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Whee, this is totally fun! Every few hours I’m checking the boards and tables to see the movie being progressing. Making such detailed storyboards will add a lot to this project, certainly with the sketching skills of Enrico and Sacha. With this pace we’re ready in a couple of weeks! (Well, with the storyboards and animatic).

– Enrico drawing on new light table
– Brecht hiding behind two micropolygons
– William editing the animatic (I hope)
– Andy decided it was time to put on a silly hat
– Sacha directing
– Campbell has fun anyway
– The opening sequence of the movie (which now probably gets redone completely)





24 Responses

  1. Timothy Writes:

    Cool, and yes, Andy’s got the “I’m and artist and that’s why I can wear this hat” look going on with that get-up.

  2. Gianmichele Writes:

    Too cool! Go Enrico! But please, don’t spoil too much on the plot :D

  3. Sergeant Oreo Writes:

    Thanks for the pictures. Nice hat Andy! ^_^

  4. mfoxdogg Writes:

    omg brecht smiled!!! :P

  5. grafixsuz Writes:

    Way cool guys thanks for the update… I am so glad Arno Kroner was able share his wisdom in the ways of production. I can’t wait. Just from a few of the pictures on the wall, I can see this is going to be very cool.

    William get back to work…

  6. Cathy Writes:

    Campbell, clean up your desk!

  7. Sago Writes:

    Cathy, tell me about it. Was he always like that? Geez, he’s like a little kid. Have to clean up behind him every frickin’ second. But honestly, he’s a cute and fun little toddler. Wouldn’t wanna miss this fella.

  8. EnV Writes:

    Yeah Sacha, me too, gh!

    Gianmichele, I’m going, I’m going…

  9. Cathy Writes:

    Sago, I’m afraid to say he has always been like that. He has told me he is much cleaner now! I’m not sure……

  10. Goofster Writes:

    heheh, Sacha is like “hmmm, that doesn’t look right” and Enrico is like “OMG shutup you kid! I’m not doing this all over again!”.

    Serious question though, any problem with the age gap?

  11. Sago Writes:

    Cathy, don’t worry about Campy. He’s doing fine…. for a hyperactive aussie-kid.

    Goofster, no problems with the age gap. Only with the sober-dutch-guy-and-weird-italian-geezer gap.

  12. Roksvamp Writes:

    Looking good. Haven’t seen such a cool hat in ages ^^

    Hm..do you have Elephants Dream posters all over the place? =P

  13. popolito Writes:

    courage à toute l équipe !!!!

  14. AvidThrows Writes:

    I think it’s about time we learn that the entire studio is fake, and has been rendered in blender. Even the people.

    It’s sad, because we all didn’t notice.

    Yeah, blender just rocks that hard.

  15. jazzroy (riccardo) Writes:

    hi guys,
    it just seems that sago wants the rabbit go to the left, and enrico to the right, and they totally disagree.. but hey man, they both have read sooo many comics!!!
    just my guess, obviously…..

  16. ERM Writes:

    What’s the color picture above the storyboard? Early character render?

  17. ZanQdo Writes:

    awesome, the Blender Institute is looking amazing :D send me one of those “micropoligons” he he

  18. Big Fan Writes:

    so Dr Zeus characters are in this as well (unusual hat) ;o)
    …but why are campbell and william looking at porn while everyone else is working

  19. Alexander Ewering Writes:

    Big Fan: Probably because Campbell added some options to the “PornGL” preferences (see one of his last commit messages ;-)

  20. Big Fan Writes:

    thanks Alexander
    (…I get the feeling this movie project is going to struggle with humour even more than a Wu flash…)

  21. Big Fan Writes:

    hey! I just realised I got my spelling wrong – its Dr Seuss – arrgggh!
    …long time ago you understand ;o)

  22. Wim Writes:

    I’m reading about dual quaternions… Are you guys making use of this feature for Peach, and if yes, any experience yet?

  23. Mark Keller Writes:

    Pity the storyboard image is so small we can’t see what’s going on . . . ;-)

  24. campbell barton Writes:

    @Wim, I expect so, but there are other things in the develoment pipeline too as fair as mesh deformation goes.