Blu-ray version!

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News from Germany: authoring company Imagion completed work on the Blu-ray version of Big Buck Bunny! They’ve created a stunning HDTV (1080p 24fps) version of our movie based on the original HDR frames of the movie. The master has been sent to the factory for duplication last friday. This will take about 4 weeks, so we expect the discs here end of july. Visit the Blender e-shop to purchase a copy!

Although it’s a closed format still, Blu-ray is most likely going to be the HDTV film disc format of the next decade. So, even when it was only for archiving reasons, it’s important to have BBB on this format available as well. Not to mention that the HD version of BBB is simply breathtaking to watch.

As bonus, apart from the extras copied from the video dvd, Imagion agreed to add Elephants Dream on the disc as well!


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  1. Simon Writes:

    I am just wondering why an AVCHD version was not published, I created one by combining two 720p (1080p is possible too, but I use 720p on my tv) version of BBB (the h264 stream from the mov and the ac5 stream from the avi) and it is very nice to see on my HD tv. By the way, an AVCHD movie is like a mini Blu-ray and can be played back by the PS3 and some other Blu-ray players (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AVCHD).

  2. ton Writes:

    Simon: we would love to publish links to such version, but we don’t make or host all of that ourselves…

  3. Devilly Writes:

    Man, both films on one Blu-Ray…this should be very well considered by me, for when I have a Blu-Ray player… This should really be breathtaking, especially BBB.

  4. infirit Writes:

    Just ordered one to complete the collection of dvd’s. Keep up the good work people :-)

  5. Jacob Picart Writes:

    Ton, was the OpenEXR bug that saved the HDR images as 10-bit linear FIXED to save as 10-bit log? I remember reading a few months back in the Peach blogs about that bug being discovered as the team did a test film print.

  6. J Writes:

    Nice deal, with elephants dream, though I don’t understand why Imagion had to agree, are you not paying them?

  7. Kevin Writes:

    Any chances Elephants Dream will become available on DVD again? I missed out on getting it when it was made and don’t have a blu-ray player.

  8. ton Writes:

    Jacob: the openexr and dpx files are using linear color. For DVD or HD encoding that’s good.

    J: we do this together with Imagion, they will also distribute and resell the disc. Most of revenues of discs sold here go to Blender projects, as usual. :)

    Kevin: we get more requests for it, I sortof liked it to have the first edition exclusive! But right now it works against us… we cannot even give ED dvds to festivals or sponsors, and it’s not downloadable even. Might get printed another 500 once.

  9. Devilly Writes:

    How come the Blu-Ray version will be 22,50 euro (and includes Elephants Dream) while the DVD version is 34 euro (which I think is pretty expensive)?

  10. ton Writes:

    De blu-ray is without dvd-rom extras, without studio database, so no blend files, no textures, no live edit with storyboards, etc.

  11. Jacob Picart Writes:

    Ton, thanks for the reply. How does the color correction work out with 10-bit linear for the film print?

  12. Devilly Writes:

    @ ton: thanks for the reply.

    Now I really need a Blu-Ray player, ’cause every time there are more reasons to get one and this makes another reason.

  13. Simon Writes:

    Ton: I have uploaded my AVCHD version (720p + ac3 5.1) to archive.org, it can be found here: http://www.archive.org/details/BigBugBunny_AVCHD, I hope the description and other information are correct, if not, please let me know.

  14. Clock Writes:

    Hi I would like to encode Big Buck Bunny in Luminaplex, an algorithm I developed to produce better color details in 4:2:0 Y’CbCr than the standard encoding. Do you think it would be worth the effort?

  15. Scott Writes:

    Does the Blu-Ray disc have all the extras that the DVD has, like all the Blender files.

  16. Scott Writes:

    Sorry did not read all posts. Have learned sinces then the Blu-Ray does not have all ROM extras.

  17. Bmud Writes:

    I like Blu-Ray. Congrats!

  18. pahhhhhh Writes:

    the BEST movie))) I like it

  19. hpv Writes:

    @Devilly: Pick up a PS3. It’s an excellent software-upgradeable Blu-Ray player.

  20. nick beale Writes:

    what is the running time of the main features, also i maybe getting things confussed here but is the elephant dreams in 3D?
    also what kind of transfer should i expect, would it match the likes of cars and the corpse bride.by the way ive ordered a copy just getting a little excited now its getting close to release date.
    many thanks and sorry for the dumb questions.

  21. Ben Writes:

    I am confused. Both your original post and the description in the Blender store led me to believe that the DVD Extras were included on the BD. If it is in fact correct that the DVD extras are not on the BD, what is the reasonig behind that? With the massive storage space available on the BD, it seems like a waste to only have 21 minutes of video on it and nothing else…

  22. sylvia Writes:

    I couldn’t find this blu ray on any of the major sites, using the price comparison site, http://www.blueraysearch.com
    Looks like we’ll have to wait for a bit until it becomes more readily available

  23. luke Writes:

    Any chances of making the Blu-ray disc image available for download?

  24. luke Writes:

    Also does the multiple PIP work on a PS3?

  25. lewisvz Writes:

    this is great! now i need a blue ray player…..and a hd TV easy money lol.