‘Special’ help

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We’re extremely busy, but now we have someone helping us with lighting/compositing.

Will it save us? See for yourself.

Grab the Ogg Theora file here

I guess it’ll stay with only 1 shot (out of 131)…

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  1. BlendRoid Writes:

    Darn. I couldn’t hear anything they were saying. Was the person helpful? At one point it sounded like Ton said “Why would you accept crap [like this]?”

    Or is Ton helping with compositing there?

    Accursed cheap microphone noise…

  2. Inko Writes:

    March 2010… hehehe, good one!!

  3. Gustav Writes:

    Yeah the sound is horriable. I thing I manage to hear most of it, but there is a few gaps:

    T: And when we have light comming from the west.. north?, north! …And before we could see the lights comming from the…
    A: Yeah
    T: …and… This particles…
    A: Yeah

    T: It’s.. It’s the same shot?
    A: No
    T: No? this is scene 3, supposed to be?
    A: No it’s not the same shot¨
    T: don’t know

    T: How can this work?
    A: We accepted it
    T: Uh
    A: we’re not going for quality, remember?
    T: The policy is not to accept crap?
    A: I know… I’ll complain to enrico when he’s back
    T: aaah that kind of thing

    T: What would you do in the ?????
    A: Well, I would not put ????? that have the same kind of feeling and you better just import the lights from that one
    T: This shot is the last so it looks like..
    A: Well…

    A: And the sunlight is comming from behind… And then uh there should be another one, this one that’s another…..or this side, It’s also quite brith but its also a bit warmer
    And I think that’s it, it’s a very basic uhm..

    T: Everybody can do that

  4. Pablo Lizardo Writes:

    jejeje good joke!

  5. Roll Writes:

    You’re not aiming for quality???
    Then why did you sell people thousands of DVDs? You want to give us trash on the DVD because we trusted you???
    Unless BBB becomes a very high quality project, nobody will ever buy anything you make in the future.

  6. Calvin Writes:

    Roll: It was a joke. Showing how “helpful” Ton can be. :D

  7. nailedem Writes:

    Roll, you and your comment to the video made my day… so early in the morning… maaaaan ^^

    Ton is cool and so is rest of peach!

  8. Nathan Letwory Writes:

    Haha, hilarious.

  9. Odin / Velmont Writes:

    I didn’t understand it at all. :-(

    But now that I read the comments I do understand. You should really, really, really get an external mic.

  10. dusty Writes:

    @Roll: we’ll never buy the DVD’s again??……
    Urm…… speak for yourself will ya?
    That comment could have been about anything. These guys are pulling stupid hours on little pay to improve the Blender product, FOR US, by making a low budget movie, with our help from DVD sales. So lay off a bit eh?
    That asside, Ton, you the man. So get a better mic for that camera :)

  11. Sago Writes:

    I quickly grabbed my digital photocamera that moment to film them. Nontheless, even with better sound quality you would hear mumbling. Some people can easily understand it, some not.
    @Gustav, close but not quite. ;)

  12. voOdKa Writes:

    Noooo Peach is more !!! :'(

    Thank you Gustav ;)

  13. Omar Writes:

    héhé, good joke, i
    Just let Ton make the tweaking in pure C, he doesn’t need widget, visual feedbacks and these power ress eaters.
    He doesn’t even need a true IDE, let him with the simple Blender py editor. :)

    Very funny.

  14. rogper Writes:

    If he works for free I’ll hire him hehe :P

  15. Olaf Writes:

    Ton has a weird way of speaking since I can’t understand a word he says in English.

  16. randomnut Writes:

    Ton won’t stop until Blender looks like the Holosphere or he dies… Whichever comes last.
    At least, so it seems from the movie. Good luck with all the work you need to do, guys, and thank you all for creating the wonder which is Blender.
    Good luck and have fun,
    A random nut.

  17. MArco Writes:

    I think that composite and lighting are not easy job, I doesnt have the know how to make a great lighting effect in a big project like this.

    If you make a video tutorial for this argoments alot of people will be able to help :)

  18. Bmud Writes:

    You’ve gotten to lighting already, eh? Awesome!

  19. Schnappi Writes:

    Lightning is simple or at least the less time consuming aspect if you can use AO because everything gets a nice ground lightning and so even a 2 light scene can still look good. The rest can fairly easy be tweaked with the Node-System like they did in Elephants Dream.

  20. rogper Writes:

    More or less ;) just because you can see everything that doesn’t mean that It’s lighted good.
    To acentuate the mood of a shot trying to make an audience realy fell the thing you still have to light very carefully.
    Ao is just a plus and compositor works for some shots :P

    Only my opinium ofcourse ;)

  21. Schnappi Writes:

    @rogper: thats true and of course its not an easy task but a experienced lightning director can outlight a scenery much quicker then an animator can animate in the same quality. Lightning needs much skill but most time lightning setups are fixed in a scene so if it looks good in frame 1, it will most likely still look good in frame 100, other then animation that are done frame by frame. its simply the less time consuming part in 3d animations (like drawing backgrounds for traditional 2d animations).

  22. Thossy Writes:

    Well, lighting is very challenging, IMHO. It requires artistic finessing, which can sometimes click quickly but may take very long to do. It also has heavy technical issues to deal with. I’ve never worked with a hair system that renders well in default lighting (maybe Blender is awesome :), characters have to remain lit correctly through drastic movements in a way that fits the light rig etc.

    All in all I’d say lighting is faster, right up until you hit a problem, then it becomes the most tedious part of the process.

    Any chance of seeing the comping layer setup, guys?

  23. sander wit Writes:

    He really looks serious at it, I say give hem a go :)

    Nice capture Sacha :)

    Have fun guys!