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To download the trailer in HD and other resolutions or find several mirrors, click here

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  1. DingTo Writes:

    Guys, this is amacing. Well done trailer! I love it. Great.


  2. Oxben Writes:

    Wow! Looks amazing!
    The music sounds great too!

  3. dan Writes:

    I think the trailer needs retooling but the images look good.

  4. Pablo Lizardo Writes:

    WOoooWWW!!!… i cant download it!

  5. Vincent Writes:

    Excellent work, looks great!

  6. Darius Writes:


  7. Enriqolonius Writes:

    I like to go for the bad guys. I am sad the rodents are evil.

  8. blaine Writes:

    Amazing. Well done, well done!

  9. voOdKa Writes:

    oO ennoorme !!!

  10. mindcorrosive Writes:

    *jaw drops* can’t wait for the real thing.. it’s more than I expected.. great job, guys!

  11. Micah Fitch Writes:


  12. Gianmichele Writes:

    woooooo…great. I love the bunny with the bow!

  13. ros Writes:

    Great, great, so good render! wow Peach team ur the best!

  14. Danny Writes:

    A-MA-ZING! Love the shots, love the fur, love the enviroments, love the music….can’t hardly wait for the film. Great trailer Peach Guys!

  15. CTOBIAS Writes:

    Wow, amazing, superb, exellent, ect….

    Great Work

    BBB Rules ;)

  16. job Writes:

    whoa! looks like this is gonna be good!
    the first shot was a jawdropper :)

  17. FuzzMaster Writes:

    Jawdroppingly incredible guys. I’m very excited for this.

  18. rogper Writes:

    Yea! the shot of the Bunny with the bow is really great ;) and the sound is very cinematic indead.

  19. UncleZeiv Writes:

    +1 to all the jawdrops

  20. Tobi Writes:

    That’s amazing.
    You gotta hate those rodents.

  21. Guido Writes:


  22. Todd McIntosh Writes:

    Looks great! Can’t wait to see the whole thing with dialog and everything! Awesome!!!

  23. wayne Writes:

    the world is about to change…

  24. zouzou85 Writes:

    really more than i expected. Can’t wait to see the real thing! I will probably take the DVD to my friend’s home theater and watch it there.

    Great sound & great shots, especially the of the bunny with the bow.

    me too, i would probably go with the bad rodents ]:D

    +1 to the jawdrops

    keep on the good work guys.

  25. Tristan Writes:

    GREAT GUYS!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE IT!!!!!!

    It will be a revolution…

  26. Manu Writes:

    Ca a l’air génial,ca donne envie d’aller le voir…
    Super + bien!!!

  27. Jan Writes:

    Love it!
    The log appears in a single frame, only a little bit of shadow and BAM! Very subtle.
    Love the rebound from the first nut. Love all of it. Cant wait.

  28. De_Dood Writes:

    After 5 times watching my jaw is till on the floor!
    Great work guys!

  29. dilly Writes:

    look at this render… wow!
    Congrats to the team. :)

  30. hugis Writes:

    I don’t beleive, that Pixar didn’t make it. That’s fantastic work!

  31. Christiaan "AniCator" Bakker Writes:

    I can’t wait.
    I got to sleep now, good night.

  32. Barbie Writes:

    Why did you have to kill that poor butterfly?

  33. Marco Writes:

    It looks great!
    just some critiques:
    1 – A sound byte when the tree trunk beat the fat rodent would have been great
    2 – The black fades after “AND ONE GIANT PAYBACK” look a bit weird here after the white bg used from the beginning. Why not keep the white approach?

  34. MrNoodle Writes:

    -Nice lighting
    -nice music

    It seems that the rodents can’t share the forest with other animals.
    The fur looks great on close-up shots.

    Once again open source shows its jaws.

