Big buck Bunny movie files released!

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We’ve collected several mirrors worldwide for a stable and – hopefully fast – hosting of the BBB movies. You can download the files in four different flavours, which will nicely work for all common video players and OSes.
The download section also has Vimeo and Youtube links for streaming video.
Lastly, mirrors with the DVD ROM studio files are also being added now!

Have fun watching! And, thanks again for the great feedback and ongoing support. It has been a great ride for everyone here, and I definitely look forward to the next open movie… which – as promised – will not start before the Blender 2.5 project is in usable state. Most likely that’s end of 2008, early 2009.

Lastly: don’t stop buying the DVD! Revenues will be used as startup financing for the next Open Movie, and hopefully I can afford to send the full Peach team to Siggraph…


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  1. elliott Writes:


  2. Elubie Writes:

    Congrats to the Peach team! The worldwide party has started now!

  3. randomnut Writes:


  4. patar Writes:

    im impressed

  5. Mal Writes:

    Blender ROCKS!

  6. Dee-man Writes:

    Thanks! You did great work. Hope the next Open Movie will be better than BBB and ED both.

    P.S. The chinchilla is perfect. =)

  7. Lethe Writes:

    So, the enterprise mushroom – did it make the final cut, and if so where is it? I’ve watched it 4 times now and still haven’t seen it.

  8. Gino Writes:

    Happy to discover finally the movie.
    Congratulations to the Peach Team

  9. Iamfrankenstein Writes:

    Owh I can’t wait…. (downloading……)

  10. Dusty Writes:

    Congrats guys! This is awsome!!!

  11. Joacim Writes:

    I really, really enjoyed this. The humor works brilliantly, and the animation is much better than I had imagined. The way you have “blended” (hehe) it all together makes this look like a solid, whole product, as good as any Pixar short. Probably better. But then again: That’s my opinion.

    My only complaint is the moment when that squirrel kills the butterfly with the rock. The background sort of.. flickers. This has probably been mentioned before, but it’s my only complaint in the entire film.

    Good work to all of you.

  12. Robert Writes:

    Need a mirror in Australia?
    If so, email me.

  13. Deak Writes:

    Great work and hopefully a lot of people will learn heaps from it. Got the DVD last week and it’s packed with lots of nice goodies.

    Just to let you know, the BBB banner at the top of the page is broken under IE7 – the left side of the image is missing and the right side is pushed too much to the right cutting some of it off (compared it with FF).

  14. MrNoodle Writes:

    Finally the Peach project is finished.Congratulations!

  15. studiomaxer3d Writes:

    This is super exciting. I’m so glad that the people associated with Blender and this movie exist. Blender is the best. Go Ton!

  16. jonatas kerr - k3pp Writes:

    Nice! Congratulations! Downloading right now!

  17. Sago Writes:

    And like Deak says, header only shows for half. And it doesn’t link back to the main page. Chop chop, Andy and Campbell. haha

  18. Josep Writes:


  19. alex Writes:

    Hey congratulations!!
    What is the duration of the film?

  20. Giò Writes:


  21. Dusty Writes:

    My god that’s funny! Well done!

    My kids love it!

    I want a sequal!

  22. Vincent Writes:

    This is amazing! Really a great movie! thanks a lot and congratulations all! Be sure I’ll buy the dvd!
    thanks again!

  23. Beuzer0 Writes:

    I’m so happy to watch the movie, it’s been a long time I was waiting for it.

    So funny and furry, excellent work, congratulations to you, the Blender Institute !

  24. Hyun 현우 Writes:

    That’s great!
    excellent works, thanks!

  25. Dion Moult Writes:

    Wooh! Downloading now! 17% done at 60kbps! Cannot wait!

  26. blenderman345 Writes:

    Hey I tried downloading it but all I see is alot o text flying around!

  27. Jan Morgenstern Writes:

    Hey guys, just a quick heads-up: I just discovered that on stereo systems, VLC and possibly other non-QuickTime players have trouble getting the sound downmix of the H.264 version right. VLC users with stereo systems should therefore choose one of the other formats.

  28. Thomas Coopman Writes:

    Very well done! I love it! I’m looking forward to the next one!!!

  29. 三两饭 Writes:

    终于放出来了,期待下一部开源电影。well done!

  30. Socceroos Writes:

    Thanks for the heads-up Jan.

  31. Gen X Writes:

    Oooooooooooh! Genial! despues de tanto tiempo de espera al fin veré este grandioso film. Estoy muy contento :D

    OoooH Great! after so many time waiting I’ll see this wonderful film. I’m so very happy :D

  32. surt Writes:

    The nice big “Buy” link is gone and I can’t find any link to e-store in the site navigation.

    If someone’s considering buying the DVD they’ll have to hunt through the blog entries.

    Perhaps not the most effective way to raise revenue?

  33. Lifty Writes:

    Great! I like it a lot!

  34. Vassilios Boucer Writes:


  35. bov Writes:

    One word – brilliant!!!

  36. Clinton Jones Writes:

    Man that was so awesome. Just letting you know I wanna be part of the team on the next film. Serious
    Thanks for a most amazing film.

  37. swbrown Writes:

    Wow – this is going to blow a lot of minds as to what’s possible with Blender. Amazing job!

  38. nihylius Writes:

    Groovy. Congratulations!

  39. snailsnail Writes:

    Awesome, wonderful!

    The film is so beautiful, and the animation is amazing. I’m still waiting for my dvd so this was the first chance I got to see it.
    It was fun spotting my name in the credits!

    Congratulations to everyone.

  40. sysiphus Writes:

    thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for sharing this. it’s really something extraordinary to get an inside look at such a top notch production :-)

  41. i80and Writes:

    Excellent movie, Blender Institute! The rendering was absolutely superb. The animation was fantastic. The story was very nicely written.

    Only one gripe: I really could do without that last scene after the credits. That was kinda… ugh.

  42. Carsten Ziepke Writes:

    Wow – I am really impressed. Congratulation to the whole team. And thank you very much for the movie and Blender improvements.

  43. ColeZero Writes:

    The rope-skipping scene was soo hilarious. I remember you Cessen, that was you..:D

  44. Nation3d Writes:

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo cool is really funny

  45. Andy Writes:

    My overall impression is great. The animation is really impressive. The movie is quite short, but full of action.

    However the sound in movie is weak. In most actions were I would expect there to be some sound (like releasing the arrow from the bow) there is just music. (guess the ED was better in this matter)

    Keep the good job.

  46. Dustine Writes:

    I agree the last scene after the credits could be dropped or done not so graphically.

    I also agree the rope skipping was hilarious!!! =D

    Great job all!!!

