We’re (sort of) Done!

Posted in Production by Nathan

The Peach Team just had a too-long meeting where we reviewed our final edit of the movie. And guess what? It’s done!

Well… basically. We still need to do the credits, and a few final renders are still processing. But “Big Buck Bunny” is essentially done.


Now it’s time to move on to the DVD work. We have an ambitious set of extras planned. At least, they seem ambitious from this side of the fence. But I want to be all mysterious and whatnot, so I’m not going to tell you what they are. Bwa ha ha. But I think everyone will be pleased.

Wish us luck!

54 Responses

  1. maybeapreacher Writes:

    woohoo, first one :-)

    anyway: Great work Nathan and all the other blender-heads!! You will get the rest done, I trust in you!!

  2. Pierre Writes:

    Great work… guys

  3. Jos Writes:

    Excellent news guys! I’m sure the movie/dvd will be a hit!

  4. jim ww Writes:

    awesome! i am so proud of you all, i am really anticipating the final piece, and all of the pieces too! woo-hoo! now shake off that tingly feeling of relief, and get back to work! ; )

  5. blood Writes:

    wohooo!! congratulation guys!

  6. Gianmichele Writes:

    Man this is just wonderful. Can’t wait to put my hands on the bunny eheheh it will be fun to animate :P

  7. rogper Writes:

    ^_^ This time no last day stress, ha!

  8. Mal Writes:

    Nice one – I think BBB is going to really put Blender on the map for a lot of artists who previously might have snubbed their noses at it!

    Hopefully the major pressure will be lifted from you all, and you’ll be able to enjoy stuff like the extras / tutorials / releasing the last pre-2.5 BBB-branded version of Blender!

    Blender rocks!!!

  9. Vincent Writes:

    Good luck :)

  10. MrNoodle Writes:


  11. X-Pilot Writes:

    Great work! Good luck! :)

  12. cd38 Writes:

    Congratulations Peach team.

  13. Chris Sullins Writes:

    Oooh, does each DVD come with a keepsake fingernail or lock of hair from one of the developers? (Collect all eight, including a rare bone fragment from Ton’s sternum!) Can’t wait for the Premiere.

  14. Elubie Writes:

    Congratulations and many thanks for the hard work on the movie! Now I really can’t wait till the premiere, see you there!

  15. andy Writes:

    huh? we’re done?

  16. Christiaan "AniCator" Bakker Writes:

    Hahaha! Nice joke @ndy….. you must have worked too many hours.. sleep a bit and watch some jacky chan movies you’ll notice it’s done. because you’ll be able to watch the complete movies instead of only a little slice of them.

  17. Regina Goralczyk Writes:

    I congratulate to all of you!!
    Do you know that it´s Andy´s 23rd Birthday today?
    I hope you had time for a little celebration or party…
    Best wishes
    Andy´s Mom

  18. JiriH Writes:

    This is great news. Congratulation guys! Have a loooong rest you deserve it!

    (Nathan if you will have more time now I remember your word given in BlenderArtist forum concerning Spline IK help to Aligorith as well as Squash&Stretch Ball rig :-))))))

  19. blenderuser Writes:

    Great! When the DVD will be out?

  20. Danny Writes:

    Congratulations, Peach Team!
    I can’t hardly wait to see the movie, the dvd and the extras.
    And Andy.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  21. shamus Writes:

    congrats. I am excited for you guys and can’t wait to see the movie.

  22. RedBirdiii Writes:

    Well done!
    and happy birthday Andy..

  23. Superkoop Writes:

    Oh now this is getting really exciting! I can’t wait to get my hands on those models, playing with them and maybe do some compositing pictures with me and the animals. Play around, give me something to do. =P

    And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Richard Writes:

    Can’t wait to see it.
    Also, happy birthday Andy.

  25. Jonn Writes:

    I bought the DVD back in Early Dec. it has been a long wait, mainly because I want it so bad. A watched pot never bowls. Anyhow Great work! I loved the trailer!

  26. rogper Writes:

    “…a few final renders are still processing”
    That’s Andy Job, right :P
    Happy Birthday Andy!

  27. thoro (Thorsten Schlüter) Writes:

    Congratulations, that’s good news – can’t wait to see it.

    Happy birthday, andy!

