Studio harddisk online

Posted in Peach Press, Production by Ton

Our good friend from Torino, Gianluca “Kino3d” Faletti, has sent us a 250 GB disk, which we’ve copied our Peach studio backup on. Browse everything online here:


Note that you can get here the original 4 x 16 bits OpenExr files too, straight from the renderfarm. Console-savy people will want to use wget -r (recursive) to get all of the exr in a directory.

Thanks Kino!

11 Responses

  1. Dusty Writes:

    Woo hoo!

  2. Klangfreund Writes:

    Very noble to share this files and quite some bandwith, Kino3d. Thank you!

  3. voodka Writes:

    ARRRGGG 250 GB !!! oO

  4. Anonymous Writes:

    Yea, how long does did it take to copy 250GB?

  5. mangojambo Writes:

    For me, never!!! lol

  6. J Writes:

    ooo, out takes!

  7. Felix Kütt Writes:

    very nice, indeed! :D

    But damn, I don’t have enough disc space to download it all. :)

  8. EnV Writes:

    Btw, it’s Torino, not Turino… :)

  9. DingTo Writes:

    Wow, Thank you very much for this. This is a really big adventure to discover everything.

  10. PJ Writes:

    I’ve got a request for future versions: Could you make available a render in standard tv resolution
    854×480 isn’t it (and in divx would be nice)

  11. CNikiel Writes:

    Took me 3 days 21 hours straight to download all of it on a 6000 DSL line.
    My DSL provider will hate me for downloading those 210GByte :-)