  47. Ape Writes:

    Where can I get the “Commentary tracks by the creators” that comes with the DVD according to Blender e-shop?

  48. Wacky Writes:

    WOW! Great… it’s like Pixar! You guys are amazing. :-D

  49. Arite Writes:

    Awesome – thanks, downloading now ^_^.

  50. BlenderPython Writes:

    I had to get it on the TV. My little brother and sister just watched it 5 times, in one hour!!! When will the DVD image be up? Thanks to the members of PEACH!

  51. Malcolm Zaloon Writes:

    Hi i´m a XSI Lighting TD.
    I loved the photography of movie!
    Animations very well made!
    Music is very good!
    Have a lack of sound FX in some actions, but, in overall is good Sound fx.

    Congratulations! It´s fantastic!
    I wish to next movie, open INTERNATIONAL members participation. I´m Brazilian and i like to participate! Thanks for the film! I have much fun it.

    I have a xsi site with bug tracking like Blenderstorm. Look at:

  52. MartinR Writes:

    Really delightful movie. The best compliment I can pay, is that I quickly stopped thinking of it as a piece of digital animation, and just enjoyed the story, the characters, and the humour. Top drawer !

  53. dreblen Writes:

    Awesome movie! Great job!

    Two questions:
    1) Will the soundtrack be released like for Elephants Dream?
    2) Will an iPod/iPhone version be made like for the trailer?

  54. Redbeer Writes:

    All I can say is….wow. Really impressive piece of work. Contrary to some opinions…I liked the “slight” edginess to it. It reminded me of when cartoons were actually funny (old bugs bunny, road runner, etc.). It was like watching the warner brothers comedy edge…with a Pixar visual style. Really cool and a refreshing change. I agree somewhat on that last seen though, probably just seeing it drop on the guys head, or having the bird drop an acorn it was carrying would have been sufficient…rather than seeing it ooze out of the birds butt.

    Great job! I’m curious what will be available on the DVD for tutorials/documentation of the project…I may look to buy it in support.

  55. Amar Ashworth Writes:

    Holy shizzlestix that was awsome!!! professional quality, tons of fun, and beautiful to boot. Four thumbs up from this familly of 2!!! way to go.

  56. Phoinx Writes:

    Omg… The smallest file has 200MB? 0_0

  57. cbrun Writes:

    GREAT job all!!!


  58. Zaffo Writes:

    What is the difference between the 1080p OGG torrent and the one on the DVD and the mirrors? (719,9 MB – 867 MB)

  59. squizzz Writes:

    Hats off, Peach Team!!!

  60. Kris Lowet Writes:


    I had seen the movie already at the Ubuntu release party in Belgium, but I still only have three words for this… great, great and great job! It is amazing what you guys have done!


  61. HKL Writes:

    Nice job guys! Congratulations! I was afraid to not be on the thanks because I couldn’t remember if i chek the right box but it’s ok.

    After something so awesome, I think for the next movie it should be very hard to do something better.

    Again congratulations

  62. mmbenya Writes:

    Just wanted to stop by and say congratulations on an awesome short! You all did an excellent job, top notch work.

    Matt :)

  63. robert Writes:

    the ogg form the torrent seems to cut off part way through the credits. Apart from that its GREAT!

  64. bluelife Writes:

    no digg button???
    no facebook etc button??
    come on blender foundation/Ton ,more marketing please!!

    p.s.1 I believe there should be more marketing from the blender team,please forward this :P

    p.s.2 Saying this is great is not enough!!

  65. Christopher Webber Writes:

    Fantastic! I just ordered the DVD, finished the bittorrent, and watched the video. And it’s good!

    Peachy-keen indeed :)

  66. Vincent Writes:


    bluelife –

  67. Ralph Giles Writes:

    BTW, we’ve been pleased to host a lossless copy of the movie as png and flac files at like we did for Elephants Dream for anyone who’s interested in doing alternate encodings.

    Congratulations to the movie team, it’s great to see a second open source movie!

  68. Okan Writes:

    Where is the ” Making Of ” of the movie ? :)

  69. DramaKing Writes:

    I noticed that all the movie files are in widescreen format. I question this choice because this is a “made for computer” film and even my widescreen monitor isn’t wide enough (1280×800)! Perhaps there needs to be a new format standard?

  70. Zaffo Writes:

    The 1080p OGG torrent file is incomplete, as robert already said. You better use one of the HTTP links or use this torrent file which will give you the 1080p OGG file as it should be.

  71. Colezero Writes:

    Iam currently converting a Playstaion Portable version of Big Buck Bunny. Res 720×480 H264 AAC Its about 70 MB big. Iam converting it with Avidemux for linux. Avidemux comes with enough profiles, even for PSP or IPod.

  72. bluelife Writes:

    vincent I would like to see this digg by blender foundation itself and not by vinvin or whoever…

    p.s. yes I know I gripe but…

  73. Jan de Vries Writes:

    Love it! Well done, love all the little details, changes in light and color, carefully brushed grass. Well timed animation. All lights placed so that the actors shadows fall in a pleasing way or on an important bit of scenery…etc You can really see the amounth of love and work that has gone in to this thing. The music is full of little surprises too. The 1080 p Version is eerily sharp. You should all watch that version because you can spot all the fine details there. I missed the fly on the second shot in the 720p version for instance.
    Congrats, i am looking forward to the Apricot game and Durian exploitation flic! Apricot DVD on order.

  74. coder Writes:

    You guys are so genius! Elephants Dream was great.. but strange.. this one is just greater ;)

    thanks a lot for the fantastic entertainment!

  75. Digikiller Writes:

    The movie is actually funny!
    Excellent job on all aspects of the CG.
    Looking forward to 2.50!

  76. ton Writes:

    – When people upload/host ipod or psp versions, we’ll be happy to add these links to our download page.
    – The ogg issue is being looked at.
    – More downloads, like the dvd extras, will be added, we first want to survive the current load!

  77. FoxMan Writes:

    I will try to create an AVCHD version of the 720p or 1080p mp4 + ac3 versions. My upload is not that great, but perhaps I could upload an iso somewhere if I can find a place where I can upload it to..

  78. dragonrebel Writes:

    i love it, already seen it 10 times, can’t believe my eyes (i am soon going to look at it on a bigger screen at my dads home) but i downloaded the torrent of the highest res mp4 and there seem to be something broken (the movie cuts of when the fat one is juggling the fruit at the credits) can this be fixed without having to download it again (my download limit doesn’t allow me to do that (damn Belgian 12 gigs limit) i have seen it totally on youtube several times, but i just would love to see it on big screen

  79. Lloyd Writes:

    Amazing … Excellent work the entire team .. Congrats

    thanks to all who pre-ordered the DVD

    Thanks Ton

    blender rOcks !!

