A letter for mother

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Dear mother,

how are you doing? I’m sorry you haven’t heard that much from me lately, but I’m sure you understand it’s been extremely busy here. The new week schedules Ton is putting under our noses are just insane. Even with the help of some external animators it’s gonna be incredible hard to finish the movie. Those 80 hour work weeks I had in the beginning? A joke compared to my new weeks. But please, don’t worry about me, I’m doing fine. To be honest, the first days of the week I was pretty sick. I felt horrible, enormous headache. But you know me, stubborn as always, I just went to work. Strangely enough, despite me not getting any sleep I recovered pretty good. And while I was recovering I even got so much energy, I skipped an entire night of sleep (of course I stayed in the studio).

Making this movie as good as possible is my main drive. Ton wants us to finish the movie, no matter what quality (producer’s talk). But you know that’s not good enough for me. Whatever needs to be done, I’ll do it. We can do it. Seeing all the great results gives me alot of energy, especially combined with the latest music from our composer Jan. And sometimes we get weak results, they give me even more energy: that some day soon I’ll get back to them and do it even better.

You know Andy, right? The guy who was working on the fur when you came over. You made a joke about his hair, remember? The last few weeks he’s been working on the first shots of the movie, and wow, it’s gonna look awesome! I’m so glad to have him on the team, the guy’s got skills. He’s a perfectionist, never satisfied (sounds familiar, doesn’t it? ^_^).

Check this out, it’s from one of those first shots.


We really love that bird, he looks so silly. And he’s not even a main character!

Since I mentioned birds… did I tell you about a pigeon pooping on my head some time ago, just outside the studio? Guess what, few weeks later same thing happened to Enrico! haha, same place!…. same pigeon perhaps?? You should’ve seen him, acting like it was the most disgusting thing ever. it’s amazing what a little birdpoop can do with a man. :)

Last friday Cathy and India left for home again, back to aussieland. It was nice to have them over. I sure am gonna miss those two, especially that silly girl. Now it’s just me and the boys again.

India and Sacha

Look, I’m trying to squeeze the life out of Indy, but she doesn’t seem to mind. :)

One morning, after that night in the studio, I went to the appartment for a moment, just to say goodbye to Cathy and India. When I went to get my bike outside the studio I saw the saddle was gone. They took my fricking saddle!! Can you believe that?! So I had to go on my bike without saddle, which is no fun btw. But you know Amsterdam, it’s filled with old forgotten mangled bikes, and I was lucky. With the first trashed bike I found, I was able to pull the saddle off. After some fixing later at the studio I had myself a new saddle.

Take my saddle…. they’ve got some nerves.

It won’t be a surprise for you to know that I’m in the studio right now. I really like being here early in the weekend, when nobody is around yet. During the week it’s hard for me to concentrate on my own animating. I just don’t have the time for it, with all the directing and stuff.

At the moment I’m working on a scene with JC (the rabbit) and I LOVE animating him more and more.

Look, some of the poses I’m doing now (not done yet though!)


Cute isn’t he. ^_^

I really have to get started again now, still need to finish my schedule of last week. Take care mommy.

Love and kisses,
your son Sacha

Ps. kick the dog for me when you see her

40 Responses

  1. kenden Writes:

    Great post.
    Keep it up guys!

    PS: can we get that birdie at desktop background size? He’s just awesome.

  2. BlenderBoy Writes:

    Can’t believe someone took your saddle… what’s up with that?

    I’m sadden to hear the project is to be finished on time regardless of quality. Perhaps this will encourage the team to go above & beyond their already exhausting schedules… I trust it will.

  3. Sago Writes:

    @BlenderBoy, don’t worry. When Ton says stuff like that it’s just producer’s talk. If we really get into trouble he’ll use his powers of reality distortion to get things done. That’s what he does best.

  4. humble Writes:

    Thanks for sharing!
    I always like to read personal reports and production diaries.
    Good luck with your further work.

  5. Myvain Writes:

    Great work ! I like this bird. It’s me or there is an integration problem with the bird’s feet and the branch ? Shadows perhaps ?

    I see clouds ! How do you make it ? Have you found a solution for volumetric clouds ?
    I wish “good courage” to everyone of the team !

  6. Vincent Writes:

    That bird looks awesome indeed! And JC also looks wonderful, as always :)

  7. Schnappi Writes:

    Wow, very nice shots and work till now!
    Im really looking forward to the Movie.
    And sasha, i know how you feel, i also got a very nasty flu this year and recovery is very slow but somehow you have to go forward after the main symptomes got away or weaker and thats why i think you earned therefore much respect for working so hard under such conditions, exspecially now you guys entered crunch-time.

  8. ycollet Writes:

    I hate pigeons !!

  9. Numarul7 Writes:

    Nice so far.

    Still the ideea of crossed eyes …it is to used this days.

  10. micah Writes:

    hey sacha,
    when you’re posing, never forget the stereotypical bunny pose! http://www.dkimages.com/discover/previews/862/25027297.JPG

  11. Jahmaica Writes:

    That bird, really looks like Nathan. Dont know why. No offense! ;D

  12. Nathan Writes:

    Wootz! I look like the bird! :-D

  13. KRUChY Writes:

    wooow, great BIRD! please make desktop out of it!