  35. nawabz Writes:

    woow is the word, but many people said it already.
    ive been waiting for something to see for a long time.

    should see what my friend has to say now because that is a nice peice of work.
    favourit part is the first shot of the rabbits home. beutiful light!! ;)
    quality is niiiiice

  36. dusty Writes:


  37. dave Writes:

    OH MY GAWD!!!! this looks fantastic! i can’t wait to see the full version! great job everyone!

    looks like can now formally tell pixar to piss off :D

  38. ragingmon Writes:


  39. nate Writes:

    WOW amazing it looks gr8. but poor Gamera.

  40. Culko Writes:

    Nothing different from what others are saying: Just Amazing!

    I get all excited about Blender when I see this. I smile with happiness (and not just to keep the BI spirit). And I start to imagine how much Blender will grow after this.

    Amazing job guys… real Kudos for all of you.

  41. Mike Writes:

    Nice!!! Pretty much what everyone else said.
    Someone test the torrent for the large quicktime:

  42. Solidus Writes:

    WOOW Amazing render, the only problems are the sound sfx, like Marco said. When the rodent is being crushed by the tree trunk and when the rabbit was hit I expected some expression like ouch! or d’oh!. But techically speaking, again, WOOW!!

  43. JiriH Writes:

    Amazing stuff!!! Could not it be longer? :-)))
    Guy do you know that you have already this release evening made quite a wave in CGTalk forum. Every one is shocked what can be done in Blender these days :-)))))

  44. dandruff Writes:

    Lovely! Pitty it makes me want the DVD even more than earlier! :'(

  45. oxigen Writes:

    WOW!!!! Ah, this looks like even bigger step than ED. Congratulations guys, that’s just AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING!!

  46. Hugo Oliveira Writes:

    Simply amazing. Just on opinion, try to do a portugese version. Not subtitles, voice.

  47. Erik Möller Writes:

    Hell yeah! Congratulations, fantastic trailer. :-)

  48. Trevin Writes:

    Wow… you guys are awesome!

  49. Diogo Writes:



    At http://WWW.CGTALK.COM one of the mods, RobertoOrtiz, said that if someone from the project put this tease at the gallery forums, he will plug it.
    This will be great because those forums have a big amount of visitors each day.

    So. i will recommend to post this there so even more people will see this.

    Again AMAZING WORK!!

  50. t3d Writes:

    This is amazing, really good work!

    But I have something to pick on, sorry.
    Even the first time I watched the trailer I couldn’t help to notice the strange flickering between the bunny’s arm and body. I assume that’s because of the AAO. And there seems to be a little strange lighting setup on the shot with the three rodents laughing. I don’t get how there could be shadows in 2 distinct directions. The middle rodent casts shadows on both the others.

    Now, I will shut up, because I couldn’t have done it better anyway :P
    You are the best :)

  51. Kevin Writes:

    Peach Team – Great Job! I love what you are doing for open source and the Blender product. Thank you for your efforts.

  52. Paul Holmes Writes:

    Awesome, can’t wait! You guys made front page on CGTALK!
    (That’s how I found out the trailer was up)

  53. Yomgui Writes:

    – Why are they so bad?
    – Does the butterfly is dead?
    – How many coffees does peach take?

  54. Tomagushi Writes:

    Nice trailer!! I can’t wait to see the movie. My initial reaction to the opening scene is that the rabbit hole does not look correct. It stands out as it is too black and the edges are too hard. Maybe this is just because the resolution of the trailer is small. This is not a dig, just my honest firt impression. I wish you the best with the movie!!!!

  55. Roger Writes:

    Woooooot! And editing wise, +1 on trailer setting up the story.

  56. Vassilios Boucer Writes:

    Simply Amazing!…very nice Trailer!
    All the best!

  57. Zim Bloggy Writes:

    It far exceeded my expectations. This looks much better than Elephant’s Dream, but not to say that Elephant’s Dream is bad. This just looks awesome.

  58. Cuby Writes:

    Wow! This movie looks like it is going to be so absolutely amazing!!!! I can’t wait to see it!

    You guys rock.