  80. JosephK Writes:

    Streaming ogg/theora (like in flash) on TheoraSea :

  81. Romain Fluttaz Writes:

    Hi !
    Congratulation for your wonderfull works !
    I’ve setted up a french mirror on a 100Mb/s connection to help … then if you want you can add it to the mirror list :p

    Thanks !

  82. Okan Writes:

    CAN SOMEONE Pleasee tell me if the ‘ making of ‘ of the movie released today? ? or do i need to wait for the DVD iso ?

  83. BlenderPython Writes:

    When do we get the ISO?
    Love the Movie, but want to watch it on DVD.

  84. BlenderPython Writes:

    I mean, will it be ready TODAY?

  85. Fencer Writes:

    chapeau in the next movie you will see my name in the credits :D

  86. NumbuS Writes:

    Grate!!! Thanks allot!!

  87. colezero Writes:

    So first PSP Conversion is done. Where could i upload it? Iam going to make more conversion for different firmwares with different resolutions.

    Information of the current file:

    Made for firmware 3.30 and up.
    AVC 720×480 768kbps Stereo/128kbps

    I could also create versions for fw 2.80 or 1.50 in 320×240.

  88. Epsilorn Writes:

    Incredible work guys, it’s 100 times better than ED. I’m still waiting for my copy (Italian mail you know…) so i’m glad you’ve published this so soon!

  89. Squamashii Writes:

    This is awesome, but how do I open the .ogg files?

  90. colezero Writes:

    Use VideoLan(vlc) for example or any other media player.

  91. Romain Fluttaz Writes:

    colezero if you want to upload your version on my server (, contact me via mail or jabber:

  92. flo Writes:

    Wow!!! this is so grrrreeeeeaaaat!
    long life to you and blender!!!

  93. colezero Writes:

    @ Romain Fluttaz: Send you an email ;) Thanks

  94. David Writes:


    Congratulations, you made a great job, i loved it.
    are my heroes!

  95. mutze Writes:

    I wonder how many people that have downloaded the movie now… maybe the peach team could give us some statistic after the weekend? :-)

  96. ton Writes:

    – The torrent seed was fixed an hour ago. Two files indeed were incomplete, apologies from the seeder!
    – I bet DVD isos will be uploaded and available too. Note we have two disks and dual layer, so it’s about 2 x 8 GB.

  97. Voodka2007 Writes:

    HIIIIIHAAAAHHHH goood movie !!!!

  98. goodwin Writes:

    Great! Thx a lot for the movie!

  99. FoxMan Writes:

    I have created an 720p AVCHD version by combining the video from the h.264 version and the sound from the mp4 version (5.1 ac3), so I don’t have to wait for a Blu-Ray version to play the movie on my PS3 in High definition. If anyone is interested and has some sort of hosting I could upload it.

  100. Will Writes:

    i80and is wrong. The scene after the credits is awesome! Except: you should have cut half a second earlier. The humour would have had a much bigger impact if it was implied, rather than having to watch a kind of cheesily animated bird’s anus doing its thing…

    But what a superb film! Really good story and great visuals. My only other gripe is that sometimes the environment was very static. Except at the end the grass didn’t sway (even when the flowers did) and nor did the trees. You might have got away with this if there had been some more random background movement like birds/butterflies in the distance.

  101. Stijn Writes:

    Ik heb nu al drie versies gedownload ca. 1600 mb en ik blijf wit zien en geen geluid. Nochtans zijn mijn codecs ok.
    en ik heb de mp4 versie en de avi versie geprobeerd…

    macbook pro Os x 10.5.2
    VLC, QUICKTIME EN divx player geprobeerd?

    hints? tips?

  102. Slooth Writes:

    oh my god, thats so freaking cool!
    thanks for showing the world the power or bleder / free software.
    good job, work and ideas.

    please dont stop making movies ;)

  103. Flyingup Writes:

    I just would like to say. GREEEAAAAT.

    Very Good artwork, Very good story, a real pleasure.

    I’ll buy the DVD to help 4 the next.

    Continue like this.

    Thanks open community for everything.

  104. Jan Morgenstern Writes:

    A little more info about the initially broken seeds of the 1080p MP4 and Theora files: From the looks of it, you can just leave the affected files in your bittorrent download folder and start your BT client with the updated torrents. The client will then download only what’s missing and leave you with a completed copy.

  105. Mats Halldin Writes:

    Keep rocking in the free world — thanks all you cool guys!
    / Mats

  106. rpgsimmaster Writes:

    Hey guys, Big Buck Bunny only has 35 diggs:

  107. Xyem Writes:

    Absolutely fantastic. Great work all round!

    Had to watch the lowest resolution download as the 1080p Ogg seems to halt on Windows and drop to about 0.3 frames/s on Linux. Might work when the rest is finished downloading though..

    Girlfriend gives it 10/10 stars and I find it hard to disagree :)

  108. hayfver Writes:

    Loved it and so did my two year old daughter (she laughed and giggled, i think the bunny was her fave character)

  109. Deubeuliou Writes:

    Thank you all the Blender Team and espacially the Peach Team !!!
    Great thanks to Tom!

    You are the bests :)
    Freedom will win !

  110. colezero Writes:

    With the big help of Romain Fluttaz i was able to host my psp versions of the movie on his server.
    You can reach it here :
    If you got any questions about it, just send me an email ( colezero (at) gmail (dot) com).
    thanks to Romain for hosting.

  111. Ian Elsner Writes:

    Congratulations to the entire team! What an extremely entertaining film from beginning to end. I enjoyed Elephants Dream, but this is very impressive on so many levels :)

  112. cemolina Writes:

    Excelente pelicula….. y muy buena imagen … falta mejorar un poco los efectos de sonido.

  113. Fredster Writes:

    I bought the DVD and now DLing the 1080P h.264 torrent, will let it seed all night and tomorrow too for you guys, longer if needed too!

  114. TBOL3 Writes:

    Great film. I’m waiting for the .iso’s.

    BTW, you never uploaded the .iso’s for elephants dream (besides the pal version with just the film), so could you upload that, when your servers aren’t dyeing?

  115. TdB Writes:

    Thanks to Ton Rosendaal and Blender Institute for such an excellent piece! I waited eagerly for the release and was rewarded richly. The comedic value is excellent!

  116. craw Writes:

    Thank you for sharing this fantastic open content!

