BBB goes Hollywood!

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It’s SIGGRAPH week (10-15 august)!
We’ve managed to get BBB screenings + peach team presentations in the theatres of three exciting Hollywood studios:

  • Disney Feature Animation (friday)
  • Dreamworks Animation (tuesday)
  • Rhythm & Hues studios (wednesday)

This on top of our schedule already:

  • Sunday: Siggraph Sandbox demos, 6-8 PM
  • Monday, three BOFs 2-6 PM
  • Tuesday-Thursday: demos on HP booth
  • Wednesday 8.30 PM: BBB screening and ‘making of’ Panel

Four of the Peach crew artists will help me out for these 7 days, so here’s you chance to meet with Sacha, Nathan, William and Andy. It’s going to be great! Expect lots of pictures and a report here in a week


(Late news: BBB is in official selection for the prestigious Netherlands Film Festival. Whee!)

14 Responses

  1. Tyler Writes:

    Yay! That’s awesome that BBB is getting some more much-deserved publicity.

  2. Dusty Writes:

    WOW! Congrats guys! This is a HUGE! leap forward! Well done!

  3. J Writes:

    Does this mean the people who work at Disney, Dreamworks, and Rhythm & Hues watch your presentations, or is it kind of an anyone can come sort of deal?

  4. felix Writes:

    wow, just wow! 8)

  5. Lazza Writes:


  6. ton Writes:

    J: the presentations are accessible for very few people, so I’ve limited it to peach crew members. It is a great networking event for the crew, and when we show up with too many people it won’t work.

  7. TristaN Writes:

    Good luck guys!!!

  8. J Writes:

    Thanks for the answer Ton.

  9. mwgrafx Writes:

    Congrats on all your hardwork. It’s well deserved.

  10. ajit singh Writes:

    wow, Good Luck to Team :)

  11. Zeb Writes:

    Hey Ton, and the BBB team

    It was really nice to meet you all
    Sorry again about the screening, I hope you still enjoyed the visit at the Studio. By the way if you’re fine sending me the pictures you took , that would be great ( I wish to publish a small article on BBB and your visit on my blog)


  12. alan cocks Writes:

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    I am acting as one of the torrent seeds, and I notice that the torrents seem to be down for some reason. From the UK at at least.

    main page

    for example
    error message:
    could not connect to host 6969)

    Thanks and best wishes

  13. Neil Writes:

    I hope these screenings went well. I’ve just seen BBB through the Drawn! blog. I loved it: great movement and characterisation.



  14. Joachim Haller Writes:

    One word: awsome