  59. Zaltko Nikolic Writes:

    Like SONY Animation Studio

  60. Cristo Writes:

    Like everyone else who’s commented – looks awesome, guys.
    Can’t wait till it comes out…
    Lots of kudos for the Blender team….hazar!

  61. Eggyolk Writes:

    Open source just slapped alias in the faze

  62. Brendan Writes:

    Wow. This is absolutely amazing work!

    Just one thing… I know you probably don’t care too much at this point, but where it reads “Three Rodents” it should really read “Three [insert adjective here] Rodents”. It’s kind of awkward right now, and adding an adjective would satisfy the parallelism.

    Of course, not everyone cares as much about grammar as I do… :)

    Again, great job!

  63. Clint Writes:

    jawdrops += 1;

  64. z0man Writes:

    [CLANG!] “Err sorry everyone for that loud banging sound”……”That was my jaw dropping to the ground also”.

  65. Len Writes:

    *Click* replay *click* replay *click* …

  66. psychotron Writes:

    what? wow! my day can’t start better :D
    thank you for this… and amazing work with our beloved blender

  67. Month Writes:

    This looks even better than I expected,
    great job peach team!

  68. Dread Knight Writes:


  69. Socceroos Writes:

    This is incredible. Every time I watch the thing I start grinning like an idiot. This has got me SO excited! I’ve never been more excited by Blender than now!

    Just one question: although there will be no dialogue, are you going to give the characters some grunt/squeak style voices? I did notice the sounds when the three rodents threw their acorn at the bunny, but it was like squeazing one of those little rubber ducky’s…… I think each character needs something distictive. The main bunny needs a deep+soft sound. It would be a bit weird having a totally silent movie. Voices ad d to the characters expression.

    I mean you may have already thought of this, but just wondering if you could give us a clue?

  70. Marco Cagnacci Writes:

    Lovely! :D

  71. Satish 'iluvblender' Goda Writes:

    God bless Open Source movie-making..

  72. Richard Writes:

    I have to agree with Tomagushi, while the trailer was great, the first time I watched it, I was thinking “Did they add a black shadeless plane straight across the bunny hole?”

    Looks out of place since it appears to be a very bright forest on a bright sunny day. I would think that at least some light would have gotten in there.

    Anyway, I got to say that the music is great. The first piece sounds very Disney-like and other reminds me of the game, The Serect of Monkey Island. Very Caribbean like.

    Anyway, enough talking. Keep you the great work!

  73. JiriH Writes:

    Also I would like to add that not only graphic part is excellent but music as well as top notch!!!

  74. bullx Writes:

    i just can’t understand how this is possible…
    really impressive!!

  75. coodle Writes:

    Yeeeeehaw! Can’t wait for the film and of course the files and the documentation and, and, and…

  76. Michele Writes:

    OH MY GOD !!! Where’s my copy of Blender ? Where’s my Blender ?!?!
    You are my new heroes: the animation is amazing, the music is gorgeous, the colors are a must-to-know, the character design is fantastic… W the BIG BUNNIES !!!

  77. tux021 Writes:

    like others : wow. Can’t wait for the film.
    Really thanks for this amazing trailer, sounds are great, all is great …

  78. FootFungas Writes:

    still, there are two things that don’t seem quite right.
    1. The sound the lack of sound on some shots seem to throw the trailer off.
    2.In th shot with the rodents under the tree, the shadows seem too bright, a little too much Dynamic Range.

  79. tibo Writes:

    Funny and furry, as promised ! Nice work, keep it going !

  80. Matt Writes:

    Just watched the 1080p trailer. Kickarse! More, more!

  81. bov Writes:

    This is amazing work and the team has to be praised highly. However I have to mention the couple of wee things that I felt were off – sorry.

    I don’t think this is a trailer, I think it’s more like a teaser. And I noticed that a large number of shots were symmetrical – everything bang in the middle of the screen.
    Blender is getting so good now!

  82. Nathan Writes:

    bov: for a movie of this length, I’d call this a trailer.
    (If we made it a typical 2+ minute trailer, it would be over a fourth the length of the movie itself.)