  117. RH2 Writes:

    Awesome scenes, lighting, texturing, particles, story, background images, characters, animations, music, sound effects, grasses, mushrooms, flowers, trees, apples, acorns, peaches, compositing, modeling, reflections, and even the rocks.

    thank you for your free movie!
    thank you for the new features in blender!
    thank you for makeing this more understandable than elephants dream!
    thank you for this high quality animation that made me happy!
    but NO thank you for the nasty bird dropping scene at the end of the movie! that was disgusting… If it was supposed to be funny at least dont show the back end of the bird when it poops. Cut the scene short and just have a sound effect so the action is implied… Or have the bird drop something else for example: rock, acorn,or fruit.
    but don’t have the bird drop oozing poop! that almost ruined the movie for me, and the extra graphicness was disgusting.
    other than that, the violence was essential to the story and entertaining. Knowing no polygons were maimed/hurt/slaughtered/killed in this short.

    When does the blender institute make a full length feature “movie”?

  118. Zimbloggy Writes:

    I really enjoyed it! It was much funnier than I expected. Project Orange was good, but this is even better. Job well done guys!

    p.s. Blender 2.46 is also excellent.

  119. jimmyltc Writes:

    Tks a lot! 谢谢!

  120. dude Writes:

    just watched it, nice work! thanks!

  121. Anonymous Writes:

    Hey, has anyone found a easter egg in the movie or on the DVD? So far, nothing.

  122. Thorben Writes:

    Awesome work :-) Funny and original and wonderfully animated, a great soundtrack, … I’m really looking forward to the next open movie :-)

  123. DingTo Writes:

    Hey thank you very much for this great film.
    The 1080p Version is really awesome. The animations have an excellent quality and the story is funny. Good Job!
    And also a big Thanks to Jan Morgenstern. The Score and the sound effects are cool. You did an incredible good job.

  124. Lego Writes:

    thanks for wonderfull movie, excellent work ladies and gents!

    Love you !

  125. Ovolo Writes:

    That´s really awesome. I love the jokes and the technical side as well.

    Greetz from munich, germany

  126. siyb Writes:

    Awesome! Thanks a lot, will get the DVD to support your open attitude.

  127. bed Writes:

    Really nice story and animations are absolutly awesome.

  128. Jose Villavicencio Writes:

    I love it, my brothers love it.


  129. Krzysiek Writes:

    When sountrack will be published ??

  130. Johnny Valchrist Writes:

    Congratulations for the great and hard work!!

  131. Digitist Writes:

    Great movie.

    I’m very happy with the DVD.

    Keep up the good work.

  132. Jackill Writes:

    I’m impressed. You, guys, did a great job.

    So will be waiting for the next movie from you.

    Good luck!

  133. UserX Writes:

    It was good but not excellent. Why you have made the grass look like fur? And some of the lightening setting in some parts were quite strange. Why is not the peanut eaten by the smallest rabbit snapped off but remains whole? There were other problematic parts but that is enough!

    I give you 3.5 of 5 starts.

  134. Durand Writes:

    That was unbelievably awesome! Wow!

  135. Matthew Writes:

    Amazing. Absolutely Amazing. Thankyou so much for your contribution to the Open Source community. Everyone involved is a champion :D

    Keep up the brilliant work :)

  136. John Writes:

    Really well done. Great movie, good technical achievement, can’t wait to see what happens next.

  137. rogper Writes:

    Something wierd with the bee do :P

  138. Spamkiller Writes:

    Hey guys…this posts with links to an announcement on you blog are holly shit! Stop spamming here please.

  139. DingTo Writes:

    “Something wierd with the bee do :P

    Lol, this is cool! Thanks for sharing this rogper.
    Does anybody found other funny things?

  140. Nate Writes:

    Absolutely amazing work, gents. Congratulations.

  141. tmr232 Writes:

    Great Movie!!!
    I’ve just watched it now on a huge screen in my school. Now many people came, but it was a lot of fun seeing it like that.

  142. jugglerjuggler Writes:

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch,
    congratulations from Freiburg!
    I like the movie very much, your skill is very impressive. I especially admire the detailed character animation.
    Can’t wait to explore the DVD set.
    Thanks a lot to all of you

  143. rogper Writes:

    This one looks like the Enterprise shaped mushroom… or not :P

  144. Lucas Pretti Writes:

    Congrats from Brazil!

  145. speed Writes:

    I can´t load in germany :(

  146. user Writes:

    Great movie! The music sounds very (!) professional in terms of composition and effects.

  147. dragonrebel Writes:

    “Great movie! The music sounds very (!) professional in terms of composition and effects.”
    if you have read all blogs like i did you would have seen it was composed by a professional, that is even impressive, that you can get a professional to compose your music

  148. Behnam Writes:

    Excellent work, simply wonderful !

    Cheer guys, and be the best !

  149. me Writes:

    Very nice indeed! I like the small fat one :D
    And the oscar goes to … the Blender team!

  150. ole Writes:


  151. danceswithbunnies Writes:

    This is so awesome! I have no clue about Blender, but seeing BBB makes me wanna change that. ;-)

    I can’t say much that hasn’t been told (several times) before. I noticed the missing sound effects, especially when he hammers in that stake, but it didn’t really bother me that much. A lot of movies mute the sounds during dramatic “gearing up” scenes.

    However, the fact that the ground grass is overlapping into the characters instead of bending away or swaying with their movements, that’s what I think is the biggest flaw in the film. It’s just not in keeping with the otherwise very polished and professional quality.

    But other than that, totally amazing! The story is well told, even without any words. The character animations are superb! Facial expressions, walks, finger movements (the jump-off scene!), you’ve nailed it all. The movements and dynamics in the bow shooting sequences are spot on. And the music is fantastic, it totally follows (and co-creates) the moods of the respective scenes.

    Hats off to the Peach team! You rule! ;-)

    P. S.: The final scene after the credits is cool just the way it is. Someone up there mentioned a certain “edginess” — I think that’s a good thing to have.

  152. nikis Writes:

    Awsome, the pidgin sitting on twig has absolutly best countenance in face. guys may hat is getting down.

  153. Sam Writes:

    I have to agree with RH2 about the scene after the credits.
    I think it would have been much funnier if you’d ended with the bird hovering over him. You know exactly what’s about to happen and it’s funnier to leave it hanging like that.

    Other than that, all the comedic timing was spot on!
    Character animation was awesome!
    The rendering was beautiful, except for the grass. It was beautiful too, but not very grass-like.
    And it was obvious that nothing was being eaten off of anything that was supposed to be being eaten.
    That aside, everything was pretty much perfect! I can’t wait to see what the next movie will be like!

  154. Roberson Carlos Fox Writes:

    Thank you guys.