  28. Linkeltje Writes:

    Congratulations!!! Can’t wait for it!

    O man, I adore the colors in the banner of this website.

  29. cd38 Writes:

    omg @ndy’s mom is here! Welcome! [slicks back hair, sits up straight]

  30. rubicon Writes:

    @andy: herzlichen Glühstrumpf zum Purzeltag. Das Badnerland erwartet Dich.

  31. Bmud Writes:

    I see the future…
    “Mail, mail mail. I like mail. Let’s see what’s in the maaaaa–AHHHH! OHMYGAWPEACHBLENDERBUNNYMOVIEINTHEMAILBOX !!” and then I don’t remember what happened after that. I think i ran around in circles, hit my head on the mailbox, and passed out. So I wish I could tell you all how the movie went, but you know… accidents happen.

  32. Fredrik Writes:

    Wohoo! I’m really looking forward to watch your creation :D Well done everyone, and good luck!

    Happy birthday to you, Andy!

  33. John Drinkwater Writes:

    I heard you guys don’t need localisers for the subs as there is no speech in the film… but do you need a hand translating for the DVD/Blu-ray discs?

    (EN-GB fan here ;))

  34. RH2 Writes:

    I’m sure the movie is going to be simply awesome.
    1. characters -awesome
    2. environment -awesome
    3. story -awesome
    4. extras -awesome
    5. new features-awesome

    But isn’t a movie over 10 minutes?
    Project Peach and Orange are nothing but Amazing, Awesome, High quality short productions. Hopefully in the future the
    blender institute will sponsor a movie longer than an hour. I can’t wait to see
    your effort on film.

  35. Ben Writes:

    I’d buy you all a hard earned beer, but I’m living halfway around the globe. Just use the preorder money for a dvd set to pay for a round! Congrats all of you!

  36. jonny Writes:

    Perhaps second tiny preview for us ():-) ? PLEAZ! It hasn’t to be cut like the trailer. Just a scene or a picture, or, or, …! I’m dying to see more!

  37. oddway Writes:

    Looking forward to getting my copy in the mail. The next project should be completely open source, including the subject/script. Like perhaps holding a script competition as well? Just an idea!

  38. Nathan Letwory Writes:

    @ Nathan: stop using my name. It’s confusing

  39. Cathy & India Writes:

    A big happy birthday (slightly belated) to our friend Andy!
    And congrats on finishing everyone – can’t wait to see it. Miss you all.

  40. LOGAN Writes:

    OMG, are they not just pulling our leg???

    I bet the DVD extra’s include easter eggs like jumping people in bunny suits, the happy blender movie and a special making off hosted by that guy :P

  41. randomnut Writes:

    You won’t know until you get it. Only they know what’s on it. But it’ll probably be awesome.

  42. rolf Writes:

    April fools?

  43. rogper Writes:

    @ rolf:
    Posted on 31-03-2008

  44. RNS Writes:

    I hope a mayor studio pick this films up and add to their preview films run in theater or in DVD.Seeing the big buck bunny trailer made me feel like a kid again.thank you all wonderful blender artist and especially Ton.

  45. Timm Writes:

    I want a video of Nathan disguised as a Big Buck Bunny in the extras section

  46. Gheekaru Writes:

    April fool!
    BBB will be finished in march 2010! It’s written in the video were the name(Gnah, one more april fool) is revealed!

  47. Olaf Writes:

    Congratulations guys! Hoping that you can get the DVD finished soon so we can enjoy it and you guys can get some decent shut-eye.

  48. Sam Allen Writes:

    The movie is finally complete (sort of) that’s fantastic news.

  49. bunny_fan Writes:

    Great to hear the movie’s done. Can’t wait to see it.

  50. Sympodius Writes:

    Well done everyone!

  51. Sven von Brand Writes:

    Good luck with everything, I’m looking forward on receiving my DVD ^^

    And as far as I have seen, Increideble work!!

  52. flopast Writes:

    Please, if you could subtitle the bonus, because on the dvd of Elephant Dream, the making of was’nt subtitled and it was very difficult for the french who don’t speak english to undurstend it

  53. Joris Writes:

    Great news guys! To bad I couldn’t see the final result!

    I hope I see it soon!

    Gratz, Joris

  54. dusty Writes:

    Well done guys!!!! Can’t wait to see the finished result!!!