Peach started!

Posted in Production by Ton Monday, October 1st, 2007


And that was the first day in of Peach… Nine people working here in the Blender Institute now, and it feels like a good start!

Today I did a short the kick-off welcome (“don’t worry, I don’t expect you do make anything but an awesome funny movie!”) and hand over the organization to Arno Kroner. He’s going to train the team of artists for five days in all aspects of visual storytelling, staging and storyboarding. Arno also was a great help as story/script consultant the past month… ooh, this script is going to be so cool! Can’t wait to see the movie!

Then I took Brecht and Campbell apart to discuss and design an infrastructure for the offices network (server, backup disks, switches, phone, fax, wifi). This we will work on the next few days, plus installing all systems and setting up the server (svn) and accounts.


And then of course I should mention we met our first milestone; getting a 1000 dvds sold in advance! At the time of writing this blog entry, we had 1144 orders in, of which 947 were paid. That’s totally awesome, thanks everyone for this support! (Needless to say: keep ordering & paying!)

Later more,