    Muito obrigado

  155. dragonrebel Writes:

    little question, is somebody actually going to slashdot this? i have yet to see a post on slashdot about BBB (i would do it if i have a slashdot account myself) or is this probably going to ruin the server bandwidth?

  156. Sam Allen Writes:

    An excellent benchmark to show what can be done with Free Software. Definitely worth supporting – Buy the DVD!

  157. Srl Writes:

    The last half second ruined the whole thing. Disgusting. I will not support nor promote this film. And I am normally one to support worthwhile projects.

    (Note to those who have not seen it: if you tell iTunes (for example) to stop playing at 9:46, the movie is dramatically improved.)

  158. Tyler Hibbard Writes:

    Srl’s stupid. Don’t listen to him. Anyway, this is much better than Elephant’s Dream. I love it! The end is kind of gross but still hilarious.

  159. Anonymous Writes:

    Yea, on my clock this blog post was posted last night just before I went to bed. I then went to work straight after I got up. I had well expected this to be Slashdotted by now.

    I agree with you that it was pretty disgusting. For me, more disgusting then funny. Didn’t ruin the movie for me though.

  160. Sago Writes:

    colezero, thank you so much for the psp-version of BBB. Looks awesome on it!


  161. Adict Writes:

    Great movie..only a little bit short. I think the quality is higly profesional. In my opinion in the next movie you dont have to focus on quality anymore because it is allready on top level. In the future you should do atleast 20 minute film.
    Thanx for the experience

  162. rogper Writes:

    My critic to BBB:
    Big Buck Bunny is a technically astounding short animation film.
    Animation wise is very close to what we’re used to see in Pixar or Dreamworks shorts. My compliments to the rigger and to the animators.
    Rendering, lighting quality and attention to details was awesome. Composition and editing it’s pretty much flawless. Modeling and texturing couldn’t be better executed and the background matte paintings merge seamlessly with the models.
    The new particles system shows here how powerful it is, by providing to leafs, grass and fur a subtle and very realistic movement and feel.
    Soundtrack is just perfect as also sound effects and really enhances al the experience to an incredible Hollywood cinematic level.
    The story was much of my like feeling rather innovative and fresh.
    To the producers, a big “Nice Job!” from me. You granted that everything needed for the success of this animation was always available to the artists and to the audience ;)
    The only thing that, for me, feels kind of short is the movement of the camera, I guess it is a little too much static hehe …but that just for me :P never mind, looks great!
    My complements to everyone involved in this project!
    I enjoyed seeing it and enjoyed much more following is development.

    Rogério Perdiz

  163. Luka Writes:

    Great movie! Fantastic details, superb music, hilarious story! Thank you, Blender foundation for this gem! Looking forward to new releases and of course cant wait on new Blender releases!

  164. Mistro Writes:

    Great work guys! Cool story and amazing CG work. I hope that you get loads of work from this and get the big bucks from the Big Buck!

  165. Canis Writes:

    When will the ISO-file be avaliable! I have not seen the movie yet becaue I wanna enoy it on my home-theatre system on DVD….therefore im waiting desperatly for der ISO-file.
    Please…when will it be published?

  166. Zaffo Writes:

    I have uploaden the 720p Theora version to usenet (first post for me). You can add the nzb file to the download page if you like. I will also post the 1080p version tonight, this will take more time with my poor upload speed. ;)

  167. Okan Writes:

    dvd isoooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    making offfffffffffffffffffffffffffff


  168. zin Writes:

    DVD (ISO) is above, near top at right,
    you just need to click on “Buy the DVD” image.

  169. zlomierz Writes:


  170. Fabio Writes:

    tks a lot for this

  171. EmilM Writes:


  172. WilR Writes:

    With Elephants Dream and this to show, people will surely pay more attention to Blender :).

    Great animation. It was a bit let down by the lack of face expression in the characters in some moments when they were just.. standing there.

    And also, add me to the list of people who think the last scene is just nasty. Would be great to have a second release with some fixes and the ass removed.

    That’s it, Great job!

  173. Miha Writes:

    I would expect matroska as 1080p instead of proprietary quickTime format?

  174. Tomek Writes:

    When will your release subtitles?

  175. Bla Writes:

    Subtitles? – For a movie without speech?

  176. Canis Writes:

    Please! I wanna enjoy this premery-feeling too…on my home-theatre-equipment on DVD…so please, please, please…give us the ISO-File!

  177. blacksnoopy Writes:

    Good news :)

  178. Sharkman Writes:

    Has anyone had a problem with the production files?

    this is what my problem is

  179. Sharkman Writes:

    Never mind i fixed the problem.

  180. Sharkman Writes:

    Never mind I have fixed the problem.

  181. Hedman Writes:

    I loved it!.

  182. Petrik Writes:

    With the DVD’s being about 8GB each I wonder if, over and above having the full iso files, it would be an idea to break them apart a bit for downloading sections people are interested in. Eg. Making of documentary, tutorials, and separate other content out like that. I intend to buy the DVD but while I scrape the pennies together to be able to do so I’d like to be able to see some of those documentaries and tutorials. Unfortunately I have limited band width and 16GB worth of download is not possible.

  183. Niemand Writes:

    Wow, i like it!
    Best Blender-Movie i know (;

    At 0:50:
    Is this a bug at the bunny’s leg?

  184. Phil Leavens (Pappy) Writes:

    My wife and I absolutely loved BBB. Congratulations to everyone involved.

    Ton, thank you for the foresight and dedication to Blender and these projects. We are delighted to help support the wonderful story that is Blender.

    I’m not a gamer, but Apricot will also get my order.

    Pappy and Mrs. Pappy ;)

  185. Diego Viola Writes:

    Congrats from Paraguay

    Blender, Linux and F/OSS rocks!

  186. gatuus Writes:

    This is a moment of celebration!

    Congratulations to hundreds of persons behind this project, amazing animation, amazing moment and from now on, we can say that this is the future!!!

    keep the excellent job and please first take a vacation. Mexico awaits you!

  187. gatuus Writes:

    Comment 173: from Rogério Perdiz

    “[The only thing that, for me, feels kind of short is the movement of the camera, I guess it is a little too much static]”

    Then please take a look at elephant dreams!!!

  188. Carsten Writes:

    Gread movie! And BIRD POOP RULES… whats the problem with that anyway? Smacking someone with a heavy and fast Log is no problem, but seeing a cartoonish bird pooping is “disgusting”? Come on.. relax a little guys..

  189. Miles Writes:

    Impressed. I’ve only been able to see the Flash / Youtube version of it so far, but looks definitely good.