  83. Diogo Writes:

    The visuals are amazing and i also love the music.

    Would this same great music be in the movie?…or it was just for the trailer?

  84. bov Writes:

    Hi Nathan – I don’t think it’s not a trailer because of the length – it’s because of the way it has been cut… you don’t see as much as you want to (and you fade to black a lot with the cuts). I find a trailer can show me too much a lot of the time, and can spoil a film. So for me you’ve posted a teaser

    as I wanted to see more of your film (I’m not fast enough on the pause button) – there’s nothing wrong with a teaser… is there?

    The shot with Buck Bunny and the bow & arrow is beautiful (and asymmetrical too).

    Cheers :)

  85. jazzroy Writes:

    great guys, now we have to see the server down for too many requests ;)

  86. Gez Writes:

    Amazing. What can I say, previous comments say it all. It exceeded my expectations.
    The quality of the renders is awesome, the animation (at least what we can see here) are very good. It looks really good.
    I have just one crit: the “glow” postpro effect is quite overused in my oppinion. I know it’s an artistic decision, but it degrades the details of hilights in many shots, making them look too artificial (in other shots, like the first one for instances it works really great).
    I also know that it’s not about a realistic render, but that effect in some shots makes plants look fake and unnatural, not just “cartoonish”.
    But, I repeat, this is only my honest oppinion.

    Anyway… Kudos, Peach team!

  87. ccherrett Writes:

    All I can say is it is an amazing achievement!

    Well done! Great job! Fantastic!

    What more is there to be said. I don’t understand how this could receive any critz, but I guess that is the nature of man :)

    I watched the HD 1080p in 5.1 surround and was really taken back. I played in in loop 0 in mplayer full screen on my 32″ LCD TV! WOWOWOWOWOWO!

    Thank you all!

  88. Brian Writes:

    Amazing work guys!!! Can’t wait to see it. I agree with the comment above about all the shots looking like they were centered. I loved the shots that were slightly dramatic or off center. Would love to see another trailer.

  89. Superkoop Writes:

    Fantastic! Uber de duber fantastic!
    Can not wait for the final release. So excited.

  90. Jayjay Writes:

    Love it Love it Love it Love it

    but Tomagushi is right the hole is too black

  91. DrClick Writes:

    Hey ! Here it comes.
    What a splendid work !
    Near Pixar quality films are now in Ton’s hands and his great team.
    Hope you will continue guys.
    And hope That Mr Blender will stay the great tool we all love.

  92. keleido Writes:

    A new big step for the artists freedom,
    big thank to show to all the world what passion can do.
    You put vitamins in all guy who dream to do the same.
    Carry on carry on …

  93. Dr.Dixie Writes:

    Golly, thanks, Peach team! Sweet poster design… Though I think a random slogan wouldn’t be out of place…


  94. Frederick Writes:

    the graphical quality is amazing and it seems you managed to keep it up trough all the scenes.

    as for the trailer, great to have it, but i’d wish the editing was a bit less fast, hold a few scenes a bit longer so you can appreciate the look and animation, the text comes up so quick between the short parts of the movie, that it is all over before you have seen anything, and need to pause the frames…

    that sais nothing about the movie itself of course, but if you use this trialer to whet the appetite for festivals and such, i’d re-edit it a bit.

    Great work !!!

  95. Anthoni_C Writes:

    Wow great! Love the music, the animations are solid, and graphical quality is supreme! Can’t Wait.

  96. ordigdug Writes:


  97. Joshua Scotton Writes:

    Fantastic work guys, can’t wait for the full movie to come out!!

  98. L Easton Writes:

    I thought i couldn’t wait before but now i really want to see it!

  99. chuckster Writes:

    i’ve crapped better trailers…

  100. sensei Writes:

    I’ve crapped better comments…

  101. Anthoni_C Writes:

    Really chuckster? Well I’m calling your bluff, show us these trailers…

  102. Superkoop Writes:

    Omagoodness Chuckster! That musta hurt, I see why you are in such a sore mood.