  14. Yoshi Writes:

    That’s how a team member should talk! ^^
    Keep on the great job, and never give up!!

  15. JiriH Writes:

    Excellent and really funny bird :-) Much better than Pixar birds from For the birds short :-).

    Clouds and sky really look cool. Does it mean you have already solution for volumetric clouds? (Maybe this tip for Peach coders will be useful – http://www-evasion.imag.fr/Publications/2008/BNMBC08/

  16. Goofster Writes:

    Eet je wel goed jongen?

    je moedah

  17. jim ww Writes:

    man, this is looking awesome. i love the look of everything, and it is a joy to hear about the production team. what a bunch of nuts! ( and i mean that in a good way! ) don’t watch out for pigeons! ( if you are looking out for them, they will hit you in the eye. )

  18. Ali Writes:

    It’s really frustrating that “Ton wants you to finish the movie, no matter what quality”
    People didn’t pay Ton to get a DVD of nonsense. People invested in the DVD because they want to get a High Quality product.

  19. Cathy Writes:

    Now young Sacha, you take care of yourself wont you, and look after young Campy for me also.
    We’re home now and back to our boring reality! We’d rather be in Amsterdam! India starts school on the 30th Jan and misses you too. I’ll get her to leave a comment when she comes home from YMCA holiday programme.
    Love from your second mum,
    With love to all the Peachy gang too!

  20. India Writes:

    Hi Uncle Sacha!
    How you doing with all the movie? I hope you are having a good time with Papa. I do miss you indeed and can you give a kiss to Cam for me? And also a hug to you.
    Love India

  21. Omar Writes:

    You are going to finish this movie with enough time to make the second episode.

    keep it up.

    ps: is it me or this bird looks like Nathan?

  22. Omar Writes:

    Oops, somebody has already noticed that. ;)

  23. dusty Writes:

    KEEP GOING! We are all chearing for you here! GO GO GO GO GO!!!!!!

  24. Nathan Writes:

    Yay! I *still* look like the bird!

  25. meschoyez Writes:

    from here (Argentina) too! An emotive letter, no doubt.

  26. JoOngle Writes:

    The feather and the expression on that bird is really funny! :)

    Another thing, judging from the big-fat-bunny´s play with the butterfly, and the quality of the bird..etc… I have a gut feeling that THIS MOVIE will revolutionize Blenders popularity, you guys are putting so much QUALITY effort into it that its awesome just to watch it all. I am *REALLY* looking forward to the fruits of your hard work.

    Keep it up boys, amazing stuff!

  27. Satish "iluvblender" Goda Writes:

    Hats off to the whole team. And a fantastic letter……..

  28. Kruno Writes:

    Hi, guys!
    It’s just outstanding work you’ve done so far! Keep it up! I won’t even mind if you’d be late with production for week or two.

    And yes, I also give my vote to those wanting that bird for background!

  29. Sago Writes:

    Cathy and India,
    no worries, I’ll take care of Campy. I’ll even tell him bed time stories when I put him in bed.
    Take good care.

  30. Jahmaica Writes:

    Omar! LOL yeah… I’ve noticed that too man… really funny.. looks like nathan hehehe!

  31. Jahmaica Writes:

    someone else commented (extream looklike):

    Daerd on 16 December, 2007 at 9:58 pm

    Am I only imagining or does Chin look like Eben Moglen? ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eben_Moglen ) Now, Chin must be really intelligent, huh?

    Nice work guys! I’m gonna brag about Peach until my throat bleeds. :)

  32. blood Writes:

    don’t give up boys. We are here always to support you till the very end. Hehehe The bird really do look like nathan. :P

  33. fursund Writes:

    I had to tell you! I am using the bird as my desktop background, and everytime the desktop appears, the bird makes me smile!

  34. bjornmose Writes:

    ” he’ll use his powers of reality distortion to get things done. That’s what he does best. ” –>
    qualifies to be a top manager if he adds that to the 80-20-mantra
    ” satisfy 80% of the customers with 20% effort “

  35. yoga Writes:

    that’s so sweet.. honestly..
    i’m working overseas too from my country, and i’m also working at animation studio, i only doing sms with my mom, never wrote a letter mail or email..
    ur letter really give me a “motion”

  36. jacques Writes:

    i love the idea of calling the rabbit JC.

  37. Reynante M. Martinez Writes:

    Hi, Sacha! From Philippines (a long long way from there), I hope you’re doing good out there with the great team members you’re working with. Hey, I just love the idea of that pooping bird. haha! And he looks nasty and cool! Could you make us, say, a 15-second animation of the bird pooping right at the head of your bunny char? pleasy please? Thanks so much. Keep up the fantastic and inspiring work! I’ll be cheering you guys from this part of the world.

  38. PCChris Writes:

    I know! It’s the Pidgin mascot (http://www.pidgin.im). Reminded me of it, anyways. Keep up the great work!

  39. epat Writes:

    Believe it or not, I know (well, not very well, but he goes to my college) somebody that looks far more like that bunny than anybody else could ever look! Even the poses are spot on! (He’s homosexual by the way… hehehe… Oh wait, this is Amsterdam! ;)

    ~epat. ;)

  40. holen Writes:

    you now its so corny
    tama na corny na!!!!!!!