big big buck bunny

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  1. Bov Writes:

    Well done to all the team – can’t wait to see the movie myself.

  2. Cory Writes:

    When will it be up for download?

  3. Philip Writes:

    I’m so ready to learn from the pre-ordered DVD I ordered! Whan will it be shipped??? The poster looks great!

  4. MrNoodle Writes:

    Please upload it!!

  5. Ranma Writes:

    We hardly beg you!
    *crying* Please, upload!!!
    *waterfall of tears*

  6. Pitel Writes:

    Me wants download! :)

  7. nawabz Writes:

    ton pleeeeeeeeeese get me out of my misery

  8. Anthoni_C Writes:

    Ahhhhhhhh what is the point of this tomfoolery! “Tomfoolery” hmmm… eh anyways…. Give us something else besides pre-rendered pictures!

  9. Henrique Perigo Writes:

    aaaaa The movie!!!

  10. rogper Writes:

    I looked for a secret link to the movie somewhere nearby the image… but seams to doesn’t exist :(
    Although is a great big picture, It’s impressive all the fury details ;)

  11. fluetgeek Writes:

    hm, i dunno why, but the way the bunny looks, reminds me of earl, from the dinos

  12. voodka2007 Writes:

    What else ?

  13. Blue Bunny with a Machine Gun Writes:

    awesome poster! though i just noticed that Big Buck’s (is that his name?) feet look like furry elephant feet…

    when’s the movie uploaded? the rest of us are dying here! i’m gunna hyperventilate or something!!! WE NEED BIG BUCK BUNNY!!!!

  14. Arite Writes:

    I must say I love the rodent about to eat the acorn/chestnut in the bottom right ^_^.

    Great work and congratulations!!


  15. randomnut Writes:

    Now that’s some teasing!

  16. Luiz Writes:


  17. jtlb Writes:

    I’m afraid you will have to wait for a whole month for the film to be uploaded…

  18. randomnut Writes:

    I wonder what excuse they’ll have :D

  19. LetterRip Writes:

    Blender Foundations policy has been first the DVDs ship to the customers who preordered, then once they have received their DVDs the video is uploaded.

    The DVD isn’t expected to be ready till the end of the month. So it will be awhile yet before those who didn’t make it to the premiere will get to see it.

  20. De belgische Writes:

    Is still possible to order the dvd?
    Or the number of copy is based on the number of pre-ordered dvd?

  21. Tesla Writes:

    @fuetgeek: yeah, it does look like earl. It’s the mouth and the eyes.
    We’ll have to wait till may for the dvd is what I head btw, hopefully it will be a little sooner.

  22. gego Writes:

    wait a month so that the dvd’s are printed and shipped…

    so be patient, i am not, but i will try..

  23. rogper Writes:

    One of my all time favourite images is one that Andy made long time ago which shows one baby T-Rex happly glazing a Butterfly while the planet was being bombarded by meteors…
    I lost the track of that image and I don’t see it for years now, but, it’s just me or the BBB Butterfly is very identical :P