound and no memory left on the card just when I approached Campbell… the cool trees stuff on his screen is for next time.

Everyone in the studio said “hi” btw! And they all promised to post something here very soon. This week!




Posted in Production by Ton Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Whee, this is totally fun! Every few hours I’m checking the boards and tables to see the movie being progressing. Making such detailed storyboards will add a lot to this project, certainly with the sketching skills of Enrico and Sacha. With this pace we’re ready in a couple of weeks! (Well, with the storyboards and animatic).

– Enrico drawing on new light table
– Brecht hiding behind two micropolygons
– William editing the animatic (I hope)
– Andy decided it was time to put on a silly hat
– Sacha directing
– Campbell has fun anyway
– The opening sequence of the movie (which now probably gets redone completely)




Physics Sprint Results

Posted in Blender Institute, Development by campbell Monday, October 15th, 2007

Daniel, Janne, Nils, Jens, Ton, Brecht and Campbell

Just before the blender conference, the physics developers got together at the at the blender institute to discuss how different physics systems can play better together and share more code.

  • Daniel Genrich – Cloth
  • Jens Ole Wund – Softbodies
  • Nils Tuery – Fluid
  • Janne Karhu – Particles

Brecht van Lommel, Ton Roosendaal and myself (Campbell Barton) needed to see what was common between the different physics solvers to make into generic functions. We also had to make a short term plan for the peach project.
By the end of the 2 days we agree’d on the underling API as well as new features needed to improve blenders work flow.



A Rabbit’s Revenge

Posted in Production by William Monday, October 15th, 2007

So, the dust has settled, and the 2007 Blender conference is over. This year the conference was moved to a newer, more modern venue and featured loads of announcements, heaps of great artwork, and a diverse crowd from all imaginable fields and backgrounds. We had a presentation sunday morning with Nathan in a bunny suit (!) announcing the following:



And while the artists were having fun…

Posted in Production by Ton Monday, October 8th, 2007

studio_day1-1.jpgLast week the artists were mostly on the other side of the institute, the presentation/workshop room. That enabled Campbell, Brecht and me to break open the floor, remove all the old network cables, and create a 1 gig network with a dedicated cable for every workstation to the central switch, connected to the server. About 300 meters of cables was being added!



Workshop With Arno

Posted in Production by andy Thursday, October 4th, 2007

beforeYo yo yo! Wuz up in da hood, dawgz! We been kajizzling some story/animation dope, yo. Our bro Arno been schoolin’ us some badass ropes ’bout da preproduction and da storyboardin’ and da… t.i.m.i.n.g’! Weez gonna lay down some awesome animation beatz, homies.

Dis da program, yo: