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One of the benefits of being one of the creators of an open movie like BBB, is that you get to show it in different places all over the world. And that’s exactly what we want, Blender worldwide.

One event I’m extremely happy about is CG Overdrive in Singapore, Asia’s biggest Computer Graphics conference (some of you might have already read about it on BlenderNation).

Both me and Andy will give a ‘making of Big Buck Bunny’ presentation, and I myself am honored of being this year’s keynote speaker. As a comparison, last year’s keynote speaker was Mr Shinji Hashimoto, a producer from Square Enix. So I’m not exaggerating when I say I’m extremely honored. The topic of my keynote will be ‘the world of open source and open content’, something I’ve been getting a bit more familiar with in the last half year.

For more information check out the site of CG Overdrive, you’ll see what they mean with ‘Biggest’. Also check out the site of 3dsense Media School, which supports this amazing event. I wonder if they have a job opening left?

So if you happen to be in Singapore from 17 – 20 June, be sure to drop by. But don’t forget to wear a Blender t-shirt!

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22 Responses

  1. Felix Kütt Writes:

    man, wish i would be there and have a blender shirt. :(

  2. Anonymous Writes:

    Well done guys.

  3. Easton Writes:

    Congratulations. That is a real honor.

  4. rogper Writes:

    :P There’s the possibility that a part of me eventualy also drop by there.
    Congratulations guys! Hope that you don’t forget to film it and then post it here after ;)

  5. Dusty Writes:

    Well done! And good luck with it!

  6. Cathy & India Writes:

    Singapore is SOOOOOO close to Australia. So close, and yet so far….

  7. EnV Writes:

    Best wishes for the presentation, Sacha-man! And to Andy too, of course. I’m sure it’s going to be a great moment. GH!

  8. Gabriel Writes:

    So,is the download going to happen tomorrow?

  9. loh Writes:

    This is amazing. I am proud of Blender.

  10. Andy Fitzsimon Writes:

    Great, their website deliberately hides the cost of attendance.

    I’ll drop by to watch the crowd reaction to BBB.

    Did you guys know Siggraph-Asia will also be held in Singapore later this year ? A perfect event for Blender!

  11. Dion Moult Writes:

    Bah, I can drive down to Singapore in 7 hours or so but I still can’t attend.

  12. exego Writes:

    Yeah, a video from this event would be great.

  13. dani Writes:

    good job guys!

    As a side note I spent some time reading the resumés of the speakers there:

    I got a laugh with this one:

    In 2006, the London Metro News Paper elect Alessandro Pacciani as “one of the top prominent directors of the coming decay”.

    Although it could be I didn’t understand something…

  14. Spades574 Writes:

    really well done guys. I wonder what the next genre will be?

  15. Sim Writes:

    I am from Singapore.

    I have used Blender for some freelance commercial projects, mainly for rendering and product visualisation.

    But I use Rhino 3D for modelling.

    I will be there to see the show!

  16. krissa Writes:

    u r awesome at cg overdrive.. OwO;;
    now im interested in 3D..
    if u r really goin too teach in 3d sense i might wanna join, but sadly i also want to learn 2d animation in japan.. ;__;

    i’ve downloaded the blender software although im blind in really gonna try my best to learn 3d from now on..

  17. guiwen Writes:

    the making of BBB @ CGO 08 was great!! very funny(the NGs) and inspiring! thanks for introducing blender to all of us!
    was glad that i went for that conference. =)

    by the way, i am the girl in the CGO org. office desk!

  18. catherine Writes:

    Hey!!i dont think you remember me but i attended the cg Overdrive. bbb was so cool… its so you!!i mean its awesome and humorous.. but you still owe a picture huh?! lolz! thanx for sharing that to all of us there.. keep it up..

  19. justin chua Writes:

    sasha is sooo hottt!

  20. Gary Wee Writes:

    LOL justin! I agree..
    Sacha is so so so hottt!
    Plus the weather here in Singapore, it’s gonna make everything hotter.
    Andy is awesome too~! YeeeHAAAAA!!!

  21. cyn Writes:

    I know u still remember me, am i right dear Sacha? haha.. yOu’re so cOol.. Welcome to SG