Singapore, CGOverdrive and 3dsense

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How 1 week in Singapore can change one’s ideas, goals and direction in life…

It was June 15 I took a 12 hour flight to Singapore, to attend CGOverdrive 2008 as keynote speaker and representer of BBB and Blender. And I can say that my first trip to Asia is one that will be hard to forget.

Stepping out of the plane started with a nice smack-in-the-face temperature, something that didn’t seem to get less during the late hours. The evening of that first day me and 2 other speakers were invited to a lovely welcomes diner with people from 3dsense media school (supporters of cgoverdrive) and other people from the organisation. It was a surprise to hear how much they thought of Blender and BBB, and it inspired me to finish up my keynote that night.

The next day I arrived early enough at the expo hall to get myself and my laptop plugged in, but unfortunately after even 3 hours of struggling we couldn’t get my monitor to work correctly on the big screen. Some issue with Linux, Nvidia and a cable that’s too long… I dunno. Even Andy, who arrived a day later in Singapore, couldn’t get things to work the last hour. But to the rescue came audience member Victor Yap, Blender user and organisor of Blender Birds of a Feather at Siggraph Asia 2008. When I was announced we were still busy transfering and checking my files on his laptop. Not the best start for a first keynote, but it worked.

My keynote talk was about the world of open source and open content, with Blender, the Blender Institute and BBB as my main examples. Showing BBB definitely gave it a good start. During the Q&A it became clear that alot of people had a hard time understanding that everthing was done in Blender (a free program?!), plus the open content aspect. Hopefully with my keynote I was able to give a nice introduction.

The attention I got after my keynote was something that surprised me the most. Visitors asking for autographs and asking to be on photo with me… hey, I’m not complaining.

The last day of CGOverdrive ended with a ‘making of BBB’ from me and Andy; a ‘Blender sandwich’, how the presenter called it. This time having a more relaxed preparation (as in Andy did all the preparation), we had no problem filling the complete 2 hours. It was like bringing back old memories with Andy, something I enjoyed thoroughly. We ended the Q&A by giving away a few BBB dvd’s, just by having the audience members answer a few simple questions (last one was a toughy though; they had to pronounce my last name correctly).

The same evening and the day after me and Andy experienced Singapore in an unforgettably way. All this thanks to Victor and his family, who showed us around and treated us with a warm-hearted Singapore hospitality. And what to say about Singapore? Everything is amazing; the food, the buildings, the people, the way people with different background and religion live together… and don’t get me started about the women there.

Victor's son Nicholas

The evening poor Andy had to leave, I was invited to a diner party with the 3dsense team (some of the people being from 3dsense China). A small but great group of people, with a strong passion for what they’re doing. That evening wasn’t too bad either…. okay, it was awesome.

The day I had to leave I visited Raffles Design Institute. Teacher and Blender user Jorge Otero invited me over to show BBB to a small group of students. Seeing I’m from schools with the same kind of creative background, I was very keen to take a quick look at the place. A short but fun experience.



Before I end this neverending blogpost, I would like to say something about the day before I left. Sen and Justin from 3dsense invited me to take a look at their small school (a few classrooms in a shopping mall), and after that the place they’ll be moving to very soon (2nd floor of a very nice building). There’s still alot of work to do, but it’s clear the place is going to look great.

And the reason I mention all this? If everything goes as planned I’ll be joining the 3dsense team beginning of August. Sen offered me a job as lecturer, and to join a small group of passionate people with great goals and plans, is something I just cannot say no to. Mention worthy is that they also have plans to work more with open source and, of course, Blender.

Thank you 3dsense, cgoverdrive organisation and speakers, Victor and family, Jorge, and not to forget Andy for a great time. Singapore is awesome, and I can’t wait to get back.

Love y’all,


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  1. Anonymous Writes:

    Very interesting post, Sage. Singapore looks like a great place. Hopefully I’ll travel there one day. Anyway, good luck with the 3dsense job as well as any other work you do in the future.

  2. Andy Fitzsimon Writes:

    mate, I’m so upset I missed you guys while you were here.

    Did someone approach you to come back later in the year?

  3. BlenderLovingSquirrel Writes:

    I’m gonna cry

    congratulations that is AWESOME

  4. Pablo Writes:

    hey sacha, looks like a great place to live with really nice people! good luck with this new job! !

  5. rogper Writes:

    Yea! They even offer free police car rides and named a street just to you feel welcome :P
    Congratulations Sacha, it sure looks a great place ;)

  6. Christiaan Bakker(AniCator) Writes:

    Ik kan het lekker wel uitspreken! :P
    Goedegebure. Moeilijk zeg. :P *niet dus*
    I like the street name. Sago. Haha!

  7. Filipe Soares Dilly Writes:

    Congratulations Sacha! :)

  8. jazzroy Writes:

    nice post and photos,
    gl sacha with your asiatic adventure ;)
    don’t forget they love western people…. :D

  9. EnV Writes:

    Good luck, Sacha, also with your new assignment!
    Jazzroy, I think the main reason Sacha went to Singapore is because he’s well aware that asian girls love western guys… gh!!

  10. blenderman345 Writes:

    are u gonna show them nan in man every morning? Or Super-wu? Can you give me a link to super wu?

  11. Sam Allen Writes:

    Wow, that’s great news, and keep up with the photos! Welcome to the land of chopsticks and extended unicode characters.

  12. Kirado Writes:

    congrats.. looks like cool experience

  13. lol Writes:

    nice girls,

  14. Jk Writes:

    Haha, you’ll love Singapore, with it’s idiosyncrasies and all. Great food, cosmopolitan society and an efficacious government ;)

  15. Benny Writes:

    Oh My God ! You’re joining 3dsense !!! Will you be
    staying in singapore ? or will you be working
    remotely ? erm… more to the point, can i look
    you up for free advise and help or do i have to
    join your classes :P
    (Just joking ! i’m sure you’d be worth every cent !)

  16. Jean-Sébastien Guillemette Writes:

    Congratulation Sago, you definitly deserve it! :D

  17. Frank Writes:

    Singapore is great in many ways, but freedom is greatly limited..

    I left the country to get some freedom back in life.

  18. jake Writes:

    SIN has some killer food – one of the best things about that city. Keep an eye on http://food.jakesville.com for some key spots!

    I’ll be very interested to see how the educational experience works out. Southeast Asia has a lot of potential, but in my experience there’s a big difference int he work ethic and production standards. I have high hopes though, and I truly believe it’s gonna start from the inside from small schools and teams such as this, who are eager to bring in teachers with some serious experience.

  19. Andy Fitzsimon Writes:


    dont you mean this guy ? http://ieatishootipost.sg/

  20. Tx_Rx Writes:

    Nice post, hope all goes well in your new role out there! Sounds like somewhere you’ll enjoy judging by your post!


  21. Warning Writes:

    They hang people who take in drug! No joke!!