    Is there a direct download link for a 720p, PS3-compatible version? Thanks

  190. rogper Writes:

    Like I had done for ED, I’ve been showing BBB here to “normal people” (non artists, non blenderheads, non movie makers) and everyone liked, laugh and even gave an applause. People jumped when the hollow tree trunk “hits” the chinchilla, felt sorry for the butterfly and globally really felt the movie. Big Buck Bunny is a success even outside the blender artists group. Great Job indeed!

    ^_^ I’ve looked to ED frame by frame, polygon by polygon, bone by bone :P
    Putting some extra thought in it, I think this type of static camera works very well for this story, perhaps a more moving camera would even ruin it… like I said: never mind, looks great as it is ^_~

  191. akf Writes:

    Really nice movie. Having no speech at all makes for a good international success, unlike elephants dream.

    My suggestion for the next film: make something with a gnu and a penguin.
    Okay, it will be hard to find a proper location for that… maybe the savannah in the iceage?

  192. MartinR Writes:

    Loved the overall approach and pacing of humour in this animation, from the sophisticated to the silly, to the ‘Arney’ visual in-jokes. I ESPECIALLY loved the last visual punchline. Superb example of the much-loved ‘bird-poo’ joke. Great timing too.

    As Roald Dahl said in his famous ‘Esio Trot’ children’s story, ‘poo is a powerful word in any language’.

  193. rogper Writes:
    Ok, so… some easily detectable compositing issues:
    There’s the annoying white line that persists to appear at the borders of the Bunny mainly.
    The last picture shows a shading snap, in the grass, between those 2 frames.
    That’s all from me folks :P
    Considering that I only found 5 thingies… BBB is pretty much flawless ;)

  194. JoOngle Writes:

    Blu-Ray Blu-Ray Blu-Ray!


  195. andy Writes:

    rogper: oh dont worry, there are plenty more…

  196. rogper Writes:

    ^_^Yea! I’ve already found some more, but they are only noticeable in the HD1080p and because I know where to look for and expect them (after 20+ views :P). This is an excellent compositing job ;)

  197. WILL Writes:


    Brillant job to all of you, the quality is really just awesome. I downloaded the files and i was looking at the character textures. And i noticed there seems to be a Col, Nor, Alpha texturefor each character, How are these textures acheived, I understand that a colour texture is just painting. I really would like someone to write below, email or link a site.
    I would really appreciate it.

    I think the team should do a full feature length film as ther next project and go commercial, they have the skill and it would give the team and blender the recognition they deserve.

    Cheers to Peers and Peach!!!

  198. St. Peter Writes:

    Please add a “Donate” button to the front page. I find US$ 42 to be a bit too much for the DVD. But I’d like to contribute some dollars to help you with your great work.


  199. Eibriel Writes:

    Excelente!!! Fantástica!! Maravillosa!!! 11 puntos de 10!!! La animación, la iluminación, los personajes, los chistes (es muy divertida!) todo!, Pero, por favor, tomen algunas clases de guión, o lean algunos libros. Para que el próximo corto quede 15 puntos de 10. :)

    Excelent!!! Awasome!! Great movie!! 11 points over 10!! Great animation, ilumination, characters, gags, (is so funny!) all!!, But, please, take some Script lessons, or read some books. The next short film can be 15 points over 10. :)

  200. David Wilson Writes:

    Muito bom mesmo a animação!!!
    Está muito boa… os personagens, cenários, iluminação, humor…
    Gostei muito… parabéns pelo filme e continuem assim… vocês são d+!!!

    Thanks to all Peach Team!!! That movie is explendid awesome!!! 10!!!

  201. Eibriel Writes:

    Bueno, supongo que debería explicar porque creo que se puede mejorar el guión…
    Creo que no hay contraste entre los dos personajes (tomando a los malos como uno). Es decir, tienen las mismas características, solo que están en bandos opuestos…
    – El conejo no se enoja con los otros por matar mariposas, sino por pegarle a él.
    – Al conejo no le importan mayormente las muertes de las mariposas (se come la manzana “asesina”).
    – Y responde de una manera igualmente violenta asemejándose más a una venganza que a la impartición de justicia…

    Esto no me deja identificarme totalmente con el personaje del conejo…

    Por otra parte, los “malos” se presentan bastante entrañables, recién a los 2:17 la ardilla voladora pone cara de mala. Y los otros dos son muy graciosos. Matan dos mariposas, si, y juegan con su cuerpo, pero eso está mostrado como algo gracioso y el conejo no le da mayor importancia.
    La venganza del conejo es lo suficientemente cruel como para impedirme estar totalmente de acuerdo, más que nada porque no se les dio a los “malos” la oportunidad de responder (y por lo tanto no hay un verdadero conflicto, sino simplemente una masacre).

    En cuanto a la escena final… si, es muy explicita. Por otra parte el pájaro está construido para que no nos caiga bien (para mi es una representación de Pixar, y disfrutaba cada vez que le pegaban en la cabeza jaja).

    Well, now I must translate all these :S
    I spouse I must explain because I think the script can be improved …
    I believe that there is no contrast between the two characters (taking a bads like one). In other words, have the same characteristics, only are on opposing sides …
    — The rabbit is not angry with the other for killing butterflies, but yes by hitting him.
    — The rabbit does not care mostly the deaths of butterflies (eat the “killer” apple).
    — And also responds in a manner more akin to a violent revenge that the administration of justice …

    This will not let me totally identify with the character of Rabbit …

    Moreover, the “bads” are presented fairly cherished, only at 2:17 flying squirrel makes bad side. And the other two are very funny. They kill two butterflies, and play with their body, but that is shown as something funny and not the rabbit gives utmost importance.
    Revenge of the rabbit is sufficiently cruel as to prevent being totally agree, more than anything because they were given to “bad” an opportunity to respond (and therefore there is no real conflict, but simply a slaughter).

    As for the final scene … yes, it is very explicit. Moreover the bird is constructed so that I do not like them (for me is a representation of Pixar, and enjoyed every time they hit in its head haha).

    De nuevo! Felicitaciones por la película!
    Again, congratulations for the movie!

    PD: Me gusta pixar, pero el pájaro es muy gracioso jajaja.
    PD: I like pixar, but the bird is so funny hahaha.

  202. Eibriel Writes:

    Ho! my apologies.