  103. Sago Writes:

    haha, relax there fellas.
    Super W…. I mean Chuckster is allowed to make comments like that every once in a while. Advice from his shrink.

  104. Emanoel Castro - EMC300 Writes:

    I love my Blender, I love jobs in Blender!
    Very good job guys! Incredibles!

  105. florofila Writes:

    very good….it´s amazing..
    Great job!!


  106. teho Writes:

    yo quiero relisar o participar en una pelicula haci

    se be buena

  107. nick Writes:

    im so excited to see it. You should come to the SDFF:

  108. 1337 Writes:

    Just f…..g W0W! That realism is comparable to Final Fantasy VII:Advent Children. It blows me away how easily their fur is rendered. Even Square Soft/Enix/Pictures had trouble generating Red XIII’s fur.
    I’d be having your babies if I wasn’t a chappie.

  109. Harolddd Writes:

    I imagined that the story would be that eating human food made them fat. Guess I was wrong.

    It looks great! Do I hear the name Oscar? ;-)

  110. Mark Hannessen Writes:

    Congrats guys!

    This is amazing.

  111. Guillaume Writes:

    Very nice ! I expect to see the movie… Congratulation for this wonderfull work.

    For information, there are tow broken links on the Press page : “English” and “Dutch”. 404 No found.

  112. Mark Writes:

    Stupendous animation! A terrific score! A capital trailer, that!!!


  113. darek Writes:

    I second all the above comments! Really looking forward to watching the movie.

  114. Harold T Writes:

    this is amazing congratulations guys

  115. Fabian Writes:

    Are you going to give out some 35mm trailers which supportive cinemas could show?

  116. Sam Allen Writes:

    Excellent detail and lifelike scenes. Peach has far exceeded what I first assumed, and all of this using Free Software? Astounding.
    The only drawback I’m not too keen on with this project – are its critics.
    (I still like to hear what everyone has to say though.)

  117. Olaf Writes:

    I really love the soundtrack. Truly professional quality!

  118. Olaf Writes:

    Also, has anyone noticed the rabbit looks somewhat like Ton? Or is it just me? ;)

  119. Hugo Oliveira Writes:

    See this Festival
    CINANIMA – The International Animated Film Festival

  120. SmaTheGreek Writes:

    Wow! The video reaches pixar quality.
    The music is great too! Keep up the good work people !!!!!!!

  121. Olaf Writes:

    I would have to say that the characters aren’t that well developed. The bunny looks more like a guy in a rabbit suit and I simply don’t like Rinky, he looks weird. The quality of the animation is OK, but quite a distance from Pixar-like quality, I’m afraid. Also, I find the scenes look a little ‘dead’ with nothing moving, no twitching of grass or the blowing of leaves in the wind and no insects and burds buzzing about. The lack of voice characterization also makes the movie not as good as could have been. I personally think that ‘Elephant’s Dream’ looked much nicer, although the story was completely lacking. Again, the soundtrack is truly amazing, top notch!

    Please don’t be put off by my comments, see it as constructive criticism. Due to the limited budget, resources and time contraints no one expected BBB to be as good as commercial offerings, but the result is still very good.

  122. Mirai Warren Writes:

    This number of comments over such a small length of time is stupendous. Perhaps this project is worth its sand.

  123. dronix Writes:

    I agree with Mirai. The number of comments over the trailer is a sign of something especial. Also, great comment by Olaf. Things can only get better.

  124. Maxim Writes:

    I hope that Warner Bros won’t sue over the Big Buck Bunny name as it’s very resembles their trademarked Bugs Bunny.
    I hope you did solve the legality of this issue.

  125. Fury_jin Writes:

    Can we really do this with blender?

    Enrico, you HAVE to make some tutorials about the environment!

    This is vital… and so beautiful!

  126. Juan Pablo Writes:

    Great !!!

