A Rabbit’s Revenge

Posted in Production by William

So, the dust has settled, and the 2007 Blender conference is over. This year the conference was moved to a newer, more modern venue and featured loads of announcements, heaps of great artwork, and a diverse crowd from all imaginable fields and backgrounds. We had a presentation sunday morning with Nathan in a bunny suit (!) announcing the following:

  • The working title is now A Rabbit’s Revenge.
  • In terms of length, we’re looking at 7 minutes (give or take a minute or so)
  • We have four characters: a rabbit, two squirrels and a chinchilla.

We revealed the plot outline, which is as follows:

A giant rabbit that’s being bullied by 3 rascal rodents, tries to get even big time.

Character designs are well underway, and here’s a little something to tease you:


Stay tuned for more!

15 Responses

  1. SirKline Writes:

    Any pics of the Bunny Suit?

  2. Gianmichele Writes:

    Ahahah…saw the guy in the suit in the live streaming presentation…GREAT!

  3. Vincent Writes:

    Looks cool :)

  4. pablo Writes:

    Excelent artwork!… i cant wait to see some screenshots or previews of blender in work! keep working masters!

  5. LoMac Writes:

    Seems to be really shapin up. Keep up the good work.

  6. Joost Bouwer Writes:

    I’m really pleased by the funny nature of the project. Elephants dream was well done but at the same a little to much “modern” psycho nonsense.
    So it looks like this time it will be a comedy and I’m looking forward to it.


  7. javawocky Writes:

    Fury nice!

  8. super wu Writes:

    haha, so funny, when are you guys going to upload the video of the annoucement from the blender confrence?

    and for the love of wu-man dont tell me there is no video…sacha and his broken english, william and his bunny suite, if someone did not get this on video then all of project peach will be bruitily beaten with a wooden stick by super wu….dont tell me….just dont….

    post the video….just post the video…..my paitience with you is wearing out….just post the video……post it….just…….post…

  9. Cuby Writes:

    Sounds awesome! Love the idea of something funny and furry, and truly can’t wait to see the final movie!!!

    Great luck

  10. gioprof Writes:

    I was there!

    A great funny moment in Blender history!
    Post the video!

    The team is made of soooo funny-talented-creative that there is no doubt this is going to great a great project.

  11. lloyd Writes:

    I do not like this idea
    I ask peach team to make something diffrent thanks

  12. ERM Writes:

    Sounds like a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Can’t wait to see how the Peach team’s zaniness matches up to the likes of Friz Freleng and the other classic animators at Warner.

    I’m convinced this will be just as funny if not funnier.

    Also, it will probably be something that everyone can enjoy – no matter what cultural background.

    Hmm….does this mean there will be stretch/squash-type animation?

  13. Numarul7 Writes:

    I see “All audience” theme smell Disney

  14. RNS Writes:

    Hoping in seeing the results.

  15. libre fan Writes:

    the idea of a rabbit’s revenge on hunters and such like (bad employers, workers’ exploitation) is appealing.
    However the rabbit looks like a pig to me and so I wouldn’t sympathise with its cause very much.