  203. rogper Writes:

    This is my interpretation, I’m not contesting others interpretations, I just felt the need to post also mine, and I’m not saying that I’m the one right ;)
    Well the butterfly is dead, so why waist good food :P At the time, as far the Bunny knows it was only a coincidence, the apple fall in the same place where the butterfly was.
    Has I see it, the Bunny doesn’t get mad because they’re throwing things at him but because they kill the butterfly, on purpose, and to make things worst they play with her dead body.
    As far the punishments go, I also, mostly, agree with them:
    Rinky took with the tree trunk… well he deserved it, let’s face it he was just kind a mindless joker/idiot, not really that bad, a tree trunk hurts but, well… he’ll lives!
    From all three the Chinchilla is the most passive one, he mostly only eats and hangs on with the bad guys, and with extreme luck ^_^ he was the one that made it better, although the bunny had planned the most cruel and deadly attacks for him hehe… the important is the results I guess.
    Now the only really mean and real BAD… was the flying squirrel, and although he got a physical very smooth punishment, it was psychology very humiliating… the worst kind of punishments :)
    Regarding the final scene… come on! Every one already got hit by a bird number 2 and every one knows from were it came, so why not sowing it!? It’s not an easy thing to animate and it looks very realistic… very brave decision if you ask me ^_~

  204. John Writes:

    Gorgeous! Wonderful! Funny! Blender has come a looooooooooong way since I started using it eight years ago. “Elephants Dream” was a good film for boosting the technology. “Big Buck Bunny” has the both the tech boost (love the fur!), as well as the entire production having that awesome Pixar or Blue Sky short film feel — I really do think it approaches that level of quality. I’m so glad to see something like that being produced in open source software (go Inkscape!)

    BTW: I have to agree on lopping off the very very end of the film. Implying what the bird is doing would have been much stronger. Cut to black (maybe with sound effect) would have been a bigger laugh. :)

  205. andy Writes:

    St. Peter: You can find a Donate Button on our About page.

  206. Baptiste Writes:

    Nice work. Ecellent movie. Nice story. Keep up the good work.


  207. BlenderPython Writes:

    When will the ISO be loaded, I want to watch it on my TV.
    IT I
    IT IS
    IT IS A
    IT IS AW

  208. BlenderPython Writes:

    The Licensing Info confused me.
    So, you can do stuff with the characters, like make a feature length movie version, or make a short game of it, and can even sell them, as long as you:
    1. put on it
    “(c) copyright Blender Foundation |”

  209. BlenderPython Writes:

    Is that right?

  210. Rend Writes:

    Please add a “Donate” button to the front page!!!
    Great job!

  211. kon_nos Writes:

    Good job. My congrats.

  212. javi Writes:


    I have converted the movie to version compatible with PS3. You can download the files here:




    I have my DVD since yesterday and the movie is incredible

    I need more movies ;-)


  213. tarius Writes:

    Sorry guys, but while the technical side is OK, the movie itself is incredibly stupid and meaninglessly cruel. Gags are flat and boring. Characters are utterly predictable. The theme of revenge is so primitive and in-your-face it’s hard to believe. Overall, disgusting. Despite its being short, quite a few moments made me cringe and want to fast-forward. What’s especially troubling is that this self-indulgent perversion has the appearance of a kids flick, and a lot of kids will end up watching it. I’m very disappointed that open source software is being associated with this. Elephant Dream wasn’t nearly as bad, at least it was visually interesting, despite its pretentious meaningless dialogue and gratuitous violence.

  214. Oscar Ardito Arce Writes:

    viva Blender cabroneeeesss!!!! ajuuuaaa!

    awesome work… congratulations to all the team.. and i just cant wait for the apricot open game…!
    blengine, venomgfx… pleaseeee show us ur power!


  215. Mex-ARg Writes:

    viva Blender cabroneeeesss!!!! ajuuuaaa! (esta va en español)
    increible el trabajo..felicidades a todo el equipo.. y nomás no puedo esperar al Apricot….
    blengine, venomgfx… demuestren su poder!

    chau! chequen proyecto limòn! en mex… ando mexicanizado

  216. sameer Writes:

    Its just awesome!!
    kollaam !!
    pollappan !!

    Congrats to the peach team

  217. Joeri Writes:

    hihi, my comments…
    Amazing character animation. (Didnt see one key, wauw)
    Brilliant colors. (Fibrating, and no porn glow)
    Slow editing. (Get a real editor the next time)
    Poor story. (Seriously, even for a no-brainer)
    Nice music.
    Missing characters noise. (They don’t breath?)

    O… nice fur.
    So, yeah. Not bad for a fur test.

  218. Gollum Writes:

    The goal of this project was to improve the Software, not to make a good story…
    They make this film to improve the features in Blender and see what you can do whith it. They don’t want to make films as Pixar, they want to develop the programm. The users (We) should make films…

    “I’m very disappointed that open source software is being associated with this.”

    Why? It is another milestone for open Source…You critics just tell me one things. You have totally misuderstood the goal of this project. SO shut up and read about this project, BEFORE you write a post.

  219. Chris Hodges Writes:

    Congrats on the production! It is excellent! I think most people have already commented on that :-)

    What I’d like to see is a version rendered not at “only” 24fps, but at 60fps in 720p. For me, 24fps is not smooth enough — 60fps would increase the technical *wow* effect of the movie a lot. If I had some powerful machines, I’d go for it myself, but unfortunately, I don’t :-(

  220. Neal Taylor Writes:

    Congratulations TEAM! Just watched the film after downloading from No Fat Clips! It was very funny and very clever! My wife and I enjoyed it and can’t wait to share it with the kids!

    I will blog about it too!

  221. Pedro Lino Writes:

    Great idea!

    Just 3 suggestions:

    1) Render @ 720×450 (PAL resolution)
    2) Add file size information for the available downloable files
    3) What about adding subtitles for other languages? I bet you could get volunteers for each language…


  222. Brendan Writes:

    I think I’ve watched BBB about 10 times by now… it’s absolutely AMAZING!!!

    As with every project there’s some room for improvement, but I really think this is near flawless execution. Animation is incredible, lighting is great, and the music is perfect (props to Jan on that–anyone who says that it’s just “nice music” is completely understating the achievement of this score… it’s on par with or better than most Hollywood soundtracks in my opinion).

    And @ tarius: this movie is more than just “technically ok.” Anyone who has followed the development of Blender or even this movie (made by a team of six core people) I’m sure realizes this.

    As for the story, I thought it was brilliant. Of course, not everyone will think so…

    Congrats on a great achievement and thank you all for developing such a great piece of software!

  223. David Fendley Writes:

    This is absolutely incredible.