  127. ccherrett Writes:


    I disagree. the scenes did not look dead at all to me. I could see small movements. Try watching it in HD on a 32″ LCD TV with 5.1 surround like I did then repost your comments. It was just awesome!

    to the guy that craps trailers:
    ouch! Hey have you not posted that comment before? I remember a guy who crapped things and I think it was you :)


    I would not think that would ever be an issue.

    I was looking and BBB generated lots of posts at cgtalk :)

  128. Schnappi Writes:

    @ccherrett: well olaf is right, its not Pixar like quality but thats not the point here because Pixar simply has everything, they dont have hardware limitations like Peach and much more manpower and also the best artists they can get.
    Its no shame not to reach Pixar quality (also i think no one in the team studied 24/7 living animals for the animations) and i think the Peach team is aware of this but hey, in my opinion it looks better then Dreamworks Animations and we dont want to forget that this projects goal is not to steal the crown form pixar but to show the potential of open source and that Blender it is a choise for artists and also the development of Blender. These Projects are simply what pushes Blender into new levels. Also this project is also an absolutly stunning showcase for all the people who worked on it.

  129. rogper Writes:

    ^_^ Not everything is a peace of cake in Pixar; they also have limitations.
    It’s true they have allot more manpower (I’ve count more or less 50 persons in the credits of the new short Lifted), but Peach Team also has the best blender artists and besaids some issues in the render farm I think they also aren’t limited by the hardware :P
    Peach team isn’t competing with Pixar
    …they are competing with TIME ;)

  130. horace Writes:

    the trailer looks great! i have a question though. what do the rodents throw at the big bunny? it looks like an untextured white nut? :) or is it an egg or a golf ball?

  131. leonardi Writes:

    great job!!! uffffffffffffffffff!!

    blender rulez!!

  132. mzee Writes:

    first off id like to say Awesome job!!!! I got one of the 1080 versions and it looks like there is virtually no bumpy textures… was this intentional for the look?

  133. McG Writes:

    THIS is amazing ! you rock !

  134. Mario Writes:

    wow naahice ! Some informations about how you did the gras rendering would be great.

  135. Adam Writes:

    i’ve been keeping track of this from the start.. its nice to finally get a look at footage from the movie.. I also noticed yet another fantastically done soundtrack from the world of open movies. IT’s perfect!

  136. begemot Writes:

    OMG! I’m just shocked!

    Can i get the DVD in Russia?

  137. Deemy the DJ Writes:

    Thanks, guys, it’s GREAT!
    P.S. Fluffy Puffy is the name of the bird or of the chinchilla?

  138. Olaf Writes:

    Everyone would agree that Blender is truly coming of age with this production. It’s attracting a *huge* following and inspiring a large number of future artists and professionals. I’m still amazed sometimes what you can do with Blender, it literally turns dreams into reality!

  139. Brian Ericson Writes:

    This is awesome! You guys are quite the inspiration to me. I hope that my stuff looks this good when I’m done with school. Keep up the good work.

  140. Diego Writes:

    Amazing, great work, congratulations blender team :-)

  141. Arun Writes:

    Congrats . . . Congrats . . . Congrats . . . Congrats . . . Congrats . . . Congrats . . . Waiting to catch the Bigbang

  142. Christian Writes:

    Great, Very good job, you’r the best.

    buenísimo, vamos para adelante con el software libre.

  143. anon Writes:

    The first scene with the white rabbit looks very empty. Just a grassy background. Looks like a test scene or something.

    Love the splat in the end with the butterfly though :)

  144. Bodo Writes:

    Does it need anymore comments?

    I’m really amazed that this is made with open-source tools…shit,i can’t even draw a cube in blender=))

    But you prove it that Open Source is Simply Astonishing!I’d really buy 3-4 DVD’s if they appear in Romania :-X

    Keep up the good work ;-)

    P.S.:I love it!It reminds me of Ice Age 8->

  145. Filmenoi Writes:

    Good job guys. The trailer is very well done, I’m waiting the movie now… :)