  224. elsa Writes:

    Magnifique, c’est superbe, merci beaucoup…

  225. [NIW]arge Writes:

    Wow it is great!!!!!
    Nice job! =)

  226. dragonrebel Writes:

    @brendan, i have beaten your number of views by almost double, i just cant stop watching it (and i love the music in the credits)

    @anonymous, i haven’t seen it on slashdot yet, but i guess it will be there soon, it gonna be another traffic boost for the site :p

    i have finally seen it on bigger screen (using my dads projector) and i have been able to convince him in using it as a tech demo for showing of to his clients when he sells another screen on projector :p

  227. agouti_kappa Writes:

    The bunny moves really nice + has some good squash and stretch on the face; and I was sold on the gags for the most part…Still this is a script almost anyone could write, and I think that’s the only thing that’s really holding this back. That one shot where the smaller animals are sneaking behind the Bunny was way too long, and the ending just wasn’t a good finish…I don’t know what it needed at this hour though…

  228. Pedro M. Rosario Barbosa Writes:

    It is simply amazing, a great job. Brilliant!

    It shows what can be accomplished with freedom. :-)

  229. ton Writes:

    @BlenderPython: You can really do what you like for as long you add proper crediting. How to define this “proper” is difficult, and depends on “fair use”. Meaning, if you only re-use the bunny model, give a credit equal to how you credit other models or modelers.

  230. Estevez Writes:

    I wonder what other free softwares you used?
    OS: Linux?
    Cutting, Editing?
    Sound? Music?

    I could build a home studio of them :)
    Or are they secret?

  231. rogper Writes:

    OS: Ubuntu

    Modeled, animated, edited, composited and rendered intirely with Blender.

    Gimp(, Inkscape(, Python( and SVN are the others free softwares used in the studio ;)

    Sound and music I believe that only Mr. Jan Morgenstern can correctly and fully answer that.

  232. jesse Writes:

    Awesome movie you guys. I watched it several times now and I always laugh. I really want to see more, will buy the dvd (:

  233. Onkar Writes:

    Great work job guys and gals (if any). Thanks to everyone who has been involved in this project.

    I love the bunny and also the blue rodent. And absolutely love the music in end title and how the rodents, fruits act like the scrolling text is a wall or some obstacle.

    I have a minor complaint. The background feels very static throughout the movie.

    Thanks for making my day. :-)

  234. alex Writes:

    It was amazing, thanks :) Makes me very proud to be a part of the community, even if I didn’t work on the project directly.

    Could you guys to a blog post on the download and pageview statistics for Would be great :)

  235. Ceno Writes:

    I just downloaded the full HD version, after watch the version on youtube, and that worth each bit downloaded, is so amazing! congratulations! Blender shows a big potential!

  236. Chris Koster Writes:

    Hi Guys,

    I finally received my DVDs yesterday. Downloading wasn’t an option for me – so the anticipation was huge! And I was not let down! Congratulations to all the talented people that worked on the project – and that means everyone! Software, music, story-line, character design, scenery, lighting, rigging, animation, DVD authoring… I think it will take me as long to work through all the DVD content as it took you to produce it! ;)

    Great work all!

  237. Nicola Writes:


    Hope u guys become “famous” and gain tons of € ^^

    Congratulations from Italy :D

  238. Johannes Writes:

    i wasn’t able to render a wine glass with blender :D great job!

  239. BigBunny Quiz Writes:

    A master piece creation.A really enjoyful creation everyone will love to enjoy it.

  240. GoesZen Writes:

    What a great short!

    I think you guys made a great job with this one. It has a compelling storyline, was more accessible than Elephants Dream and was indeed very funny. I also like the crisper, less blurry look and I don’t need to tell that the fur is just amazing. Keep blending, keep making films and I hope you can fly over to Siggraph. Can’t wait for that open movie No.3 … (name it apple! :-) )

  241. TMatte Writes:

    Besides being the best open movie to date, you did not forget what all this complicated tools used in production are for: Audience joy. Congrats to all contributors.

  242. Matt Giuca Writes:

    I love this film, its production values are among those of mainstream films (except for a couple of missing sound effects I think some people have noted). Brilliantly executed.

    One thing – browsing through the production files, there are no audio files. I love the music! I want the music sources (which were available for Elephant’s Dream). Where are the music sources for BBB?

  243. Sebastien Poiret Writes:

    Great short !!!
    Very nice work people

  244. Setup Writes:

    Yeah! Wonderful!!!

    Brillant work, great movie, funny story…
    I’m fan!

  245. jongep Writes:

    Great! thanks a lot. I really love the movie

  246. icecruncher Writes:

    way cool.
    hat’s off to the peach team!

  247. Teddles Writes:

    Just so you know, there’s a smaller but closer-to-source-quality H.264/AC3 1080p encode available at

  248. Slashi Writes:

    Congratulations! I love this movie, and I can’t get enough from it. Great work!!! ;)

  249. Nucleus Writes:

    Норма! Cool жестокий правда!

  250. janus Writes:

    the files are not playing at the PS3. i would like to have a PS3 compatible HD version!!!!!!!!

  251. Daniel Silva Writes:

    I simply loved it. Very very funny and the production value is up there with the Pixar movies. Seriously. The cinematography, the quality of the animation, the breathtaking shots, the credits. Everything is top-quality work. A huge congratulations to everyone that helped to put this together. I hope you guys continue making movies like this and next time I’ll buy one of the pre-order DVDs to help you guys.

  252. sticmou Writes:


  253. badgermushroom Writes:

    I can’t play it cos i don’t have dolby digital. Any Ideas?

  254. Stefan Writes:

    Congratulations. I watched it now the fifth time in a row and still can’t stop laughing.
    Maybe a nice addition for the DVD in future projects would be a closer look at the hardware which was used.

    Keep up the good work.

  255. XenosRDrake Writes:

    umm… the ISO downlaod isn’t working? could you (at the blender institute) please put it on another downlaod site? like filefront, or sourceforge. it should be allowed on sourceforge, shouldn’t it? it’s open source, so…?

    Xenos Drake

  256. Elmer Writes:

    Open source rules, and the bunny, it’s so cute:)

  257. digitaljail Writes:

    relly funny!!!!

  258. JP Writes:

    Really cool animation, the image and animation so smooth and great. Congratulation for success making such brilliant 3D animation only using blender3d. It’s really inspiring.

    Blender3d Rocks!!!

  259. Steve Writes:

    I love this movie. Great work..

  260. free movie downloads Writes:

    Actually, Pixar uses an in-house proprietary animation software called Marionette, not Maya.

    Blender, if I recall correctly, had a similar origin; created as a proprietary piece of software for the needs of a studio that created it. However, when the company responsible for Blender went out of business, some fine folks bought the rights to the software and open-sourced it.

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    Blender, if I recall correctly, had a similar origin; created as a proprietary piece of software for the needs of a studio that created it. However, when the company respo

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